Ski jumping 360° #VR #360video

You can also become a ski jumper. Use VR glasses and headset for best experience. You’re sitting at the very top of Holmenkollen. Do you really want to jump? Jumping here takes some skill, to be – able to fly a hundred and forty meters. But join me back up on top and we’ll get you ready. Fredrik has jumped thousands of times. Nonetheless he feels how his – blood surges through his veins. Suit, boots, skis – all tailored so Fredrik can – fly as far as possible. Below, his coach – observes wind conditions waiting for the – optimal moment to signal Fredrik to start. Now let’s go to the edge. When he whizzes past over 90 km/h he has just – three hundredths of a second. He aims to – achieve the greatest possible speed so – he’s ready at the critical point when he – throws himself out into the air. Fredrik can really enjoy hovering. Delightful, but here comes the ground. He must be ready, this could really hurt. But forget about that. Now it’s your turn – remember balance, push off and enjoy your flight!


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