The Golf Club 2019 Featuring the PGA TOUR – Announcement Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] SHAUN WEST: For the first time
in franchise history, The Golf Club
will now be featuring an officially
licensed career mode. It’s an honor and pleasure for
me to be able to announce that The Golf Club 2019 is now an
official licensee of the PGA Tour. JORDAN AULT: So with The Golf
Club’s PGA Tour career mode, you’re going to be proving
your potential in Q School, fortifying your position
in the tour and earning your
PGA Tour card. Don’t forget, all events are
important because every inch that you gain on a season will
take you one step closer to lead in the race for the Fed Ex Cup. SHAUN WEST: The PGA Tour
career mode is going to feature tournament player club
courses including TPC Boston, TPC Scottsdale, and TPC Sawgrass. JOHN MUISE: The Golf Club
2019 featuring PGA Tour; it’s a fresh new look. It’s a fresh new logo. And it’s a fresh
new career mode. Stay tuned on our social media
channels for future updates.


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