Soccer Mania! WRESTLERS in Gang Beasts 3! KIDCITY GAMING

you have a voice changer oh good do a
different setting here oh I didn’t change a few pies
what’s up everybody it’s dad city and some flash and we are playing sucker
mania wrestling style on gang beasts okay let’s go into the costumes to see
our character selections we have today Vince McMahon Mick Foley who’s that you
know Mick Foley is Debbie w/e referee that’s supposed to be the rock just to
do sunglasses and balls and he’s got pants on
we got Rey Mysterio Triple H that’s supposed to be braun strowman okay Becky
Lynch turd boy wait a minute that’s Triple H The Undertaker
so there’s John Cena I think it would be him how you want to be John Cena Hulk
Hogan Macho Man he said look easy he’s just wearing his purple Fanny’s today
there we go yeah oh there’s neighbor but we’re gonna do wrestling gang beasts
today great yes but it’s gonna be soccer style let’s get this party started
you’re gonna do green rock do tan rock cyan Rock and I’m gonna be green green
John Cena you ready wait we’re gonna do a 4-minute round of soccer championships
the championships how many championships do we have – John Cena versus the rock
it’s a wrestlemania showdown BAM oh yes oh can I just hold the ball wait
a minute how do I kick you move it like this I’m
just gonna punch you out man get out of here oh oh you knocked my hat off I
won’t knock your glasses off ah that’s it boy that’s it oh yeah wait a minute
score score Oh knock you out I’m just gonna block you with my buddy buddy
block buddy boy No oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh kick Realty
that ain’t right ticket Oh from downtown score Oh Kapoor give me my
hat how do I put my hat back no yay I’m
gonna put my hat on and put it on you how do you run in this game you don’t
run ma’am you punch Oh Oh ma’am oh nice
no get away from the ball get away from the ball sir Oh your arm is broken come here come here
oh I’ll grab you by your ball blue head come in Oh piggyback ride the boat don’t
you give me a I want a piggyback ride no I’m getting good Oh in your I got your I
figured mmm like a rocket what happened it busted you busted the ball man running start it yeah
but to tie it up boy I’m about to tie it up man kicked it in get out of here oh
no no no fell down oh wow I am doing headers what that’s a good move Oh get
off me ball no coach move Oh No no no you can’t see me it’s time for max
to we got to pick different characters okay what do you have to say for your
win I can see you I can see you this time I’m gonna be Randy Savage whoo yeah
you’re gonna be the referee it’s gonna be the rep versus Randy Savage okay here
we go bro yeah if you win you’re the soccer championship and we’ll go
straight into a melee okay mailee brother nuts Hulk Hogan ooh
the soccer danger zone yeah hmm oh come here referee no no no Savage is crazy
man he’s crazy you can’t deal with him no come here longer the no nose square
tried to do a header and hit you in there that’s fine I’m gonna no no square
you know yeah there’s your no no oh oh oh how come you always knock me
out no yeah they want to move what a move he’s sitting around mmm
no get out of here get out hairball yes yes Oh daddy get bored why am I
stuck on the you might want to let go I’m just gonna push it with my hands
come here my little ball come here yeah get up Randy Savage okay come here ball come here come here
I’m gonna show you where to go go into the hole go into the hole ball no no no oh come on here we go there we go there
we go oh yeah I’m just gonna push everybody into the goal nope nope nope there we go okay come
here here it goes the ball there it goes oh it’s so close it’s so
close oh wait wait crap No get distracted
no come here No total knockout nope nope
boy yeah oh yeah c’mere ball Wow oh you almost scored right there
Oh BAM yes yes yes 25 seconds to score for points I’m gonna take a chance up
against the wall Oh get the wall no you knocked it out of
the zip we go big shot BAM make it off me get off me oh no from the
side oh man come here boy come here referee
oh he just passed out his leg is bent okay how’s it feel
there’s champion nuts I’m supposed to do okay you’re supposed to race your own
hand yeah now it’s time for melee okay new characters right this time you gonna
be Rey Rey Mysterio versus Mick Foley Rey Mysterio versus mankind the blip
it’s just one-on-one we normally have so many players
I know get off of me ah-ha now I’ve got a strategy okay get off of me Oh No No haha I’ll let you go No hey hey mommy
mommy who said mommy mankind has a mommy I’m
climbing back up cuz it’s a long way down there people I’m running I didn’t
want to play on that blimp but did we both get a point now a star goes next to
the for you to point in the rain buddy in the ring there used to this being
said I ran crying oh no ha you thought you had me oh oh oh look at that move look at that
movie got back in oh no slip for me no they just shot right up into the ceiling
so weird I know what draw number two now we’re on containers later I’m jumping
over to the other than paying our life okay I dare you I dare you to go now
what you gonna do come to me now what’d you get Pam oh I’m just gonna smash you
with the containers no actually come no hit those rough try to hit my ropes okay
your ropes hit the ropes on the blue container you mean I’m gonna I’m gonna
move them around with my bare strength how what you gonna do now Oh lime it’s a
better world for all mankind alright so what is it can I go down the
stairs Thanks let’s go see you try to catch me sir
going down the safety hatch wait can’t see anything oh wait a minute
I didn’t know those fellow huh you gotta be kidding me I know I’m spotting I’m
not gonna tell you where it is okay this isn’t well what how about I
just follow you to the hiding spot what about these stairs gonna go up these
stairs are you messing with me now are they gonna collapse again now let’s go
see let’s go see where you are whoa BAM boom oh no he’s got about that
throw oh my goodness oh you better not huh
oh we’re turning over the guilt stick oh let go of it well you let go of me
and I’ll let go of it no no ohh what a classic matchup between
Mick Foley and Rey Mysterio I didn’t see that cuz everybody’s sad or are we set
oh man breaking windows out Oh No
rid of my hair whoof I just said wolf I don’t know why
I said oh we’re turning the light around we’re turning off I didn’t know we could
do that oh man you just threw me the train okay
here we go Oh what do you mean I just throw me off so fast
oh okay do they lose do they lose some cars over there oh did I win – I think
you’re getting run over so badly I was trying to get to them the main car I was
trying to get to though is it right next point wins
next point I can do this one so easily so easily no watch this down let’s get
off these No I’m gonna hit you all what oh I think I just messed something up
here can I get rid of these I’m gonna go this way what are you doing
come over come over invite me BAM no let me do something for us let me do
something what what do you want to do what do you want to do I’m watching you
hit the spaghetti why are you hitting the spaghetti hit it okay I’m gonna go
over here right we’ll hit this one why are we doing no why are we doing this
that’s not what we would you tricked me you crazy nut
oh we’re gonna slip through France we’re gonna slip don’t don’t let me fall man
don’t let me fall what beautiful me I’m gonna oh we can’t both fit through this
hole oh oh we’re stuck oh no you and just hold hands on the way down no yes
okay hold my man oh no hold my hand we’re all we’re gonna fall together sir
yes got it now oh that was a blast that’s it for
shucker mania gang beasts wrestling style if you want to see our last WWE
beasts yeah who’s the Undertaker remember that and we doing coke Hogan Oh we’ll give you a link right up here okay
oh yeah all right we’ll see you guys next time bye


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