Soccer Twins!

oo yaaa oo yaaa Hahahahaha…. Go go go, Jordyan JORDYN I AM SO MAD AT YOU Where’s Rowdy Parker’s in? Today’s book I’d do something who am I stuck again? Antenna gets too much strong but before we get started was a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel time for soccer games all the girls of soccer games today Stephens a cheerleader and parker’s a cheerleader Thank you. Oh, she’s a big girl cheerleader One awesome thing about this year is that Peyton and Jordan are on the same soccer team? So it’s so cute They get to have the same jersey if they have their same little hair bows, and we’re here to cheer them on There they are You guys ready to play are you cute and She’s humble look at those twins in the backseat Yeah You guys look like twins How would you guys it’s for soccer game together mom good? Did you guys like playing together? Alright, so they’re gonna be combining their scores together, so between the two of them they scored two golf. Thank you painting Jordan said that counts as both of yours That’s the way to go steven and chandler are at Taylor’s game right now We’re a little bit late because we just have a lot of places. We need to be and not a lot of us We have a lot of soccer players this year, so we’re heading to Taylor’s game. Hopefully she’s doing well oh It was awesome I was holding my camera with it off watching so intently that I did not turn it on because it was So amazing she got the ball away from somebody kicked it in the air over the goalies head and into the go I Pay in sport to girls and Jordan played her hardest I’ve ever seen So we are going to celebrate? Yay We have two goal scorers in the back. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah Where do you get your moves from George? You just learn them oh parker good job To celebrate we are going to get delicious fist round a few of you guys have commented on our videos wondering What fizz drinks are and what are big drinks dad? How can you explain them so it’s so cool It’s I think it’s only here in utah there’s these little stores, and they have certain. They takes regular soda like a dr. Pepper and they put different flavors inside of it to make it delicious Yes, and they’re so good. So what does everyone want I don’t know what I’m gonna. Have yet one star wars menu though you know you come to fizz too much when you have this many punch cards or You have too many kids. What is it a little mixture, but we like our fist rings, and we have a lot of kids Look at all of those delicious drinks Yeah Parker’s and Stephens have little teeny school candies on theirs, and the girls is all have tons of whipped cream Is our success and Daddys had little sharks in it? There’s Daddy’s gummy sharks flown in his drink. Yes, delicious We just got an apple TV. And the kids are playing a game and look how fun. This is so That’s what she jumps in Swings as the ball comes Too cute. She’s cute Stephens turn he thinks he’s the best Oh, yeah, it’s Taylor’s turn You think that she’s playing real tennis all right? So we’ve been going through a lot of our stuff From the move and it’s down in the basement and going through boxes and stuff and I found some stickers or wall art That I am going to put up in Stevens room. I love these things because they just peal on and off perfectly fine don’t leave any marks or anything and that’s perfect for our rental and They are all cardinal stickers. So steve and Steven are big fans of the cardinal football team So I’m going to decorate this big wall in his room and then surprise him This is not as easy as I thought it would be I am in a full-on sweat Trying to unstick this from itself. I thought I’d be able just to peel it off really, easily ah Stephen I have something to show you come on in ah do you like it There you go, Arizona cardinals Parker just came in and saw the cardinal on the wall, and what’d you say? What is it? What’s up, just a birdie make All right guys so tonight is our family party that we’ve been planning for a few days We’re inviting our extended family and we are going to get lots of food. We’re gonna hang out play games It’s almost time for everyone to get here So I need to get a lot of these food items placed out and everything set up Steve Ran to Buffalo Wild wings because we ordered tons Of wings my family loves wings everyone gave in their orders And so we are going to have tons of food here with lots of fun That’s gonna last two seconds before it gets knocked down told you And they fell down all on their own. No one touched them I’m not a big meat-eater, but I am so excited for these meatballs. I love these meatballs. They’re delicious And they smell so good I have never seen a little girl get so excited for M&Ms ever I poured them out on here and she has just been dying Not yeah, we’re waiting for the party This is the kids party. This is the adult party So Taylor is getting ready for bed she is a lovely girl but she got too much sun and ooohhh it does not look good she deserves better poor Taylor But she does not feel well at all she did so good on her soccer game and then she went to a pool party after and She got sunburned she got a little too much sun. We put sunscreen on her, but she’s so fair-skinned that it just didn’t work We should have put more on her, but she got a little bit too much sun I’m worried that she’s got a little bit of Heatstroke kind of stuff. She’s been really tired her eyes hurt and We’re just kind of checking on her making sure that she’s okay She’s Gonna go to bed to get some rest to help herself feel a little bit better Look at this poor girl’s face She’s so red and your eyes hurt. How are you feeling? feeling kind of lousy Yeah, sometimes the sun does that to you it makes you feel? Drained and exhausted and that’s kind of how Taylor feels right now So she’s gonna end her party early while everyone else continues to party we have some pretty Rowdy kids downstairs, we’re gonna try and be quiet. Okay, so that you can go to sleep All right Mmm. We hope that you feel better tomorrow, okay, okay? As the parents party is going downstairs the kids party is continuing I’m Gonna have a fun time cleaning up Taylor is done partying she’s been asleep for hours another one has given up She’s too tired to stay awake. That’s more like it Everything is cleaned The party is over everyone is filing out and now it’s time to end our vlog Where’s Rowdy Parker? That is not good It is almost midnight the party’s over and they’re playing hide and go seek in the bathroom Screaming as long as I can and we have poor Taylor and Jordan trying to sleep I’m probably causing some of the problem. Are you hyper? It may be the handfuls of M&Ms that she ate instead of dinner. I guess me every time Alright, so we are gonna end our vlog – two kids that are too sleepy to do it Our questions of the day is do you like to go to bed early or stay up late subscribe to our channel? Well, I guess you did it for us

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