Soccer Tips : How to Coach a Kids’ Soccer Practice for Beginners

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth
soccer and today I want to talk about how to coach a soccer session for beginning players.
The first thing you got to do as a coach is to be prepared. And so you want to make sure
you arrive at least twenty minutes early so you can set up your field in the way you want
to prepare your session for that day. So come prepared, bring a soccer, plenty of soccer
balls, cones and and pennies so you can divide players into different teams. Balls because
you want every single player to have a ball because sometimes not all the kids bring a
ball. So you have plenty of balls, you know, you and somebody doesn’t have one there’s
always one available for a player. What I’d like to do is actually break it in three different
parts. I like to work with fundamentals. So basically, there’s no restrictions on the
players and no pressure. No pressure because I want the kids to be successful at whatever
they’re learning for that day. As I move on, the match-related which basically is going
to look more or less like a game, but it’s not really a game. So, again, there’s, it’s
perhaps we’re adding a little bit of pressure now the players either by running with speed
or somebody trying to take the ball from the player, so that’s pressure for players. And
so, you know, it’s looking more like a match-related condition. Then finally, towards the end of
my session, I do it to a match condition which basically, we actually playing a game of soccer.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be eleven on eleven, you can do three on three, but it
looks like a real soccer game. So that’s why you always want to finish one. You want to
make it look like a real soccer game. So for beginners you can actually incorporate a lot
of things if you set up an area of fifteen by ten or, you know, depending on how many
players you have, but you know, if you have small group of players, you can do ten by
fifteen. Get them all the players inside the square with a ball and you can incorporate
how to dribble, to take possession of the ball, to get away from players, how to dribble
so that you can get used to looking up instead of looking at the ground all the time. So
you can do a lot of little games that incorporate a lot of things we actually do in soccer in
that small portion of the field. And it’s fun for them, they’re doing a lot of learning
at the same time and you are forcing the kids to do a number of different things in a fun
way. So, again, I will just summarize it by just starting with your fundamentals first,
move into your match-related and then which is the final step is the match condition,
which actually that is a fun game for them. Because the kids, in the end, want to be playing
soccer, to start to score goals and win games. So that’s how you can do a coaching game for
beginning soccer players.

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