Sachin Tendulkar Had An Embarking And Glorious Phase Of Career | Indian Cricket Team | Cricket Video


  • Great video…. Remembered my growing up years with Sachin Tendulkar's glorious shots

  • Excellent !!

  • Excellent vlog. You say it like no one else. Will miss the master.

  • Superb!! It lacked the mention of the desert storm innings or was it mentioned?

  • When you said search youtube, I have already done all the searches in different tabs by pausing the video. Now after this comment onto watch them. Excellent.

  • At 3:50 he talks of desert strom

  • 1996 year of cricket become Religion in india

  • i grew up in same era.. ! i hv grown with sachin. i hv seen him batting since i can remember. i dont wat is cricket without him..

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  • ashwath.hegde Dakshath

    Tendulkar best phase from 1996 to 2003 he batted like a champion….

  • Still rmbr his 2003 WC innings against Pak..

  • I started following cricket regularly from the 1996 world cup. Tendulkar was at his best in 1996. He was very aggressive in that time period. Attaked every bowler willfully. Watched each and every innings of Tendulkar since then.

  • ismail vahapoğlu

    ı am going to scool

  • Something Harsha doesn't mention here is how much Tendulkar's batting changed STYLISTICALLY after 2003. It wasn't simply a matter of him not playing as 'fast' as before or hit as many 'aerial' shots as he used to, but how different his batting itself looked. His stance changed – from a leg stump guard and a free flowing way of standing to a middle stump guard and more crouched down in the way he stood.

  • (contd)
    It gave his shots a momentum they no longer had after 2003. More changes – he used to be more 'upright' before, in every sense, be it the way he stood 'tall' while he played his shots or how 'straight' his bat used to be. It was a thing of beauty. We saw all of that in very limited doses after 2003.

  • sad that India played and still play far less tests matches than England or Australia. For 24 years he should have been played 230-250 tests instead.

  • sachin ramesh tendulkar. GOD of cricket

  • i was lucky to be a part of it all – 1996-2003

  • Too much hype Harsha sir!.Let me try to dig a bit deeper.
    Sachin was fantastic throughout this phase of his career BUT did he actually produce something that would have won him the honor "GOD of cricket"?? I dont think so.
    The first on the list, 90 odd against Australia,1996 world cup – Good knock but there was a job left unfinished, India inevitably lost the match.
    1996 Edgbaston- One man army sort of innings on a decent strip for batting against a depleted English attack..hmm..not quite champion stuff..India managed to lose the match.
    1997 SA – much celebrated 169..the truth is Azharuddin just outclassed Sachin by scoring a hundred at a strike rate of more than 100, and it took a run out to remove him. About the innings, a very good knock on a placid Cape town wicket.I remember him failing twice on a tough pitch for batting at Durban when he was most needed, and also on a slow Wanderer's pitch. The 169 just saved his face.India lost again

    1998 Chennai – Hundred against a second rate Aussie attack(no mcgrath, gillespie). Complete control over Warne, BUT the truth is there wasn't a single Indian batsman who failed to score runs in that innings. A victory to India thanks to the team work.For Sachin, one of his finest hundreds.

    1999 – 136 vs PAK. Just a tad unlucky but he should have been there till the end, especially after being granted a 'life' off the bowling of Saqlain while in the 90s. Sachin chose to go for this big heave over mid-wicket, failed to read the doosra, paid the price. India lost.I have heard people saying the rest could not gather 12 runs to secure victory. But how wise was it to expose the tail to guys like Akram and Saqlain?, and how many times has Sachin taken the team close to victory like the way he did in this match?I cannot recall another such instance!
    1999, Melbourne- I would rate this as one of his best hundreds, A decent show against Mcgrath(He at least managed to survive to go on to make a 100) and a timely one. Otherwise nothing flashy about it. India lost

    1999 World cup – You already said it Harsha, it was Kenya..does that really matter much? That was the only good performance by Sachin in the '99 WC. Failed against tougher oppositions, pretty much like Sachin has done throughout his career, when he was needed the most.

    2002 hundred at Leeds – The best of the lot. Tone was set by Dravid and Bangar. They effectively shielded the Indian middle order from the difficulties of a damp pitch. Three centurions guided India to a rare but memorable away win. Dravid took home the MOM award.

    Three innings stand out, 2 at sharja and 1 against Pak in 2003 WC. They all came in odis.  

  • Was lucky to be a part of it, but yes would have appreciated it more had I been in my 20s than teens. Loved the way Tendulkar used to meet the ball head on in those days. Even Mcgrath didn't get the better of him in those days..expost 2003 McGrath won a lot of battles against him. The elbow injury just killed the extra degree of freedom which made Tendulkar so so very special!!

  • Thanks Harsha for sharing your thoughts. Now I would definitely stack up the videos of all his 100 centuries. I have grown up seeing sachin playing for India. Sometimes you get attached to a person , and then you just want that person to keep playing..all along his life. ..We care more about that person who was brillant and played with his whole heart than the Game. Thats why we term him the GOD. GOD doesn't play to Win or Lose. Humans do. 

  • I still believe 2007-2011 is the golden period of Sachin. He won World Cup, double hundreds, test in England, South Africa, Australia. Scored maximum runs. Played according to the match situations and available whenever team needs him. Avoid playing unnecessary games, more caring about team acievements. Thank You Sachin

  • I do remember that phase sir..its unforgettable.. its was the best years on my life

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