Interview with Gearbox Sports Owner Rafael Filippini About Sports Performance and Professionalism

Hi Everybody. Welcome to GOAT Sports Performance. Dr. Tim Baghurst and I have a special guest with me today, Rafael Filippini from Gearbox Sports. Rafa, thanks so much for joining me. You and I met about 10 years ago when you were actually starting Gearbox Sports. That is correct. We were in Houston. Yeah. If I remember. Tell me a […]

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Soccer Game Day

– Game time. – Game time. – And a slushie! (upbeat, melodic music) (excited yelling) Are you excited? – Yayte! – Yayte! We’re watching the keepers right now. – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, entering the field, the pregame warmups, please welcome the United States professional team! (cheering) – [Marissa] Alex Morgan! – Wait, I’m here, wait. – [Marissa] She’s on […]

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