Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Scissors Move in Soccer

Hi, I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to do a scissors move in soccer. A scissors move in soccer, is also known to
some people as a step over. Now, a step over or a scissors move is very useful, when running
at a defender, and trying to fake them out. The first part in a scissor move, is stepping
up to the ball, and getting your plant foot by the ball, and your other foot to go around
the ball, with the outside of your foot, and step over it, and then take the ball with
your opposite foot, and I’ll show you again. You want to step to the ball with your plant
foot. Go around the outside of the ball with your other foot, and then take the ball with
your other foot. Now, you can also do multiple step overs, or scissor moves, when you can
step over the ball multiple times, in order to fake your defender out. That way he doesn’t
know if you’re going to go left or right, depending on which way you stop, and take
the ball, and that is how to do a scissors move in soccer.

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