The Best Golf Shoes of 2019!

would it kick off the new year in style
with our kicks let’s do it okay so we’re gonna talk about our shoes our kicks
when it start off the year with what I consider one of the best new shoes to
hit the market in a very very long time these guys are from Athens a salon has been making shoes for a
little while now but they just recently got into the golf space what a salons
does in their technology really benefits the golfer they sent me these shoes a
little while ago and I’ve been wearing them and testing them out because I
don’t want to just promote a product that I don’t believe in but after
wearing these a few times the feeling is definitely different than any other shoe
I’ve worn ever let me talk about it so for starters the Athlon shoe the the
build of the shoe kind of has you kicked in to the inner portion of the balls of
your feet now in golf that’s crucial because as you take a back swing you
want to be on the inside of your back foot these keep you on this kind of
plank just slightly so you have a lot more stability in your backswing whether
you’re right or left handed that’s huge and you definitely feel it when you’re
swinging you feel like you’ve got like a club or something you got some extra
support under the you know the outside of your foot you’re not losing power on
your swing they also offer insoles custom insoles they have three different
sets of insoles I recommend getting the full set because then you just slip in
the ones you want and you can mix and match and these will have different
amount of billed on the different you know parts of your foot so you can
customize it however you like these are just fantastic and so they fit right in
also the shoes I mean they just look cool so that’s always a benefit you
don’t great shoes that look bad these are great shoes they look cool
waterproof it’s got a nice easy fit in here like kind of a relaxed you know cup
around your foot just easy to get in and out love that now here’s where the
technology really really shines I mean if that wasn’t enough there’s more the
tread the spikeless tread on the bottom of the shoe you can see there’s a spiral
pattern here so here’s what’s interesting
if you look close it has kind of a build up so that as you swing back and your
foot wants to twist out because you’re putting pressure in the ground it has
extra resistance on the backswing and the taper and the release pattern and
the spiral gives you extra release on the forward swing so you got extra
stability and extra release which in golf is huge you want that so the shoe
really is trapping in all your potential power you’re not gonna lose any power
because of your Footwear and if you’re swinging from the ground up which you
should be doing you need to harness every bit of stability and power into
your golf swings give you more support more control more distance more
everything so what about the comfort ability of these guys can you walk 18
holes I did you can walk more than that they’re incredibly comfortable and
what’s great is because of the inward tilt your pressure is not working out
it’s not like riding a horse where you’re bowing out your legs a lot of
footwear your your outside of your foot wears more than the inside and then your
knee joints would start kicking outward that’s very painful over the you know
course of 18 holes here your knee joints would kick in word a little bit it’s
just a lot easier on your joints if they kick inward than outward and just the
design of the shoe helps keep everything in as opposed to out which in turn gives
you a lot more comfortable ‘ti it’s a lot easier on your feet you’re gonna
have a lot more energy you’re not gonna lose power and get tired so much as the
round goes on you’re gonna keep that and footwear is critically important you
know when you’re golfing you and you’re out there for a long time four or five
hours on the golf course you want something that’s gonna perform so I will
leave links below to a flaunts check them out at least and read about all
their technology and it’s definitely worth a shot try not these shoes they’re
you know good price for the shoe and I would recommend getting the inserts I
have a promo code below put it in mr. short game
I appreciate that as well and in my opinion these will win the best new
product at the 2019 PGA Show the brand new we’ll see that’s my prediction
right here we’re kicking off the new year in style with your shoe game rock
it out don’t be a goofball on the course where some nights all right this is me
if this works for you fantastic if not look good
get a look good out there right anyway love these I love you peace out
Happy New Year we’ll see next video shoot you


  • Happy New Year MSG! I'm more excited for golf season this year than ever, you are part of the reason! Great videos, honest reviews, great lessons. More course vlogs this year would be great.

  • $200 and they only come in one color? I’m gonna stick with foot joy.

  • I have some Pumas that look very similar. Great video as usual. Happy New Year!

  • Great review! But to me they do not look appealing at all, looks kinda cheap as well.

  • robert tomlinson

    happy new year why are you giving us this bullshit are you sponsered

  • I appreciate the review, but there's no way I would wear these. The look is not appealing and the soft spikes seem weak. Happy New Year Matt!

  • Happy New Year ! Thank you for all your videos this past year, I enjoyed them all.
    About these shoes, I like the Tech , not crazy about the color. But mainly, companies are not going to grow the game with those prices, no way.

  • $199.99 retail for these. I don’t know about that.

  • Classical in California

    Happy New Year MSG! Great in-depth reviews. Keep the lessons coming!

  • I’m sure their comfortable and functional but dang they are hideous…lol…they look more like orthotics 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hello,
    are the shoes available in germany?

  • Those neighbors need to STFU when you’re filming 😼🖕

  • Been shopping for a new set for 2019. I'll drop your promo code, can't wait to try them.

  • $200? That's a hard pill to swallow. Id get more use and benefit out of some lessons for that price, some Vokey wedges or even a Scotty Cameron putter..and for me, soft spikes wear out faster and you cant replace them.. then your stuck with an ugly shoe. Keep the great videos coming and a HNY!!

  • Really ugly..

  • This comes off as a total BS scripted commercial. I don’t find it authentic.

  • I suck.. the bundle pack was $197 last week, a $50 discount. I missed out! ….Athalonz changed the discount over the weekend I’m guessing….. the discount is $25 now…oh, I’ll pass.. I don’t spend over $150 on shoes unless they are Jordan’s or Oxfords..

  • Them look like clown shoes. You wannabe shoe whore!

  • Forest Whitaker

    I got a pair of Puma spikeless golf shoes, and they are absolutely amazing. For 3 weeks I backpacked across Europe and they were so comfortable and they are an amazing golf shoe as well.

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