Rules Made Easy – Rule 28: Ball Unplayable

So here we have an unplayable ball under Rule 28 The player has three options. Option number one
is to go back to the tee box and hit his third shot from the tee box again.
Option number two is to drop the ball as far back is he likes in line with the flag.
And option number three is to take two club-lengths drop not closer to the
hole from where the ball stands. He’s going to mark where his ball is
with a T-peg. He’s going to take his first driver length and mark it with a second
T-peg. Then he’ll take his second driver length and mark that with a third T-peg. At
that point the ball is dropped as closely to the third T-peg as he can, and he
can play his third stroke from there. The player has two drops, if it goes
closer to the hole on the first drop the player gets a second drop but if it happens again
he can replace it on the point in which the ball landed. So he can now take his third stroke from there.

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