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– [Voiceover] Sports! Basketball! When playing basketball, you throw a ball into a hoop which is 10 feet high. Soccer! You play soccer using your feet to kick the ball into a goal. Ice hockey! You play hockey over an ice rink trying to slap the puck into the goal of the other team. Volleyball! When playing volleyball, you bump the ball over the net using your arms. Football! When playing football, you want to gain possession of the ball and advance across the goal line or kick the ball between the goal posts. Tennis! You play tennis with a racket to hit the ball on the opponent’s side of the court. Golf! When playing golf, you use a club to strike a small ball into a small hole in the ground. Bowling! When bowling, you roll the ball and try to knock down all 10 pins. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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    A member of my IT class would like to be able to use this video in a website that they are creating.  It is only going to be seen by myself and the exam board and is not for commercial purposes.  Is it ok to use it?

     A  Teacher at a school in the North West of England.

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