Soccer Player Banned For Nazi Salute

a greek soccer player has been banned
for life forgiving the nazi salute at again uh…
his name is george s get tedious at twenty at began saying that right at
twenty yr old three talker player he celebrated the game-winning goal on
saturday beginning in nazi salute to fans in athens but that has banned him
for a life from representing his country in international terms obvious let’s see
the hellenic football federation and the band they said the players action to
salute two spectators in a nazi manor is a severe provocation insult all the
victims of nazi barbarity and injures the deeply pacifist and human character
of the game i wouldn’t have gone in the direction of
our time now he tried to deny that he’s doing for
seniors like hello i was just pointing right and that he was like okay i i j s
iran lividity i did the action but he didn’t understand the context
everybody’s seen indiana jones we’ve all seen nazis until police did not really i wouldn’t go that direction a lifetime been though is obviously as
extreme as an athlete can be slapped with ends what do you think about that
do you think that well i wonder if scale with everything that’s going on
increased right now read that the neo-fascists technical don party and all
of that happening i wonder if this is like a a huge slide they punished him even more to say that
to be i don’t know maybe they’re like we’re gonna bring down the hammer
because everything that’s going on we once in a message to people that we
don’t stand for this and we’re not allowed this i doubt that seems pretty i
mean just a prolific thing to do but it seems sexy is saying and then an email id
soccer’s a huge deal in the house agrees had such a difficult history planning at the nazi occupation and now
that he said the player himself said that he has said i want to clarify that i’m not a fascist
or neo nazi or racist i have a step brother from puerto rico at all my
family here from the black c_n_n_ experienced racism in the worst ways
favorite i’m sorry plenty of other and racist i have a
black friend and right on answering and kaali isn’t everything but friends of
the cafeteria didn’t that is the end of the contents
of it the economic problems increase its not unique in that it leads to extreme
parties like fascism like that that happens a lot but how could it how could he have
thought that that was gonna play well it looks like he said because of the
rise of these neo-fascist parties maybe this is his entry into politics or
something right like he had to know that there was gonna deal uh… strong
negative reaction this we haven’t had a smartphone even think he’s only twenty
years old i was so maybe there is something in his uh… you know and he’s
in he’s happily so perhaps he has really thought all of these through and has not
been expected to or asked to think these ideas that he did
apologize and he said i sincerely apologize to my team eight everyone
involved with the club that i have insulted and not knowing exactly what i
had done in my celebration nonetheless the fact that i did not know what i was
doing there’s no excuse so that’s pretty mature response from him it would reform it would be better if he
had thought that the before he enjoyed missiles yeah i like this again bearing in mind that
these twenty years old obviously that’s about as offensive it gestures you can’t
make uh… but i wonder about the possibility of that always
been chasing united pipeline no i don’t think it makes you say it is a little
bit like let’s say hypothetically he was found in casa for halloween is going to
not series said something that sort of seem to support the neo-fascist parties
or but how does a wonderful life time band
like there is the possibility of a slippery slope for other political
persuasions or says something racists like and he did not say i’m a nazi everyone
should be nazis he made a simple and so to some extent this is sort of a far cry
that with a we’re criminalizing now that we’re assuming that he is thinking of
things that he might or might not be in many might no i’m not sure we now so it’s it’s you know you you
come to you know it’s intellectual maturity on
these things at your own pace and so maybe that is something that it’ll slow
money does seem to be our gave an example of that

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