Symptoms of Stroke and Migraine | Cedars-Sinai

Stroke is the most common cause of
disability in the world. More children die of stroke than die of pediatric
leukemia. More women die of stroke than die of breast cancer. It’s the fourth
leading cause of death overall in the United States. It’s a fundamental,
critical, important problem causing disability and death. Some of the more
subtle indications of stroke that are sometimes missed is when you’re numb on
one side or you lose the ability to pronounce words or you lose the ability
to walk a straight line. You’ve got a certain part of your brain that controls
your speech, a certain part of your brain that controls your vision, if I caused a
stroke there’s dysfunction because I’ve killed part of the brain. One of the most
common causes of symptoms in a patient, a young person that isn’t a stroke, is
migraine migraine can mimic a stroke a. Migraine simply changes the blood flow,
it changes the way that part of the brain works temporarily and it can
change back when the migraine is over. During the migraine attack the symptoms
look the same. Migraine lasts until you stop it and if you don’t stop it it can
turn into a stroke. If you or someone you’re with suffers the sudden onset of
numbness on one side or slurred speech or inability to walk a straight line
something that could be a stroke it’s time to call 911.

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