Teach Children Skiing | Episode 3 : Easy Wedges & Ski Harness

Hi everybody, this is Nicholas and this is Will and this is Episode 3 of Teach Children Skiing Installing the wedgease is easy. You clip it on the tip you want the tips to be nice an close together. If you need them closer you can tie a knot in the middle. When your child gets more confident with their skiing it’s easily removed and they can ski without it. Wedgease can also be used to help an older child that is struggling. The ski harness is excellent for teaching your children to ski down new terrain that may be a little bit steeper. You control the speed keeping you kid safe while exploring more parts of the mountain. And many of the ski harnesses come with a handle on the back. Which makes lifting your kid on and off the chairlift much easier. “Woo Hoo!” “Ready for another ride?” Thanks for watching Teach Children Skiing follow along with all our episodes for all the tips and techniques we offer. for teaching your children how to ski. Thanks, and have fun out on the hill. “Thanks for watching!”

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