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Hi Boys Welcome back to Boys of Beau Cricket Academy Today Video we are going to look about Short Arm Pull Shot The Short arm pull shot is Helpful to dominate the bowler Delivering short pitch delivery That in true condition You can able to trust the bounce You can easily execute the shot and get more runs for you in this video you are going to look How to play the shot ? What are the drills to do develop the shot Common mistake while playing the shot Basic key points While playing short arm pull Get in to the line and judge the bounce Judge the bounce with good bat lift Go forward to the ball To play the short arm pull You need better bat speed to develop better bat speed I am using Resistance tube work out and medicine ball work out You can this your warm up routine. Before going to practice the shot And another thing make your partner in side position Stay in good balance position Very important Keep your head in the connecting point While doing this drill Keep your Head in the connecting point So, What will happen Once you practice with this resistance tube, Bat speed get more improvement. You can see lot of improvement in your bat speed Also you can use this Medicine ball From that position. Open Throw Drill no 1: You can use the 30 ounce plastic ball You do this drill by your own in concrete wicket Just drop the ball like that Hold your bottom hand nice Drop the ball In this drill i am going to Improve my bat speed To develop the bat speed i am going to make the feeder to Rapid fire. He going to feed the ball one and another To develop the bat speed i am going to stay in the front foot position Bottom hand grip is very important Should be right on the “V”

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