SKIT BOX: The Series – Episode 1

Adele, can you print out those call sheets? – Yes right away. Adele could you please take those weird sketch videos off the server they’re taking up space. – I’m sorry will do. – Adele can you alphabetize the cutlery first? – Yes absolutely. Thank you. – ADELE! Did you buy me this pen? – Yes Allen you asked for it. – I asked for a
ballpoint pen this is a rollerball that’s two completely different types of
pen you know the last time I checked we filled the higher diversity quota cos
you’re a woman not a tired just get it bloody right Adele now will you be
nothing but a production runner for the rest of your life
hmm etad one it’s like a don’t let them see any tears even though you are a
pretty crier if they think you’re an emotional woman that will not help
workplace equality crying I’m not paying you to be on your period I’m sorry
what’s the problem it was in the wrong hole that’s what she said who me
what alright Greta your app is your turn to clean the men’s Denis tried to piss
on a moth again it’s all over the walls the mics Dean looking at a porno right
don’t worry about it it wouldn’t have gone well anyway come he’s like wearing
it killed men generally do a bit huh yeah and by for comedy and kilts allow
them to swing their dicks around hold on thankful once you’ll never get on the
stage if you’re only telling jerks for women this is a man’s dead
maybe I should just stick to bow work I’m sorry
this is boring you know just emailing my agent and yeah we were just getting
really tired of waiting for other people to give us work so we formed skip box to
create our own work yeah and we’re like really close to
getting a viral kind of well like two girls one cup
yes sort of um but just without any of the things that are in that video cuz
it’s got like a hundred million bees yeah yep it’s got heat oh hi Terry how
are you have we met uh yeah Sara last month I was in the
cereal commercial you directed I played the bowl the sexy hey hey man good to
see you you two brothers in that trouble no don’t worry Sara because of your
balanced energy towards the universe he’s short her a man be you next time
Sara you know he’s fun sized chocolate bars right you know I’m talking about
what’s I thought about having him that size there’s the same apply to deep oh I
take the drinks are on me can I just get a vodka soda my day has
been a literal toilet fire hand it to me thank you excuse me boss don’t fire me
because I’ve looked at ten pornos now you are fired hey hey I to allow theists audition
really yeah I spent a whole week practicing my sexy oh nothing it’s so
good yeah thank you well well well if it isn’t the YouTube
girls it’s Brittany virals recently and by that I mean chlamydia chlamydia is
actually a really serious problem for koalas yeah well ladies listen if you’re
serious about comedy you got to get out there and get some stage time and the
other thing is forgetting that this feminist dogma you know read up when is
this guy gonna stop giving us shitty advice just you’re isolating half your
audience yeah that we clearly do not want and haven’t asked for you gotta try
punching down punching up punching on the directionally doodies you know and
if that doesn’t work just I don’t I talk about jerking off or something it’s like
an advise rapists what a boss right this yeah you know someone that gives advice
without consent No Reggie’s pulled out of his spot great he’s supposed to be on
now there’s no one else here they can take this
we truly no one else Greta I’m gonna have to do is sit Greta
why didn’t you get up there yeah he’ll let me out when he’s ready
besides my jokes on any good guys let me tell ya you know those that are always
given unsolicited advice to women you know I call an advice winging dicks
around here causing your quiet great director Udo you and writing and
producing and getting all the company money great tip Sara thank you
wait what oh my god my titties out I thought you did it on purpose so I left
it in completely downloads a feminist message we have to take it down wait
refresh it refresh it again that’s higher than all our videos put
together I’m not just having while we’ve been talking doesn’t dilute our families
oh oh my god oh my god oh right the nipple love you what girls was it so oh
he’s taking it down oh you silly boys causing us conflicts
making your crepes like you’re swinging your dick you guys blocking out a
spotlight like a solar eclipse we’ll look at us Angeles


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