Stroke Therapy to regain memory skills

Therapist – Ok so what we’re going to work on is
memory right now. What we’re going to do is we’re going to match just the
colors and the correct number with the color. Patient – Ok, color and number Therapist – Color and number don’t worry about the
suit Ok, all right, ready Patient – Black, so I have to guess? Therapist – You have to guess and just remember where everything is. Patient – Oh! Therapist – That’s pure luck “Laughter” alright, keep on going. Patient – ok. Therapist – Nice Therapist – This brings up the difficulty, ok
everything is not in line, there’s more cards, and you have to try
and remember exactly where everything is okay? All right. Let me know if you can reach
that when you need to get up here over here. Good. Patient – Lucky. Therapist – You can stack them
and put them on the side. Beautiful. Patient – I see, yes. Therapist – Your memory is definitely improved. Therapist – Good, do you remember what the rule was?
Patient – Oh, yes. Laughter. Therapist – Okay, so only flip them, you can’t move them. Patient – Seven, seven. Therapist – Good.


  • 😮Ohhhhh! So that's why my Mom gave me the cards for! Makes sense.😊

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  • I am trying scrubble

  • im confused by this. I didnt think there was much evidence to suggest that you can remediate memory issues post-injury. You can do it for task-specifically but it doesnt translate well to other tasks. I understand it as you need to work on compensatory strategies for people with memory impairments instead of trying to fix the issue. I use this activity for people with visual inattention or visual field loss as it helps them develop strategies to overcome this problem i.e. wider scanning of the visual scene.

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