Sachin Tendulkar’s First Century | Indian Cricket Team | Cricket Video


  • Every time Harsha speaks, it is like, the picture is set into the mind, and the movie begins!

  • Dileep Srivastava

    great..i m the great fan of sachin.and as you speak like sachin is batting..

  • No one better described tendulkars carrier than harsha bhogale in very gentle way .

  • Nice wordings and amazing stories – a movie / biography with all such instances need to be drafted.

  • I still remember how I was waiting for your commentary when Sachin came out to bat for the last time in Champions League 2013. I wondered what I liked the most. Is it your commentary or is it the Sachin s batting or the way you commentate while he was batting. Honestly the last part I guess. This video series has been impeccable. I'm loving every part of it. And i'm not sure if you'll escape The Sharjah Sachin in the post 1995 session. Please don't. Lastly, looking forward for more eagerly.

  • With all due respect to Sir Viv, why no mention of Lara?

  • Giridhar Gopal Rolla

    Greatness about Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was till date many batsman in world cricket came up with the tag of a champion but no one retired with that tag, True Champion

  • Listening to Harsha talk about Sachin is one of the most blissful things to happen to a cricket lover. All those beautiful words and no words to describe the ecstacy one feels by this..

  • sachin taught me how to be HUMAN in life……..
    we love u sachin… we miss u..
    u can not retire….. never, ever….. i still see u in my dreams at number 4 for india in test…….

  • Yes agree!

  • harsha make videos on captaincy of ganguly plz 😛

  • Leaf-it Associate

    I really like his blog theres some interesting things there.

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  • ਹਰ ਘਰ ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ ਹੋਵੇ


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