Smart Calgary Use Case: Shaganappi Golf Course

(upbeat music) – I work with the golf
and sport development team at the City of Calgary and recreation. I am working on the site optimization and pace of play project
for the City of Calgary. We’re doing a pilot
project to analyze how fast people come through the golf course and how frequently they stop. This is one of our LoRa
sensors that we’re using. It’s located right underneath the seat of all of the golf carts,
and we can sense where the golf cart is anywhere
within the golf course area, and how fast it travels from spot to spot. One of the benefits of
the technology is helping steer our marshals to
the areas on the course where they’re needed most in real time. If our customers are not in the right area of need some support
through one of our marshals we can send one over to help assist them. One of the benefits of the
technology in the golf carts will be setting up the tee
times to be more accurate so there’s less waiting at each station or to get going. Nobody likes to be
waiting around at a hole for minutes on end, while other
people are playing through. This will help improve
our guest experience through being able to
keep the pace of play. We can also set our tee
times up to be more accurate. It’ll also allow us to make sure that both the customer experience
and the business objectives of the golf courses are being met. (upbeat music)

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