Study Sport and Exercise Science at Middlesex

I’ve definitely enjoyed my time at
Middlesex, mainly because of the fantastic staff that we’ve got here, also the
facilities that we get to use. This house and Buckley Stadium
is absolutely brilliant. We get to try out all aspects
around in sports science. We get to try sports psychology,
biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology. On a social side, it’s very fun.
There’s always something going on, and there’s a very high student
satisfaction because of the support you get from your lecturers.
We offer sport and exercise science with a number of different
pathways, and sport and exercise rehabilitation. The university facilitates
placements in a number of different ways, these can be with professional sport
clubs, league professions, top schools. There’s a lot of opportunity, so,
for example, in summer I’m going to be working in London Marathon.
We really feel that a degree has to be alive, it’s something that you
go out there, you learn your knowledge, and you apply it,
and that’s really why we’re second in the UK and top in London in employability.
A high-performance center is based at Saracens Rugby Club Allianz Park.
We also work with Tottenham Hotspur, with QPR, we work with other professional
and GB teams. So students have the opportunity of working with real athletes.
The facilities that we get to use at Allianz Park, this house, and Buckley
Stadium, is absolutely brilliant. We’ve got multi-million pound lab,
we’ve got 3D motion capture system, BioDecks, dynamometer. There’s so much
good equipment up there. We have a sports injury clinic.
It’s based at the Hendon Campus and at Allianz Park. They provide a service
for students and staff. We have some high-level athletes
who come in for ultrasound, for deep tissue massage, to
just general assessments. I like the teachers
because they are almost like friends. They are always there, they answer all our
emails, and that is really helpful. The members of staff have got the
academic qualifications, knowledge, and skills to be able to
progress a student’s learning, but what’s very important is that
they are still in the industry, working professionally with
clubs and teams. You have a lot of sports,
and in the basketball team, it’s, for me, the best part of
being part of the team. So from football to basketball,
there’s tennis, there’s fencing. I just like being active. I’m
making new friends over the last three years. I’ve learned a lot, and I
feel like I’m ready for work life.

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