Single Stroke Rolls Independence Drum Lesson – James Payne

Hi guys welcome to the first episode of
the independence course this course is going to be dedicated to create
independence between our limbs and so between our legs and feet and hands or
one hand on one foot against the other hand and foot all these exercises are
inspired by thomas lang virgil donati and all these kind of drummers who made
great methods on developing this kind of independence which can be very useless if used in certain ways but instead if we use it as a gym to train our
independence then this will open a lot our coordination for when we have to
play so we basically with these exercises we’re going to raise the bar
of the difficulty of the things that we play so that when we play our regular
stuff what we play it’s going to be easier because we are already training
harder stuff and will allow us to have less fatigue in playing other stuff so today
we’re going to see the first independence workout which is going to
be only basically working on singles so we’re going to start playing single
strokes rolls alternated with our bass drum so alternating our feet and we’ll
play different stickings on top of this we will start using just the
bass drum and the snare drum to make it easier and then from there we’re going
to change the position of our hands and use different surfaces also on our feet
so that we start to change the sound and we’ll make it harder and harder for us
because then when we play and we change the sound and we hear different sounds
things can start being complicated and we have to get used to that so we will
start playing single stroke rolls on the bass drum and single stroke roll with
our hands on top of it and then we will start playing accents to create some
variations let’s see how this works so this can be pretty simple but right
now the part of the body that we’re using at this speed are bigger muscles
so leg motion and mainly arm motion but then if we speed this up and we shift
the control to smaller muscles so for example the ankles let’s see what
happens so as we shift the control to smaller
muscles we will start feeling that it’s way harder to control the spaces between
the notes the dynamics putting the accent exactly where you want keeping
the balance and all this stuff especially on the bass drum because
we’ll control with our ankles and not with our legs so this is the first step
of controlling the single stroke notes playing the feet against the hands let’s
now change the position let’s play right hand on the ride left then on the snare
right foot on the bass drum and left foot on for example a little snare that
I’ve put to create a variation of sound and let’s see what happens or let’s try now to have the right hand
on the snare and the left hand on the hi-hat let’s now speed this up shifting the
control to smaller muscles if we speed this even more to an extreme
speed we will basically play a blast Beat let’s see an example of how this would
sound if we play it very fast so how we could hear this becomes a
blast beat basically and it becomes also blast beat between our
kick and snare so you can really start to be creative with this just by
changing some sounds and it’s just single strokes with some accents thrown
around and when instead we shift the right hand on the snare drum we
basically created a gravity blast between the two snares because with my
handle is playing the downbeat on the snare and with my foot I was playing the
update on the other sare so that makes a gravity blast basically so you can
really get creative start playing this slowly controlling it with bigger
muscles and trying to find as many solutions as possible with our hands and
then speed it up and then again change the sound move your hands if you don’t
have a snare mounted that way you can use any other kind of instrument you can
use the hi-hat you can put a clave whatever you feel like you want to
play and then once you do that you speed it up and control it with smaller
muscles so have fun with this this is just single against single changing
surfaces where we’re playing on you can go on the toms you can put different
hi-hats you can get inspired from these great drummers like Thomas Lang and all these people but again remember to do the work of
shifting from the bigger muscles to the smaller muscles because that’s also the
hard part of this exercise as you could see I’ve used the leg motion the heel up and
swivel technique on my feet to play the different speeds so I’ve
applied this two different techniques and on the hands I’ve mainly used wrist motion accenting with like the Moeller motions
but you can use fingers you can use the push/pull you can use many different
techniques the more you do the more techniques you use the more combinations
you find the more you improve your independence and coordination and will
help you to unlock a world unlock your hands and the freedom for you to play
whatever you feel like playing without having to practice every time each
combination each pattern that you come up with so have fun have a good practice
and I’ll see you next time

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