The Rules & Basics of Soccer : How to Start a Soccer Game

A regulation size soccer field will be in
the meters from 90 to 120 meters long, from 45 to 90 meters wide. That is your regulation
size soccer field. It cannot be a square, it must be a rectangle. Now when it comes
to the kick off, to determine who gets the ball first and how it’s going to be played,
you will have the team captains that will go to the center of the field and they will
meet the reff out there. The flip will be determined usually by the home team of if
they want heads or tails. Whoever wins the flip will decide if they want to kickoff the
first half or if they want to kick off the second half. When you are watching they guy
with the ball and he’s taking the ball down field they have a name for that. It is called
dribbling the ball. Almost like in basketball except you don’t use your hands, you use your
feet. When you dribble the ball you usually go from right foot to left foot and right
foot to left foot again. The reason why you do that is to help keep control.


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  • Randolph Jones

    It is not correct that the point of the coin-toss is to decide if you want to kick-off in the first half or the second.

    The choice is whether you want o kick-off at the start, or if you want the choice of ends.

    For example, you might want the sun in your opponents' eyes in the second half when the sun is lower. Or you may want the advantage of a strong wind behind you in the first half to make a good beginning to the the game.

    Greetings from Englandland 🙂

  • I should have know not to watch this. Every "expert" village video I've watched isn't. This video is "How to Start a Soccer Game" with the exception of the coin toss, he didn't explain this. How does the kickoff work?

  • Whoops. You forgot to tell us how the kick-off works.

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