TaylorMade Golf Clubs: What’s New For 2018?

TaylorMade have released a bunch of new clubs
for 2018 and I understand how difficult it is trying to distinguish one from the other.
So let’s rip through them shall we. First up are the drivers and the new TaylorMade
M3 with its “twist face,” Y shaped moveable weight track and Hammerhead slot for ball
speed make it a worthy successor to the 2017 M1. The M3 440 is a variant and as the same suggests
is a 440cc headed version of the club which better players will love. The M4 replaces the 2017 M2 and is a stripped
back version of the M3 without the moveable weight track but with the twist face and Hammerhead
slot. There’s also a M4 D-type version factory weighted
to effect a draw bias on drives. There are also M3 and M4 fairway and rescues
released. The M3 fairway continues the adjustability
theme and has a carbon crown and steel body and features a single weight track with a
29 gram weight for draws, fades and anything in between. The M4 fairway has a larger head, bigger speed
pocket, but with an internal split weight instead of an adjustable weight track. Built
for raw power. There’s an M4 Tour fairway also that is 15cc
smaller headed than the standard version. The M3 and M4 hybrids are much in the same
vein. The M3 hybrid is very compact, and features an adjustable weight track with a 30 gram
weight and is loft adjustable. It also has for the first time features the same silver
and black alignment aid as the driver and fairway on the crown. The M4 Rescue is a more forgiving bigger headed
non adjustable “distance” rescue if that’s not a contradiction. So in essence, like the drivers, it�s a
choice between the adjustability of the M3 and the simple raw power of the M4. At this point lets introduce the Kalea line
designed specifically for ladies. The new Kalea driver, fairway, rescue and irons feature
all TaylorMade’s distance technology in big forgiving heads, weighted for easy launch
and all are fitted with ultralight shafts to maximize swing speed. Onto the irons are there are new Players irons
or P series irons in the 2018 lineup. The P730 is a 73 mm straight blade designed
for elite and Tour players. Made from a piece of 1025 carbon steel which undergoes a five
step forging process before being milled to precise tolerances. The P750 is a 75mm length forged blade in
a cavity back design to add a little bit of forgiveness. The P770 has a slightly bigger head and thicker
topline but it still a compact blade style head. The P790 is unlike the other three. It’s essentially
a forged distance iron for better players. From 3 to 7 iron the P790 feature speed pockets
and are actually a hollow iron filled with SpeedFoam material which TM says produces
much better COR or “trampoline off the face” numbers. One octave more forgiving than the P790 is
the new M3 iron. That’s a cast cavity back iron for low and mid handicap players and
succeeds the M1 iron. I like the compact look of these. The M4 iron succeeds the hugely successful
M2 iron and is built for huge distance and forgiveness. They are big and chunky and feature
stronger lofts than the M3. And if you to need even more forgiveness there’s
the M CGB irons. These are some the biggest friendliest easy to hit irons on the market
and are crammed with every bit of game improvement technology going. Onto wedges and TaylorMade’s Milled grind
family are all about engineering precision and Tour styling. There are 3 different grinds
and Satin, Bronze and Black finish options. There’s also a high toe wedge for 2018 after
successful prototypes found their way into the bags of Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose
on Tour. The theory is a little bit more face area high on the toe is handy when it comes
to splaying the face open or hitting from heavy rough. That leaves putters and TaylorMade have a
pretty comprehensive selection of TP collection and Spider Tour putters. Colours range from
the fashionable Tour Red to black, satin, platinum and more and within the Spider Tour
collection there’s lots of style options, with varying sightlines and hosels to suit
your stroke. That’s your TaylorMade 2018 lineup, check
out our individual previews and reveiws on the Golfbidder.com, our Golfbidder YouTube
channel and stay up to date with the very latest on Golfbidder.com. From me for now its Donal out.

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