S16 E4: Spooktacular Sports

What’s up Titans welcome back to another
episode of Titan Sports, Halloween edition I’m Ashling Antolin and next
thing I have the cutest pumpkin, Chloe Abbott. Hello everyone we’re so excited to
keep you up to date on all things Titan Sports
Ashling we have a lot to get to today but first let’s discuss these costumes
okay so you know that I stay loyal and that’s fine I know but listen loyalty no
it’s cute you’re a baseball player it’s cute me on the other hand I’m a champion
I mean nine times champion whatever you know what I mean whatever it’s cool okay
we get it no no it’s honestly like I just have a
lot of sympathy for you like it has to be hard losing at home two years in a
row like it’s fine it’s okay okay knew that when I got in today I was gonna get
grilled okay no it’s not your fault it’s not your fault blame your bullpen
let’s start with the men’s soccer team who got the huge upset win over UC Santa
Barbara in the first round of the Big West Conference tournament the Titans
defeated the Gauchos five to three in a penalty shootout after the two teams
were tied one in one after double overtime Christian Pinzon scored the
lone goal and regulation for Fullerton while Samuel Goni scored the fifth goal
in the shootout the Titans advance to play at UC Riverside in the Big West
semifinals on Saturday November 3rd the Titans cross-country team is advancing
to the NCAA regionals after the women placed second and the men placed
third at the Big West championships the Fullerton women will enter regionals as
a 12th ranked team in the West thanks in part to Samantha Huerta 2nd place
individual finish the woman had their best performance at the conference
championship in program history while Samuel Pimentel led the men finishing
12th individually these accolades would not be possible without the unbelievable
coaching of John elders elders is in his 31st season with the cross country team
and the track and field team we sent our very own Amanda Garcia to get the inside
spook with John Elders if you were to ask head coach
John Elders 31 years ago what he would be doing today coaching the Fullerton
cross-country team would not have been his answer yeah it’s interesting because
my plan was to become a high school math teacher so when I was assistant coaching
I was just doing the coaching for fun you know while I was finishing up you
know my degree and my credential and all that stuff so I wasn’t really thinking
of coaching as but here we are today 31 years later and no head coach has been
in charge of their program longer than John Elders he’s been the head coach of
the cross-country team since 1984 a career that includes being named the Big
West coach of the year in 2017 and several student-athletes earning
individual championships into my early 30’s I started to realize that I really have a passion for the college age students and I really wanted to be a mentor so at first it was
just kind of a fun thing to do because that’s what I’ve always done
but then eventually it just I started realize this is where Elders first came
to Fullerton as a student from Saddleback College he competed for the cross
country team during his senior year in 1984 he spent the next three years as an
assistant coach for the program before finally being named head coach in 1988
and it’s changed I’ve gone to different you know 31 years I’ve gone through different generations this
generation is much different than you know the previous generation so I’ve had
to you know adapt one of the biggest lessons coach elders wants to teach his runners is the use of the acronym team which stands for together everyone
achieves more it’s all about when you commit to something to become great you
know that comes with a certain level of sacrifice and
dedication and being a part of a team and so all those things I come together
to really mold them into better young people’s allowing student athletes to
learn together from a man who has achieved so much in 31 years with Titan
Sports I’m a Amanda Garcia now that we’ve covered soccer and cross country let’s pass it to Kush and Nathan who have more on the basketball teams with inside the basket thank you ladies and welcome to this episode of inside the basket
I’m your host Kush Parikh with my co-host Nathan McHugh awesome Nathan hey
Nathan I got a little Halloween joke for you so why was Cinderella so bad at
basketball I don’t know why was she cause her coach was a pumpkin alright let’s
let’s forget the Halloween joke let’s dive straight into women’s basketball so
women’s basketball they went eight and twenty one last season preseason they
were ranked last in the Big West what do you have to say about that well I think
that they’re gonna have a better season this year they already showed
improvement from last year so the second year with Coach Harada the players will
be more comfortable and the the systems that they want to run and so I think
that they could finish you know maybe six or seventh in the Big West in the
regular season which would get them into the Big West Tournament and I think
that’s gonna be one of their goals and I think they can they can accomplish it
I definitely think that’s something that we’ll do I think they’ll finish around
middle of the pack and they do have four returning starters which is huge for
their chemistry they’ve played with each other already last season so I think
this season going into it they’ll be a lot better let’s talk about Daeja Smith you mentioned her she was on the all-conference preseason team and she
was on the Lisa Leslie watch list you want mind explaining what the Lisa
Leslie award is yeah the Lisa Leslie award she’s one of 20 players in the
preseason to be in the running for the best Center in women’s college
basketball Lisa Leslie played at USC in the late 90s had a great career there
and a great career the LA Sparks in the WNBA and one of the
greatest basketball players of all time men or women
yeah so we’ll be looking out throughout the rest of the season whether she’ll
make the shortlist all that stuff it’s quite unboolievable if you feel me
all right so let’s go a little bit into men’s basketball now last year Big West
Tournament champions they finished the season in third place and so so let’s
talk about last season what did you see was good out of it well I think they
especially Kyle Allman Jr. going from averaging 10 points a game as a
sophomore to averaging close to 20 as a junior he was able to kind of have a
larger role with you know seniors Tre Coggins, Lionheart Leslie, Darcy Malone graduating it gave him more of an
opportunity and and then you have Khalil Ahmad who was the Big West
Freshman of the year two years ago in Jackson Rowe a year after that
was the Big West freshman the year so they have a lot of returning talent
probably the most returning players in the entire Big West
Conference only one player graduated in a Akrim Robertson and only one player
transferred in Dwight Ramos so that they should be one of the favorites to to win
it all again this year the Big West for sure and you said Kyle Allman he still
had his explosiveness in the blue and orange scrimmage I loved watching it one
guy who I do have my eye on is Khalil Ahmad he did put on almost 25 pounds in
the offseason which is unbelievable for a guard his size beating around 210
pounds you know he he put in work on the offseason he was actually in the Drew League
playing with NBA professional players like Demar Derozan
and Nick Young he’s putting on a show there he actually dropped 20 points on
them there’s a couple videos of him dropping some three-pointers in Demar
Derozan face and another guy who I see potentially being a factor is their
freshman that they just got he straight on a coffin I’m meant Compton but he’s
straight out of Compton and he’s a their freshman Wayne Arnold he showed some
good flashes in the scrimmage I thought he had
very good explosiveness he has a good shot on him too so that that’s something
I’m really looking forward to Khalil Ahmad actually in the scrimmage I know
there’s not a lot of defense being played but he dropped 37 points and went
60% shooting from behind the field usually when players put on weight you
know it might affect their shot and stuff but it didn’t look like he it
messed up his shot at all he still looked like he had it right yeah so
where do you think this season going into it the Titans are gonna finish I
think they’ll probably finish either first or second in the the Big West
regular season and then you know be the favorite to win the Big West Tournament
not just because of all the returning players but also they have the closest
proximity to and to the Honda Center in Anaheim so it’s like it’s like another
home game even though it’s a neutral site it’s much more of a home game or a
home tournament for them than any of the other teams in the conference
exactly they were ranked actually second in the preseason poll behind UC Irvine
even though they beat UC Irvine in the championship game so we’ll see how that
works out I think I do agree that they will finish top of the pack to one or
two and I do think they will finish as tournament champions again just because
they do have four returning starters as well they have Jackson Rowe Kyle Allman
Khalil Ahmad and Austin Awosika whose defense of presence is out there and I
think goes very underrated so we’ll see how the season pans out do you have
anything else you want to say regarding the teams well it’ll be interesting to
see how the the men’s basketball team handles being the hunted as opposed to
being the hunter I mean they kind of were last year anyway because they they
went they were picked to finish third in the Big West but now since they won the
Big West how can they handle the pressure of everybody playing the best
against them you know they can’t really take any games off even if they’re
playing the the worst team in the Big West or an opponent in the
non-conference that they think they could be easily just by you know walking
out on the court and just playing with the the talent they have they’re going
to have to learn even more kind of what it’s like
to kind of play with the expectations and also with teams wanting to be the
team to beat the reigning Big West champions for sure so that will be a lot
of pressure they have this upcoming season but I think they’ll do good
because they’re usually under pressure and they handle it with a great
deal well that’s all we have for this episode of inside the basket
I’m your host again Kush Parikh Nathan McHugh back to you ladies at the
desk women’s tennis went down to San Diego to compete in the ITA West
regionals it was a rocky start for the times as they dropped their matches the
first day taking them away from the main draw the next day Caisey Lee Emery earned
the first win for the Titans and single play as well as grabbing a second win on
Saturday I got a special chance to chat with some of the athletes on the tennis
team for this edition of get to know your Titans check it out what’s your name
in your hometown Karla Portalatin from Dominican
Republic Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Sara Nuno and I’m from Sylmar,
California Genevieve Zeidan and I’m from Taiwan what’s your favorite ice cream flavor ice cream I like mint and
rocky road Ube from Guilty cookies and cream from Baskin Robbins but I do love more cold stone
who’s your celebrity crush Tom Hardy, Leonardo Dicaprio Taylor Lautner your favorite fast food
restaurants fast food anything Mexican food in and out and you could have
dinner with any one person ever dead or alive who to be a Raphael Nadal, Marlon Brando so it’s S erena Williams when you aren’t playing tennis you are watching a movie
or a TV show studying or watching TV what are you
gonna be for Halloween this year Oh so in the morning for my internship
I’m going to be a minion but we’re dressing up for practice and I’m going to be wonder women probably a minion as well, a giraffe this has been
another edition of getting to know your Titans I’m Chloe Abbott with Titan sports back
to you guys at the desk who wouldn’t like Tom Hardy he’s scary handsome I
mean those arms oh all right up next we have Nylene Garcia with the games you
missed in the last couple weeks thanks ladies welcome to in case you missed it
where there would be no tricks in this segment only treats let’s get this party
startled women’s soccer had a 1-1 double overtime
draw on their boogie night I mean senior night they finished the season off with
the 2-1 win against Hawaii both seniors Nano Oronoz and junior Atlanta Primus
were named to the all-conference first team thrilling on over to women’s
volleyball they dropped their last two games against Hawaii and UC Riverside
3-0 and 3-2 respectively on to the slimy green women’s golf finished the UC
Irvine Invitational in eighth place with Pauline Welker leading the way for the
Titans as for the men’s side of golf they finished tied in fourth place at
the Warrior Princeville Makai Invitational I’m just creepin it real
I wish I was in Hawaii with the team at or than taking these midterms that’s all
I have for this week’s edition for in case you missed it witching you all had
a great Halloween now let’s go to Alex Lustig with this week’s time timeline
Alex Thank You Nylene let’s see what
spooktacular games we have coming up starting with the men’s basketball team
the Titans will be tipping off at Arizona State on the sixth that game
will be televised on the pac-12 network starting at 5:00 p.m. the following week
after Veterans Day the squad moves to the Myrtle Beach Invitational where they
will face off the University of Central Florida on Thursday at the 15th as for
the women’s squad they will hit the court at Washington on Thursday the 8th
San Diego State will come to the gym for showdown on Thursday the 15th women’s
tennis looks to serve up some wins at the Jack Kramer Club Invite which is
taking place in Palos Verdes on November 1st through Sunday the 4th on Monday the
5th they will a Top Gun in Irvine following that the team goes on a
three-day trip to the CSUN Matador Invitational in Northridge from Friday
the 9th to Sunday the 11th that is a skele-ton of games they have going on as
for the volleyball team they have a booming five-game homestand on the
hardwood against UC Davis, UCI, Cal State Northridge, Long Beach State and the
final game against California Baptist I really don’t want to sugarcoat anything
but I think that senior night should be pretty sweet that’s all for this week’s
Titan Timeline let’s send it back to Ashling and Chloe behind the desk thanks
Alex well Chloe I think we really knocked
this episode out of the park of course we did Grand Slams all around well
that’s all we have for you guys today thanks for tuning in to our spooky 4th
episode you can catch our past episodes and Game highlight packages on our Titan
Sports youtube channel be sure to like comment and subscribe and be sure to
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Facebook to stay connected with us on behalf of Titan sports I’m Chloe Abbott
and I’m Ashling Antolin and remember to keep those tusks up Titans and we’ll see

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