The Bavarian Experience- Ebersberg Golf Club- Part 1

hello welcome YouTube, welcome Germany, and welcome Ebersberg golf Club. I am Andy Carter with Chris Fletcher with Tony. Tony the man.
You haven’t forgotten anything Andy.
Learnt everything in school. I speak very, very good German. This VLOG will be in German. Ok done now, been back to my high school days. LAUGHS. We’re down here in Ebersberg Golf Club. right in the heart of Bavaria, is that correct? We’re in the edge of the heart of Bavaria. We’re down in Germany for four days, doing a few VLOGS. so stay tuned lots of content coming
your way Munich Tour. The Munich Tour has begun, it start last night with a few too many beers and that’s Tony’s fault. We’re gonna
do a match play that’s probably the best way to start the day isn’t it?
I think it is required after last night. An nice matchplay. nine hole matchplay match, and obviously
having never played the golf course before bare with us that entitles us
through a few bogeys. Excuses, excuses already! Ohh yeah 100%. 1st hole straight up there towards the red
flag 395 yards obviously being here in mainland Europe they’re in metres so its 358 metres? Yes 358 metres. meters. Fletch out with the big dog. Loads of room down there. (Fairway). Right matchplay, play well. Play well
enjoy, and don’t play too well! We’ve got Tony as the referee so we’re fine.
We’ve got an independent adjudicator. As long as it it isn’t the referee who refereed GGG. Aww that is very, very good. That is very good Herr Fletcher! I’m HOME! Herr Fletcher. Thank you very much! Straight!
right Carter out with the 2 iron. Wow! it looks a bit too tight for me that.
Lots of room down there. Only a hundred yards in width Oh wow so glad Tony’s here today. That’s
very right. That is out. That is Trees. Hit the trees. Tony have you found it? Yes I’ve found it ‘TaylorMade 2’. here we go. this is deep they call it the Ebersberger Forest, and Carter is right in it. here in the Black Forest look at this this unplayable. Unplayable? Trees are 90% air. He has a backswing. I’ve hit this way off line. I hit 2 iron for safety. okay this is well and truly in the forest Can you move the buggy out of the way please Tony? Oh no it isn’t in my way, I have eyes for only the flag. Welcome the forest, this isn’t too good. Yeah right
you’ll be okay Andy is about 10 meters deep in here,
well about five actually. you’ve got room have you got the backswing? No.
You’ve got to hit it forward 10 yards. it’ll be a good save this. I’m going to make par here. gonna now I’m just thinking through the
process hoping there’s no tree roots there. That’ll be good start to the Munich Tour. Keep your eyes on this Tony, it is going to go a long way. (LAUGHS). No it is still in here. Would you like to play stroke play? Definitely not. Can’t start VLOGS. Meet me on the 2nd, go 1 down, and then beat me on the 9th. Right guys, I don’t know how to edit but I’m going to learn. I’m going to edit this video. He’s still deep in there isn’t
he. Let’s see if you can get it out. Do you know you did it on Instagram the
other day, who is going to win this one? we’ll do a video now. Right. Are we safe here? On a positive it really looks like it’s raining out. I’m not getting wet, that is how dense the trees are. Bone dry. this shot will make or break the hole I
think. I might just concede this hole. I’m up here guys on the fairway. starting to drizzle, we’ll be fine we
love rain. We come from Manchester. It is 150 metres to the middle of the green. 162 yards to the flag. Safe to say I’ve conceded this
hole. Fletch goes one up through 1, which is pretty pretty standard.
Like I said go 1up and end up losing on the last. I’m happy with that, as long as you are happy with that. 7 iron smooth. 160. he’s got the luxury of being able to
hit it an inch behind the ball for the second shot no problem. Okay this is
hole number 11. Par 3, 199 metres. Fletch with a beautiful par on the last hole. Got up and down from that position. I got up and
down as well for my 14, so Fletch goes 1up. Stunning views around here.
Yes very nice let’s pan this round. So this is a par three going
straight down the hill. Their water to the right keep oh yeah – 2 big bunkers by the looks things. Right 209 yards exactly to the flag
the leader is up first. 4 iron? exactly
I know I know your clubs. You know them better than me. I’ve just got to think of what I would hit
then add 2. [LAUGHS]
That’s what happens when you play with delofted clubs Carter. That’s true. I’m not ashamed of it I actually had them
strengthened as well just so I could hit it further. Don’t know how we explain the driver
though. We’ll say tech. Straight for
the flag here we go just go for it no risk no fun
exactly there’s and there’s no there’s nothing to worry – If I hit the same tee shot as the last hole I’ll be in the water. oh wow that was heavy. I heard trees. Wow I mean I’m not gonna lie I didn’t think those trees were in play.
That wasn’t so great. Even I could say that after my first tee shot.
Yesterday I hit it so well.
Make par from there. I think you’ll make par from there Chris. Nice little chip over the bunker. that’s it
It’ll be interesting to see what the Instagram vote got. Carter another 75%.
Thanks if you voted on Instagram for the last VLOG, I won with 75%. I’d like to say a big thank you for the 25% who morally supported me on
that occasion. Right I’ve got five iron a long way downhill. Can’t feel much wind. Straight at the flag. ohhh it is in the bunker! I’m in play still Fletch.
You’re pretty good from the beach. oh just calling out to his caddy. Caddy
for the day Tony Carr. So we got Fletch here just down the left side he’s okay
but obviously stayed just right of the trees is in no danger there is the flag
and you just see my boy there in the bunker as well. Little downhill shot are
you going maximum loft 60 degree there’s not a massive amount of green to work
with between the flag and the bunker so this is gonna land soft got to strike it. this balls needs to be struck and it
will stop. Not much green though. Full shot this, full lob wedge.
Ah that is in the bunker. excellent! This will be the shortest vlog ever with three
concessions. I will get up and down and make bogey to halve the hole. The standard of golf will improve I think we’re just walking out
the last night’s Pilsner. It was tasty! It was very nice actually. I do enjoy a good bottle of beer. We we’re up until three o’clock talking.
You carry on Fletch you haven’t lost your turn. So we’ve got Fletch
here in the bunker chipping for PAR. It is a tricky shot. Ohh what a lovely strike. That will do [laughs] Right guys, so we are giving holes at the moment. Well not necessarily. We will see what happens in this next shot. I always find these shots quite tricky, when there isn’t anything to really get over. It is easy to leave the ball in the bunker. I said the same to myself, make sure you get it past the flag. Ball is above my feet, which makes the shot a little more difficult. Just a little splash. SIT! As you said to me before Carter. You’ve not lost you’re turn. [LAUGHS] I like these rakes. Yes they’re nice, aren’t they. Ok Carter. How are you seeing the putt? Down the hill, left to right. 1st PAR of the day. Then we roll onto number 3, ALL SQUARE. got the tank back in the bag. last couple of VLOGS, the putting hasn’t been great, time for a change. Aww he’s got it, he’s got it. It feels like a
birdie, it actually does feel like a birdie. I’ve still not had a putt! Look at that 2€! [laughs] Brilliant! How far is the hole? So the total I
am getting here is 410 meters. 410 meters hole number 12. 12! this is 12, NOT SURE WHY I PUT THE ACCENT ON… That sound like wolf. Dog leg, wow, nice echo. Dog leg round to the left, with three lakes up the left hand side. There’s a 150 sign or a hundred
yard sign, meter sign off up the right which is the target line I think yeah
280 to reach itself it’s in a good position as well loads of room right. Do
not go left! That is the worst mental psychology ever said. yeah , on the tee, don’t go left. wow
don’t go that far right. Is it okay? I don’t even know if I got that on the
camera. Tony has one job remind us to do shot
tracer so welcome to the third hole Carter this is going to be a long, long week! Chris is in charge of shot tracer editing. So if you see Carter’s ball going into into the trees. He’s probably edited that so so far into
the trees. Just in case you didn’t get it’s actually just towards that tree
there. Yeah the tiny tree, that is the line that’s WET! Carter goes 1up! That could be wet. Tony you don’t know anything. [LAUGHS]. He’s got the whole of Germany to the right. Thought I’d go left
how’s it looking how’s it looking Tony he’s unplayable is there any possibility
that you could hit it and end up in the lake because that would …. He could fall into the lake. PERFECT! Honestly Tony that is all I want. He could maybe stand here, there’s a pipe.
Stand on the pipe or else he’s in the water. But I think that is unplayable. Is that my ball? Yes. Are you sure?
Oh yess YouTube’s rules state nothing is unplayable. [laughs]. Well Chris….
I though it was good. Why didn’t I bring my wellington boots? If you were a couple of feet taller you’d be able to get to that. how big is the urge to push him. I’m going to have to play it left-handed. Or take a drop. I think I think you
should take a drop as much as much as I want to see you hit it and fall in. aww that would have been a comedy classic. It would have been perfect. Beautiful. Was that legal drop?
Good. 187m to the centre of the green. Long way. Right Fletch is out with a 5-iron 200
yards to the flag. going straight up the hill. the lie not very good?
It is okay.
Always practice the drop it’s a very important part of the game being able to
drop the ball well. I should be able to drop the ball better than you. Shorter height. Yes mine plugs. Yes it is a good line.
It’s a good shot. Short. yeah we said
that didn’t we. 5-iron, wedge. Tony did say go with hybrid. Or 3wood. [laughs]. 192? 195? 190 exactly to the flag. Sitting lovely. Didn’t I say preferred lies? It is a tough hole, long hole, if you just miss the fairway the ball sits down. What have you got in hand?
6 iron. 6 iron ok. 190 to the flag, I’ve got 6-iron
I need to be pinpoint accurate and hopefully it just takes a nice bounce.
A flyer would be good. ball above my feet. Make the strike a little more difficult. it’s down there maybe. Right next to yours. We’ll make PAR. Caddy Tony bringing over Fletch’s S/W & L/W. I just had a question why he wouldn’t play a 9-iron or a pitching
wedge. First of all elevated green so if we play a 9 iron or P/W, the ball will just fire through the green. Or it will hit the bank in
front and then kick left or right. So ideally we’re looking to land this on
the fringe or on the green then we’re gonna get a better true roll. Yes a chip & run from here just gives you a bit of an inconsistent reaction or an unknown
reaction when the ball lands it could dig itself in and not get up or it could
just land and shoot forward. Also using a P/W or 9-iron you might just fly it a bit too far and we’ll go over the back yeah and go
into the bunker exactly. Different levels of golf, different Club
selection at a lot of clients to you 7iron just to get on the green chip and to
putt, is always got to be a minimum hasn’t it. It depends on the weather, if the ground is wet. You just don’t go with lob wedge, because then you can hit it heavy, and end up here. 9 iron, P/W, at least it will scuttle on. At lot of players would go with the putter
I know it’s quite long in the fairway but it’s just that percentage isn’t it. Lob wedge, ball in the middle. Try to fly it the majority of the way. 9 iron! let’s see if Andy could do it any better. Should I use a 7 iron? I would use a P/W. This is even more elevator. This is even more important to get a bit of a loft coming out the rough less spin and more elevation. I’ll go up to green so we see how the
ball reacts. Chipping back into the wind which helps. a bit of a help. Good lie. Are you ready for the spin? Oh yeah! Spin
from the rough. Carter doesn’t win this hole something’s really gone wrong oh yeah but you’ve done the right thing
matchplay, you have two putts probably for the win. Take my bogey for the win. Yeah tell me about it, it is awful. I’m switiching the camera off now. I’m gonna make par no but I think I feel I feel like we owe
it to the viewers I’m gonna be courageous here and go back to back PARS. That’s right guys I said it back to back PAR Carter. Fletch has got this for bogey.
This would be a good bogey please make it. Well I have my old putter back. I’ve tainted it, with a lot of bad fortune. A bit of voodoo spell on it? He’s got it as well! There is the voodoo spell for you! Told you that’s why I gave it you back. It
never ever goes in. I found the cup for once, so that’s a start. Solid double though. Yes thank you. I’m just going to lag this putt up, and take my bogey. It is standard this, isn’t it, win the 1st. One down after 3. [laughs]. It is ok, I’ve got birdies in me today guys. I feel it after having … what beer was it Tony? Agustina? Yes Augustina Helles. Yes if your ever in Munich or Germany, to try some of them. Right, downhill, right to left. To end part 1 on a high. End of part 1. Pass the flag over please Tony. MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to Ebersberger Golf Club here in Germany beautiful golf course I apologize so far
we haven’t quite done it justice but the next six holes I guarantee are gonna be
awesome they are they’re gonna be awesome. Massive thank you to have as Ebersberger GC, for hosting us. Tony
hope you enjoyed see Tony on Camera. Giving a little drink so for the guys that’s my job. He’s Fletch’s caddy for the day. Please do follow us on our social media platforms Facebook Instagram and
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