The Biggest Mistake with Chipping and the Drill to Fix It Fast!

in today’s video we’re talking about the number one mistake most golfers are making in their short game and we’re gonna fix it for you right now let’s go okay so get the club that gives you the most problem we’re just going to use the my 60-degree and it’s what gives people the most problem when they’re chipping around the green this is the issue we’re gonna fix right now and hey if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already please hit the subscribe button and hit that Bell notification so you’re notified every time a new video comes out all right I know I know I know get get to it Matt I know here we go okay but thanks thanks for supporting the channel that’s it I just want to say thank you and if you have a subscribe try to do that now alright then we’ll get started now let’s go okay come on okay here’s the number one problem I see when we’re chipping it’s this shot right here that’s what you that’s what you do you take it back and you turn you turn your body like this and you hit the worst shot in the world or you just chunk it because you’re turning and looking and then what happens is people make millions of dollars off you because they sell these weird concoction of a golf club and just to help you out a little bit a club you can only use for one specific shot and one only can ever use it for anything else and they’re probably not even illegal according to the USGA quit wasting your money is what I’m saying you don’t want to hit that shot we’re gonna fix it that’s the number one issue but how do you fix it the problem is fixing it it’s the weirdest drill ever but it totally works I’ll show you okay there’s a reason we’re down here you’re gonna have to do this and it’s it will totally revolutionize that shot your plan back there you just have to trust me a little bit on this one okay it’s gonna be weird but you can do it you’re gonna be down in this position get your ball your bottom hand is gonna grab the shaft way down here underhand it and this hand it’s you’re putting it in your chest okay you’re right in here about this high just squatting down maybe you can’t squat down you can get on your knees and do it this way as well okay it’s a long putter right now and this is your shot I like it squatted down personal okay like this and but I got the club right in my sternum right there and I’m gonna chip it like this look at that I’m just looking at the screen while I do it watch down here just chip and now once you remember this position here okay because that’s your finish up here see that that’s what you’re gonna finish you can’t turn you can’t turn your body doing this drill and that’s your problem is you turn your body we got to stop you now this is going to help you work that Club will we’re like a pendulum motion is what we want to get even if you’re on your knees put that beer is that you’re chipping you want that’s where you want the finish to be just grab and extend memorize this underhand here overhand here put it anchor it in your chest extend out that’s your finished position in your chip here here chip and it’s going to help you keep a shorter backswing and accelerate through which is part of the problem – prayer then when you get up it’s a whole different story so you’ve been doing this now when you’re upright you’re gonna feel as though the butt of the club it’s in your chest like it’s connected here that’s your shot okay this is your shot do some practice swings standing up now with this in your in your chest but I want you to hit some off your knees because that’s really going to get you the feeling you’re looking for then when you’re here same feeling yeah that’s what you’re at see right here you’ll never do this again you’ll never do that again here on your knees come up and you’re good to go it’s perfect for that little short chip shot right here all right so give it a try I don’t knock it till you try it I know it’s weird it is weird but it works it totally changes your feel helps you accelerate through that ball get you those short chip shots so you can swing crisper faster through those little guys it will totally revolutionize your short game thanks for watching let me know how this works for you comment below this is the weirdest drill you’ve ever seen I’ve got others don’t worry about that they’re coming your way please smash that like button subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already love you guys we’ll see you next video laying it on the ball okay


  • Love your techniques…..basic and bullshit.
    I have tried a few and they definitely help.
    The massage ball for the putting green is brilliant, bought them a couple of weeks ago and all my friends thought I was mad until they tried it!!

  • Love your videos. I have an ask. Can you do a review of the Garmin Truswing Analyzer?

  • Gary Player and Stan Utley said the same thing. I think you turn and look because you are not sure or confident so you jump to look.

  • Don't care what anyone says to you on the range, this is a good way for people to figure out the motion and feeling. Brilliant.

  • I've been working on this all summer. Slowly getting there. Nice drill. That kneeling on a golf ball has to feel like stepping on loose pieces of Lego in the dark huh Matt? Ouch!!

  • That was an awesome tip! Excellent, excellent tip! Your the best MrShortGame!

  • I could get down OK, but then I'd have to have somebody help get me back up! LOL!

  • Wait I thought anchoring was illegal. Maybe midget golf rules are different. All kidding aside, this drill works. Can you remake this video with a pair of shoes down when you kneel? I believe this will add to the visual impact of this video.

  • MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez

    My mistake with a 60 degree wedge is going right under it. The ball pops up 3 feet and no roll. I can't judge the distance with high lofted clubs.

  • Totally makes sense for the correction… love it …. hope your knee feels better … Ouch that must have hurt!!!

  • He’s lost his mind but I love it 👍

  • Hinge and Hold also works good!

  • Forsaken Patriot

    im going to do this at my local practice green ill look like an idiot but its going help a ton! great tip

  • Thanks, very good MrShortGame –

  • The Goofy Dad Golfer

    ouch…glad I'm not the only one who's done that.

  • Matt you are the man!!!! I will trying this tomorrow on the course!!! Keep it up !!!!!! Great teacher!!!!

  • This is too funny. Keep it up man 😂😂👍👌. You're the man

  • Matt, this is GOLD! Watched this last night and put it into action today on the course. I went from world's worst chipper to oozing with confidence today. It's easy for people to think that shoulder turn equals body turn and of course that's not the case. The drill works and chipping execution on the course is almost brainless whereas before that, the wrong move makes a guy want to blow his brains out. Great job and thank you!

  • Simon Newsholme-wilkinson

    You got all the moves like Mick jagger

  • Simple, great fun after seeing other teachings for years. It does bring me to the basic senses that I would never realise the big costly mistake around the green. Thnks, man.

  • mimikara mimikara

    By the way, where is your swinging around?

  • I found this drill really, really helpful- great work!

  • Anders Grönqvist


  • Thanks Matt, you rock man!

  • Great tip it works. Many thanks.

  • Going to try it tomorrow. I used to golf a lot and rarely had this problem.
    I have had some health issues and am not able to practice now.
    Because of this, I routinely have problems with this part of my game.
    I think this will be a very good tip …. Can't wait to do it.

  • Love your gusto my man!!!

  • Awesome video, I get it now. Thanks a million. I'm trying to get under 100 or 90.

  • Thank you you made my day you changed my game

  • Must be the best tip on chipping in a long time with no wrists. It's just simple.

  • Awesome…if you think he's wrong watch Jason Day.

  • Your connected pendulum theory is spot on

  • I like your chicken

  • This is the first thing I am going to try when it stops snowing .. bet it save me 2-3 strokes a round

  • Good idea. It's not my chipping but more on my pitching. So I'm practicing it for the feel.

  • Great innovation.. very ingenuous. Only that.. u say 'quack' every time u squat.. 🙂

  • Turning your shoulders (like a baseball swing motion) is not good as says Mr. Short Game, but a see-sawing motion with your shoulders is most necessary.

  • Saving the world one green at a time 😎

  • This is so funny.

  • So just use a putting stroke with the wedge. Keep body quiet.

  • Does this work? Absolutely! Is it completely contrary to everything that Gary Player says to do for a chip shot? Yes, it is. Golf instruction, contradictory since the 17th century…

  • Educational AND one hell of an entertaining session….this style of Video reminds me of the Benny Hill comedy clips.

  • Take a lesson and quit watching crap like this… Can see this years masters winner doing this.

  • First things first. he is not chipping, he is pitching with a 60 degree wedge.  A chip is minimal air time, max ground time. A pitch is just the opposite.  Want to teach chipping, then chip.  Comments by a life PGA member and full time teacher.

  • Clarence Cleendennon

    My club won’t allow a grown man to be on his knees .

  • Just wow!!! This along with moving weight to lead foot on chips have to be the greatest short game lessons Ive ever seen. Much thanks!!!

  • john antony kilkenny

    Excellent demonstration, brilliant!

  • @Mr.ShortGame….Seriously? Golf instruction from someone that doesn't know the difference between chipping and pitching. I've been playing over 25 yrs, and your example of how amateurs chip incorrectly is fucking ridiculous, and saying embellishment would be an understatement. As you well know "Mr. Instructor" (laughable) that probably 95% or more of the problem, is flipping the clubhead past the hands. All you did for me was insult my intelligence. I know my comment is a few months late but, after seeing this crap video…..I just couldn't help myself. Jackass!

  • Does this work out of the sand/bunker ??

  • Daniel Castresana

    most people dont even understand how to use the bounce and always have by their backfoot.

  • This was the BEST advice I ever got. It works 100% of the time and saved me many strokes. My golfing buddies stopped laughing at the swing when they saw the results.

  • 'm not a Web Golf Junkie, but I tripped over your site this a.m. and LOVED it. I don't know what your tickets are, biut I enjoyed your approach to us as students, your engagement with us, and the info you gave us. Thanks . Peter Kennedy MD [email protected]

  • Is he kidding. Unwatchable

  • i did this drill and now my friends won't play golf with me. LOL

  • Mr. Short Game I’m really enjoying your drills and instruction. Thanks, Steve

  • Great video, but instead of squatting, just get a longer shaft to practice with. hard on the legs man! LOL

  • Bawk baaaaaawwwk!

  • Omg, wierdest drill? Wierdest video….

  • Genius

  • No no no, get up off your hunkers, grip the coup the way it should be, Find a good stroke, a good rhythm,a good point in your stance for the ball. AND PRACTICE. 100 balls around the edge of the green, 200 balls, 300 balls, whatever. Just practice and practice, find something that works for you, different strokes for different folks. Its not rocket science, its golf, its just golf, its just a sport. Enjoy yourself, that's the main objective

  • Mr SG, why my ball goes right when chipping?

  • So gonna do this kneel down while playing on the course can't mishit and playing partners will be so ill laughing they'll miss their shots 😂
    Excellent drill though Matt love it 👍

  • For those who are critical I’m thinking you are probably single digit handicaps. The golfer this is so perfect for is the average person who shoots 105 with 40+ chip shots per round. Agree digging it out of the dirt is the way to become GREAT, but the golfer who’d love to go from 100 to consistently shooting in the 80s would benefit tremendously by doing this daily.

  • Magdiel Irizarry

    Bad ass drill .going to try it tomorrow.

  • It works…it freakin works!!! 😃 😃

  • I always heard your chip shots should be similar to a putter swing

  • Hell I'll just do that on the damn course. Ha ha ha

  • Jamshed Mukhtar

    Excellent, I'll surely try tomorrow, this area is very weak.

  • Another great lesson. I also love the one about getting out of bunkers by puting the grip in your pocket . Is an awesome drill. Thank you!

  • New to the channel and really enjoying the content. My issue with these shots (especially with the 60 deg), is the opposite. I may duff 1 of 20, but I thin maybe 10 out of 20, either 20 yards past the green or into the face of the bunker I wanted to just get over !

  • XMAXX DAN Daniel

    That is so funny Mat cuz I've seen many golfers or wannabes do that exact same thing around the greens. Its the old swooshing the ball to go where you want it to.
    And I have to be honest in my recent return to golf I have to admit I did that and was quite embarrassed after doing so.
    And that's why I spent the money to make my own backyard chipping and wedge course .
    3 holes 40 yards 60 yards and 80 yards and the padded astroturf .
    It's been absolutely the best money I've spent in a long time.
    Range balls, range baskets ,
    And the ball retrievers with the bag .
    Been so much fun. And all I needed to top all that off was your videos oh and of coarse Paige spiranics videos to.
    Shes alittle better eye candy then you, sorry 😂🤣
    But I'm probably learning more from you cuz my eyes and mind aren't wondering .
    But hey keep up the great lessons I need them like so many others.
    Oh and no I cant get down on my knees or squat with my left knee bad with bone to bone contact now thus again replacement at the end of this yr.
    And I was told not to get down on replaced knees because of the risk of breaking the steel loose.
    But actually I can watch you do this drill and get the feel of the shot your teaching in this video. Great work buddy!
    Peace brother!!

  • Passack Phommakoth

    Lmao! I did this at the range and a kids golf squad came in…. man I looked dumb but it worked! Great drill!

  • Fabulous drill to feel good contact. Rather than doing the full squat, I stick the butt of the club into my gut and swing with a more natural motion. Same result. As long as the butt stays aligned to the center of the chest (sternum), good results will come your way.

  • I will try your drill in those positions on the chip shots, thanks. Subd.

  • Thank you. You have become my golf rabbi

  • Bunker shots. Chipping. Putting. People don't practice those things. They go to the range and smash drivers.

  • Austin Lindstrom

    Less yelling and crystal meth and the point would still get across.

  • I like you but this is just plain crazy…

  • So why not do that drill in comp minus the anchoring part? Hmm 🤔🤔

  • Cool drill 👍🏻

  • By God, Mat, I think I’ll use this on the courses. I’ll probably get the nickname, Toulouse-Lautrec, but I’ll be a fiendish chipper …

  • Doesn’t Stan Utley say to use body pivot even in small chips?

  • Christopher Collado

    This video is awesome!

  • Liberty House Media

    I subbed like a month ago and I’ve watched a ton of your videos. My game hasn’t been sharper thanks to some crucial tips you’ve provided. Thanks Mr. Short Game!

    -Mr. Long Game 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼

  • charles padelford

    hit it with your shoulders

  • charles padelford

    good tip

  • for as whacky as you are … you're the GREATEST teacher online by a MILE! Thanks again for another great drill, Boss!

  • Chip may or may not work but style is impressive.

  • Thanks for always entertaining us while teaching us. It’s cool that you don’t let your ego get in the way of getting your point across.

  • This is fuckin genius

  • Great drill!

  • This is great stuff! Some different ideas and drills that I will be working on! Thanks 👍

  • Matt, last year I went to a claw grip with my putter and it was like a miracle. This year I was messing around short chipping and decided to try the claw grip. In no time I was peppering the flag. What do you think?

  • Tanzeem Ul-Hussain

    we are manufacturer caps and golf gloves , Shirts, hoodies, 100% quality and very very cheap prive . are you intersted ?

  • I will be chipping like this from now on

  • Love this drill. My chipping game comes and goes. One day I am the "ace of the base" and my chips provide me with reasonable par putts. The very next round, I can't get a chip on the green, mostly thin them across it. I feel that your drill, with respect to the "finish", will help me with the confidence necessary to complete my chipping stroke. P.s. Have you ever drilled a golf ball or two into your neighbor's backyard or down the block?

  • It's ok for you, but my neighbours can see through the fence🥴

  • Can’t wait to try it. Mine just go straight up. I think Im leaning back and opening the face.

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