Rules of Golf Explained: Ball Lost Or Out Of Bounds (New for 2019)

We have all experienced losing a ball or hitting one out of bounds. When that happens, you are penalized one stroke and must re-establish your progression of playing from the tee… into the hole by going back and
playing again from where you last played. This is called playing under stroke and distance. If your previous stroke was from the tee,
tee it up again, from anywhere within that area. If your last stroke was made from the fairway… the rough… a bunker… or a penalty area… simply go back and drop a ball within one
club-length of, and not nearer the hole than… the spot where you last played. Stroke and distance is your only option for a ball that is out of bounds or lost… except when there is a Local Rule in effect that provides an alternative you can learn about in another video.

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