The Golf Swing – How to Grip the Golf Club Part 2

welcome to grip 102 in 101 we talk about using
your current grip and just simulating impact to make sure you have the right amount of
grip strength in 102 we might make some changes to your grip but we’ll get into that in just
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videos so getting right into 102 again quick review from 101 we’re simulating impact to
make sure we have the right amount of grip strength so depending how much you clear your
hips and shoulders slightly open now when it comes to the longer clubs you have to understand
a couple things one all the weight from your club you’re gonna be resisting against and
you want to try to keep yourself in a stable position this is going to pull your trail
shoulder down and your lead shoulder up slightly so you get a bit of tilt not reverse spine
angle tilt but actually just your upper body with the shoulders tilting a bit so we need
to take this into account as we’re setting our grip with our trail hand so there’s a
couple ways you can do it one again setting up in a relaxed impact position where my trail
arm isn’t being pulled down so this will be for a comftorable relaxed swinger of the golf
ball you have your trail arm pretty much over top of your lead arm and you want to keep
this position in your backswing all the way through impact now if you want to put some
speed into it what you’re going to have happen is your hips will clear slightly so if i were
to set up in a relaxed position my hips clear slightly then i release the club with my traill
shoulder coming underneath my clubface opens up so i would have to square the clubface
at impact and you’ll see a much stronger grip how do you find the perfect position it’s
not easy you can’t really measure it so what i like to or what i personally prefer is try
a couple different things but i personally prefer an impact position where instead of
my arm being on top my elbows and my shoulders level out or essentially pointing at the target
from this position again i strengthen my grip and the last thing you want to do is take
your index finger and create pressure on the side of the club so even if you have a weak
grip you want to be able to get pressure onto the side of the club this helps you close
the clubface and gives you a lot more control so again relaxed position but for our swing
into it my clubface would be open and i hit a high weak fade what i’m going to do to counter
for that is alter my grip and my address position or my simulated impact so simulating impact
trail side down til i feel my shoulder at the bottom of the shoulder socket elbows pretty
much lined up and shoulders lined up with target from here i twist the club in my hand
to strengthen the grip i get my finger along the side for pressure from the front angle
with a straight shaft you probably see this for a grip so let’s make a swing at it and
see if we can’t demonstrate the difference so much straighter shot still a little bit
of a pull cut much better trajectory you can see in the bottom and about 260 yard carry
277 total so a completely reasonable 3 wood and i’m walking my misses in simply by changing
my impact position now some golfers will really get the shoulder underneath again adjust your
club and then get some pressure on the side and you can see how strong i would have to
grip the club to be able to hit using this method what happens is the trajectory gets
even lower you’re able to impart more power into the ball so let’s see if we can swing
using this manner a little tougher but so again a bit of a pull cut but adding a bit
more carry a bit more power into it by dropping the trail shoulder down more so now we’ve
got 270 carry 288 total so the point of all this the important thing to remember is when
you’re simulating your impact position make sure you grip with the correct amount of strength
remember how much your shoulder how much you driver your shoulder into the ball simulate
that then make sure your bottom hand has that trigger finger the index sticking out with
some pressure along the side of the grip of the club this is gonna make a huge difference
in the long run and those pull fades we’re gonna show you how to change those pull fades
into push draws you’re going to want to watch the hip turn 101 video so again hopefully
you enjoyed this series plenty more videos to come so subscribe like share all of the
above thanks for watching

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