SPEED PUTT PUTT HORSE! *Glow Mini Golf Challenge*

and she’s off! what is up everyone and
welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be doing a glow-in-the-dark
putt-putt horse game but first we’re gonna do a little game to decide if who
gets edit and advantage for this in speed putt-putt it’s not about how many
strokes it’s how fast you get the ball on the hole so it’s all about time and
this first game will give you a 5 second advantage that you could use any point
in the game here we go cassie is up first oh good oh hey Cassie score 2038 I win all right so I have the advantage
for the puppet game let’s go do puppet guys main events has a pretty sweet mini
golf course totally globe backlight do I look super creepy I don’t know but we’ll
see when I’m editing this alright guys here’s how today’s game work its speed
putt-putt horse so we’re gonna play until someone spells out horse you get a
letter if you are the slowest one on that pole you can’t touch the ball again
until it stops moving so because I won that flat first game I can use my five
second advantage whenever I want here we go just like last time you have
to start and stop your own timer so it’s not just about how fast you get it in
the hole which is past this hockey guy you have to run back and stop your time
you ready cast great let’s sit and she’s up oh oh boy oh no you’re stuck just running backs every time and what
is it nineteen point five nineteen point five
nine very good alright let’s see if I can beat it okay I’m up
19 seconds it’s time to beat the top Oh No wait what did you get nineteen point
five nine are you serious would you get 19.53 barely beater which
means Cassie gets the first letter so it is H two nothing Kassie getting ready for the next one we
got a little bit of a drop-off here little cliff hey let’s see it go oh wow
pretty good pretty good pretty good taking her time and the G syncs it with
a time of three quick good job Cass you ready Oh No Oh got it oh no I got a happiness I
thought I was bigger than you but I got 12 seconds yes I get an agent they’d
stage here we go poll number three what Oh baby hole-in-one Oh Oh the look away
Steph Curry ten seconds point twenty-three Oh oh okay uh-oh Cass oh wow
Oh your teeth look really cool right now go oh oh wait bird stop good nice 11.8 – that seemed very fast
Oh for oh no no right now
you’re lucky oh gosh stop this up this up stop we’re not going to talk about that time
oh no no no what was that time 18.7 haha all right H hey Joe hey Joe you mean a lot Tiger Woods
okay 12.7 one oh wow oh oh I would have been so impressed
oh no you’re done for okay was your 18 second payback
today is upto Rho yeah we keep alternating right yeah so we keep all
day it’s gonna be a really close game leave a comment right now who do you
think is gonna win Josh or Cassie and we’ll see pretty soon and if you’re
right or not we’ve made it to the alien abduction
zone apparently there’s a flying saucer here this this holes pretty cool you
have to make it into one of these first and then it’ll drop down into this one
so a little bit more complicated in the past ones Cassie is up first
let’s see it baby oh that’s pretty solid good oh boy running back don’t trip point to sixteen
point two I think that’s pretty good yeah
oh you look terrifying right now you look like an alien I mean you’re
beautiful you kind of look like an alien though so I think that was one of
Cassie’s best performance this is pretty difficult so I am bringing to light my
five second deduction I was feeling super confident about this one but that
five second deduction is really gonna kill me five seconds is a lot of this
game ready ready oh wow well I’ve just wasted my five-second
deduction then we need it I got 13 so that’s a another letter for you
yep then you don’t get to use your five seconds of exit I’m all out of my
deductions but I’m happy with that I did a mess and now now what’s the score in
Joe RS Cassie has an S and I said H Oh okay we got a treasure box looks like
you can go through it or around it what are you doing with Cass Oh No is that a not skilled enough to
know going around no way seven point zero six
seconds I would love to adjust the fact just for
a moment that I’m bringing out a hole in one
Joshua’s Niyaz on that I would like to see him come back and win this after a
hole in one you’re up Josh
oh no no no no no none and then the minutes stop you are a dummy of my top-40 beat me no
I’m only apart this proper form oh gosh okay I’m just
gonna wash back save my energy for the next hole because this is the longest
it’s taken me 30 to 31 seconds don’t worry about it I was very impressed you
get a hole in one so it is hor s2 hor I’m calling this the final hole here we
go you got to go all the way around but the good news is once you make it just
right here to stop the time so ready oh oh no that was looking really good for a
second and I got behind a rock Oh No Oh now my best performance not gonna lie I
thought that was me a little bit easier than that
sixteen point nine seconds Cassie if you don’t beat that do you lose
Cassie’s back is up against the wall you ready babe yep uh-oh
oh she don’t make their energy balls now part of my strategy oh oh that seemed pretty good backs up
against the wall now yes and if you open your eyes like that
ah okay so it’s all tied up I’m calling this the final hole through
the baseball mitt holes the other side what Josh doesn’t realize is I have the
advantage on this hole why because I get to see your time that’s irrelevant great
– okay not through the mint oh I’ve been really
cool okay hold on I’m gonna show I’m gonna
show the people past you don’t you don’t get to know okay that’s the time do you
want to know no I’m not confident in my ability to win that I don’t even need to
know your time Wow all right oh oh she made it oh no oh no
oh no how’d I do it was really close Cass but you won yeah we don’t tell we
don’t fake the stuff folks Cassie beat me in putt-putt maybe you
found your thing Cassie’s gonna be like oh we got to go do more putt-putt games
on yeah that’s a video everyone thank you to main event for having us out and
letting us have the whole course to ourselves it’s pretty sweet we’ve got
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