Sunset Peak – Golf – Uncensored

(whimsical music) (glass breaks) (glass breaks)
(cat yowls) (glass breaks) (glass breaks) (glass breaks) (energetic music) – Now, trust me, alright? I was in Orlando, ran
into Tiger Woods, okay? He said, see, like, you guys are going
wide with your stance, you wanna bring it in a bit. Bring it in a bit, that way
you know where you rotate. – Okay.
– Bring that rotation around. (exhales) – Mmhmm.
– Wow. You know, and that was before he got himself
involved in this mess. – Yeah, I haven’t been able to make it out to the
links in a while. My little cousin’s going to this AND1 Mixtape Tour camp and he got crossed the
fuck up by the Professor. Knees bent, ass up, head way up. – Nice.
– Mmhmm. – There it is! – That looks good, dude!
– That looks great. – That was awesome stuff!
– That looked so good. – That’s where it is.
– It looked so good. – Yes. Hole-in-one. That’s what I’m talking about. – Head down.
– Pick it up. – See this? This is bad, that
I can touch you. – What you wanna
do is, you wanna keep your head all the way up
to the last fucking second. (speaking over each other)
– You drop your head too far, your head’ll fall
off, you drop too far. You know, you had a
couple too many Tequizas. (laughing) Tell you what, I’ve been screened three times at airports for bringing box cutters
on, but it’s because I can’t get into
my damn luggage. My wife puts too many
locks on the freaking shit. – Ah, yeah. What a beautiful day to
hit the old freaking links, you know what I’m talking about? – Absolutely. – See you on the
green, ass boys. (lighthearted music) Fuck my ass up! (applause)
What the hell was that? (obnoxious grunts) – Hey, would you
mind shutting up? – Encino Man. Oh my God! (pained coughing)
You pull your kidney? Father, Son, Holy Spirit. This is for all my
buddies that got shot. – Let’s go, Scott Baio. – Let’s go, Frankie Muniz. – Everybody’s on my shit, chill! Everybody’s putting pressure
on me for no reason! – Get back up off me!
(applause) – I’ve been watching
too many YouTube videos. (crowd cheering) (talking over each other) – You stepped on my foot!
– Let’s go! – Apologize to me!
– Let’s go! – That’s you.
– No, I think that’s– – Stop, you’re being childish. – You’re being
ridiculous right now. – You’re being immature. – Really?
– That was mature. – In high school, I had a car! – Kobe, right? – Yeah. – So, where you
wanna go to school? – Let’s go, bags. Fuck!
– Fuck! – Move, tree!
– Move, tree! – I’m gonna call the mayor. – I’m gonna call the mayor. – Meet the mayor on the phone. – Meet the mayor on the phone. – I don’t care what mayor, I got a fucking
tree in my shit ass. – Shit ass. – Yeah, pound on this!
– Pound this. – And the golf carts?
(speaks spanish) Okay? (speaks spanish) – You wanna get into Dartmouth? I’ll make a call today, you run this up to the green. – (chuckles) You mean cheat? – Look, I love you so much, but why I got three
putters in my bag? – Oh my god, there’s
so much dirt on this. – (Laughs) That’s a
funny, hilarious voice! – Adults don’t buy
these kinds of bags. Adults buy bags with a strap. I have to carry
this under my arm, it’s heavy, it sucks. – I bought it with a strap, but it’s a Gucci strap, and I don’t trust you with it. (cartoon noise) – Ooh, I’m pissed off now. You done pissed me off now. – Hey, can I still get
into Dartmouth, you think? – Stay behind me. He’s self-destructive. You need to watch that sand. – This morning, I found my kid eating a whole box of Bisquick. No milk or nothing, just
went to town on the Bisquick. (grunts)
(phone rings) – Hold up, hold up! Hello? Holy shit. – What? – We got Osama! We got Osama!
(cheers) (Star-Spangled Banner on guitar) – So, you go to school, or? – Yeah, high school. – Nice, yeah, my daughter
goes to high school. Maybe I’ll stop
by, see what’s up next time I’m there. – [Gary] That was four! – I counted 27 strokes. Man, you are so
full of sandpaper. – What is going on? – Hey!
– Hey! – There’s bugs in there! There’s bugs, I was trying
to get the bugs out. Looks like it’s clean now. I was trying to
get the bugs out! – You tried to put your
little pecker in there! – What’s going on? – I’m going through
a divorce, dude! – No, you’re not! – Oh, crap, I think I
have gum in my hair. – Hey, pal.
– Come on, buddy. Come on, come on. – Actually, leave him. Okay, let’s look at the
final scores, fellas. Gary, 197! (happy scream) – Yes! Love my boys, I love my boys. – What a score, baby! – I’m okay with me, today. (laughs) – I’m also fine with
me, today, though. – That’s great. – Cheers to that shit!
– Absolutely. – [Carmen] Love you, dudes. – Love you, dudes.
– Love you, dudes. (heartfelt music) (whimsical music)


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