Soccer Trickshot Fails! (BTS)

– What’s that? A soccer ball in your hand? maybe you tell me – Maybe. You tell me, Derek. If I make this, you’ve got to drop the camera. *Ball Kick* Ohh, you almost had to drop the camera. – Oh you mean like this? – OOH! – What are we doing today boys? – Trick shots!!!! – Part of a “Dear Ryan” – We’re playing football today, guys. – Ooooohhh… – Dang, that was almost my nuts right there.(ohh) Man, hopefully I don’t get hit today – Watch this. By a camera man. *Crash* OH! – Was that the salad? Was that the salad? – Nuh-huh that was the sour cream. – It was potato chips. *giggle* *BANG* *HA HA HA HA HA HA* (Too much Laughter from Will) *laughter* *Laughs In Pain* *Laughter* -Nobody was filming that? – That got me, right here! *giggle* Right on My tit! *All laughing* *Laughing increases* – What are the odds of that? – Man, that one hurt right there I got HACKED – I got hacked! (laughs) – He got PRANKED. Damn, my bad Derek *bleeeeepp* *bleeeeppp* – Daaammnn *laughs* – Wait, where was this? – That’s from this part *giggles* – Are we rolling? No Not yet? Wait, are you? *giggles* He said no! *plate breaks* – woohoohoo! Who’s plate is that? – See ya later guys… Hey, good shoot today… Tomorrow..? What’s that, you’re on the laughters part right now? – Man, I need to pop a RedBull (Other Drinks are available) right now. – The last one? – Doing laughs back to back to back to back tobacktobacktobacktobacktoBACKtoback Is a lot of energy I bet you I could do a Try Not to Laugh Challenge And not laugh right now Cause I got it all off Ready? *laughs* – It’s too close dude – I got it all off – Lemme try, lemme try *laughs* Yeah, I really tried to not laugh – You lose – I think I got all the laughs out – Try on Daina – Look at this little ninja right here Bye *breaks* (laughs) – Was that a plate? – Ohh, dayyyyyymn (laughs) – Dude! – That was 4 takes in. (more laughing) Tadaaaaa! – Wow! – Wait, watch over here I don’t know that’s all, I saw a piece fly out. – awhhhh, dude! – Oh! Oh Dude! (laughs) Ohhh, sorry Sean. Poor Tv (all laugh) *Distance smashes* Uh ohhhhhhh! I don’t know why we didn’t move them To hell with rocks – Rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks – All right here we go – It’s all about the bass – TWO! – 🎶It’s all about that bass, about that bass🎶 – THREE Four. *Distant dog bark* – Ding ding ding five, here we go Ding Ding Ding six. *Sigh* Ding Ding Ding. (all speak) – Ayyyyyyyy – Alright who’s next? Who wants to try next? – Gotta like, keep your – Yeah, that’s a good spot for you. – That is actually good! – You’ve good forehead surface area. – Oh dude! Watch for your hair Back slightly – Oh wow! – Alright. Snow angel. SNOW ANGEL! *screams* *laughs* Scared, yeah Sean. Scary. Hey, don’t waste them. – How- how did you, uh – Hmmm! It’s like face oil. Hey guys don’t waste them We gotta eat that. This carpet is very clean. – That was fake! – This is a oreo trickshots – Damnnnnnnn! Threw it again. – You guys are throwin’ em away I’m gonna eat that! – Ahhhhh throwin’ em away! Good one Derek! *dun dun tis* – Ready? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! (all) – That was close! – I do. (laughs) I got you sean I know how your mouth works (laughs) Ready? (Fart Noise) Ohhhhhhhhhh! – He know how that mouth works. – Sean Sean! Alright ready? One.. Two (laughs) It’s over there. Wow Derrick! Always gotta be funny, Derrick! [Music kicks in] Ohhhh (laughs) Damn it! Ha ha ha *shrugs* Look at ’em knees Ohhh! [Bleeeep] Ohhh! [Bleep] Ohhh! Sh- [Bleep] What? Ohhh! [Bleep] [Bleeep] [Music kicks in] *shrugs* – Alright, that’s it for today. *sighs* – I’m so tired – Another day! Another video! – Yeah, let’s see how it turns out. – How’s your legs doing? – Sore. Just tired dude! Long day. Watch this. Chopstick. Chop-strick. Chop trickshot. (Tap still on) Chop trickshot. Chop trickshot [Fast forward] Chop trickshot [Fast forward] (laughs) Chop trickshot [fast forward](tap off) Chop trickshot. Ohhhhhhhhh! Did you get it? – Shrug it dude. Shrug it. – Did you get it though? *shrug* – What’s up y’all.It’s your boy Derrick. Thanks for watching this week’s BTS.
Don’t forget to click that link above. You want to see this week’s nigahiga video where we do some trick shots and oreo challenge. And also if you guys have a Dear Ryan leave a comment below. What’s wrong Squirt? Can’t wait for next week’s video?


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