The Ping Maplewood Driver Challenge

Jon and Dave back at Ping
Headquarters on the range with Marty Jertson. Dave we have a special treat
today don’t we? — Special, a little scary. These things are not as big as
what we play now, it’s a lot different club. — Yeah you look down and
we have a Ping Zing and a Ping Eye 2 wood woods that Karsten worked on. So
nowadays you guys look down and say this is tiny. — It looks like a 3-wood — For
its time Karsten helped blow up the size of the the metal woods and
help spur the whole industry down that path. — I’ll tell you what Dave I’m gonna
kick your butt. — Let’s get hitting them. — Oh got that one up. — Sky marks are alright, right? — I’ll take that one, it’s probably the best of them. — I think that’s all you got. — That was pretty good. — That’s not too bad. — You know the hardest thing is, is getting
it in the air. You can tell the difference between technology nowadays and back then. — That’s about all I got. — That’s solid. — That one didn’t feel as good as the other one.
— So you hit the other longer? — Yeah, I’ll let you beat me on this one so you don’t
feel bad. — Not bad. Not too bad. — That was ripped. — Jon, you’re swinging this thing nice. — Battle of the wood woods. It was a lot of seesaw. Looking at that launch conditions was fun but the last shot you hit, you
crushed it, and you are the champion of the wood wood challenge. — The new driver
you said about ten more miles an hour ball speed? — Yes, ten miles an hour. – You just can’t deny that and I think we could see also the dispersion.
— Especially with me, absolutely. You can definitely tell the difference between
technology back then and technology now. It does make a huge difference. — I think the high MOI
of our new designs we’re seeing it right here. And that’s how you play
golf and you got to count them all on the golf course. — We survived, I’m the champion and that’s all that matters. — I’m still taller. — Swing better. Play better. GOLFTEC.


  • These club-heads were made to hit a balata ball, so let's have a re-do and see how y'all go then.

  • Sebastian Nachilly

    holy 1.51 smash

  • Loved these woods. Driver was difficult but 3&5 very nice. Great feel off the tee or turf

  • That's how we (you) play golf???….That sounds like the way to play is to just make it easier, rather than improving your game/skills/ballstriking lol

  • I play persimmons woods. I might loose 10 – 20 yards with driver but I relearned to consistently hit it on the screws. And that carries thru to all of the clubs. Most important part of being a good ball striker.

  • Preferred Persimmon…. Citation or oil hardened Rawlings. I still love golf. But it is a boring game now. No shaping shots, not course management, just bang it out there.

  • Is there not a video of people hitting persimmon drivers without the cheesy ass music and goobers talking about god knows what?

  • Martin Wallingford

    I played persimmons until about 6 years ago and still bag them for about 4 months out of the year. I do not like the new equipment because it rewards bad swings. I feel if I hit one long and straight it should be a result of a good swing (me) not the tech.

  • They can't like them too much, then you'd go buy one for 50 bucks on Ebay instead of their new 500 dollar metal one…..oh, these weren't made of persimmon, either. If you claim to be a golfer, it's persimmon woods and blades. Then when you hit a good one, for that one shot you know you were as good as Hogan, or Nicklaus or Seve. And there is no better feeling in this game.

  • Wow that's pretty impressive that these guys where able to belt 300 yard plus drives with steel shafted wood drivers.

  • I've played with ping zings for 25 years now. Nothing beats a real wood.

  • How far do they hit modern drivers?

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