The Science Behind Gunn & Moore’s Cricket Bat Sweet Spots

Hi. My name’s Charlie Carter,
and I’m the Assistant Manager here at Kingsgrove Sports Westside
in North Parramatta. I’m going to talk to you today about the
Gunn & Moore range of bats that we’ve got for 2017-18, and about the slight nuances and differences between the three designs that I’ve picked out here today. So, first of all, you’ll notice that these
three bats are all exactly the same height. However, the blade length is slightly different. With the Paragon, we have the traditional
555 mm length of blade. With the Neon here in the middle, it’s 540 mm. And here at the end, the Kaha, brand new for this year, 525 mm in the blade — handle of 325 mm. Now, the reason that Gunn & Moore have done this
and changed the length of their bats — the science behind it is there’s actually
two sweet spots on every cricket bat. With the Paragon over here, what we have is
a sweet spot that’s slightly high, a bit of a gap in the middle where
the performance is normal, and another sweet spot slightly lower. By shortening the blade with the Neon here in the middle, what they do is they bring those sweet spots closer together. So it’s almost like an elongated number 8. And over here on the Kaha,
by shortening the blade even further, they almost overlap the sweet spots, bringing you fantastic performance out of the middle here, and a really really good bat for your
T20 style of play, your stroke makers. You’ll notice with the Kaha as well
that the meat of the bat is a lot, lot lower down. So we’ve got this accentuated spine, if you like,
and a lot more meat near the toe of the bat, giving you power hitting and great
performance out of that focused sweet spot. There are plenty of other bat makers that
are following the same trend these days. You’ve got Gray-Nicolls, for example, have
got their Velocity Players Choice. Kingsport, we’ve got our Pongo as well. So probably the best thing for you to do is
come on into one of our five stores, try them out, or visit


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