Stroke Order: How to Write Chinese Characters : How to Write Numbers 30-99 in Chinese

So basically, we see from “one” to “ten”,
“eleven” to “nineteen” and then “twenty” to “twenty-nine” and some kind of rule probably
is forming in our minds that we can follow such rule to continue form Chinese numbers.
So we will go from “twenty-nine” to “thirty”. That’s “sa shi” o.k. that’s “thirty” and then
going on we’ll just change the last one to “yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu” then
that becomes from “thirty-one” to “thirty-nine” and then “si shi” “forty”. That’s “si” the character “four” in front
of “ten” “si shi yi” and that’s the way you form the rest of “forty” range and then “wu
shi er” that is “fifty-two” and “liu shi san” “liu shi san” “sixty-three”. “Liu shi si”
“sixty-four” and “qi shi wu” “seventy-five”. “Seventy-six” “qi shi liu” and then “ba shi
qi” “eighty-seven”. “Eighty-eight” and “jiu shi jiu” that is “ninety-nine”. So one to
ninety-nine, I think, that’s a pretty combination that you can follow to make up all these numbers.


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