Stroke and then stroke till they come out of your ears and then you have the phenomenon of “Squirt.” Really delicious stuff. So I’m going to try to teach you many secrets I’ve learned and I can show you a lot of them. The shaft is very stiff. Solid, stiff shaft. Now THAT’S a stiff shaft! I like a really hard tip. Take a broomstick for example. With a broomstick, if it had a good tip on it it could make some great shots. And sweep the joint out afterwards. The soft tip will mushroom out as they stroke. Welcome to the club. Authoritative warmup strokes. Authoritative warmup strokes. Take into account the risks of “squirt.” I don’t make up the laws of physics – I just interpret them. Stroke the cue like you’re in charge. It’s one of the things I do best in life. A good stroke is characterized by the dipping of the tip. You have to learn how to make the balls obey your orders. One of the profoundest pleasures in life and I really feel sorry for people who have never enjoyed it. Rubbing friction between the balls. Beautiful to use in certain situations. You can always play safe, you know. The rubber. Sorry to say, the rubber is not a wall. Watch what happens when everything works perfectly. Let’s… try that again… Until next time, good luck and good shooting.


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