TaylorMade XFT Wedge | Golf Club Review

welcome to another beautiful morning at old thorns Country Club where we’re looking at wedges and our stocks today to bring you the features and benefits this is the taylormade xft wedge or exchangeable face technology wedge tailor-made are known for their innovation throughout their golf clubs and this wedge is no different the great thing about this wedge other than the classic looks the milled face is that it’s got xft technology where you can remove the two screws at the back take off the face and put on a brand new face so you’ve got a club championship coming up or an important match you can stick on a new face here and get great spin from the word go it’s another innovative product from TaylorMade and we love it so check out the taylormade xft series of wedges on golfbidder

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  • I realize that they don't make those wedges anymore but I really wished they still sold the replaceable inserts. TM would make long term money….

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