The Season: Men’s Golf – The Sweep by the Surf

(Inspirational music) – [Golf Member] We’re in
Memphis International Airport. We’re heading to Phoenix right now. That’s the next stop
between here and Hawaii. – [Golf Member] I think we have, well I’m guessing, three and a half hours to Phoenix and then probably six or six and
a half over to Hawaii. I’m going to try to sleep, that usually doesn’t help. I’m just going to listen to
some music the entire way. I had to go off of my Ipod, which is pretty much
straight Rae Sremmurd and Lil Wayne right now, so we’ll just see how that goes. – [Intercom] We’re going to
be underway here shortly. 6 hours and 21 minutes is
our enroute flying time. We welcome aboard Flight 684, non-stop service to Lihue. – Ted, what are we doing? – [Ted] We’re about to
do a really long flight. Not looking forward to it, but once we’re done, we’ll be in Hawaii. Looking forward to that. (Hawaiian music) – [Narrator] In golf, the practice rounds are
all about staying loose. – Perfect. Oh, please go. You think White Beatles is
one of the best songs of the year? – Ya ya I’ll go with that. – Okay, ya. – You know what would
be really cool to do? Go surfing. Fly a kite surfing. – The next hole’s going to be a good one. – Alright head’s up. I have no idea where this might go. – What if we kite surfed? – That’d be probably even cooler. – Saucy. – As a general rule of thumb in golf, you’d like to hit in the fairway. As you can see, I’m a little bit left of this one. This isn’t even our hole, but that’s okay. – I’m pretty sure my
grandma had that same cart. – I don’t ever really
get out there and start focusing so much on
myself and what’s going on with my swing or anything. It’s just more taking
into account everything around you, just assessing the greens, the fairways, how it’s playing the wind. – [Golfing Member] Let’s say
Ben hits it right of the green, he’s like oh this is an
easy chip to this pin. We might go look at that. That’s just for future
knowledge in the rounds. Somebody hits it in the bunker here to a certain pin, you can’t get up and down, stuff like that. You just work your way off
of that and keep as many mental notes as you can. – Ya that’s the whole
point is trying to get the advantage of I got a club
now that’s not going to get me to that, but see the grass there. – Great job, Ben. – Thanks. – [Narrator] After 3
years of carrying the flag for the Rebels, seniors Noah West and
Ben Walcott have emerged as leaders of the team. – Our whole purpose is to
find a culture of leadership and accountability. The very first moment
we stepped on campus, those guys bought in to
what we were doing here in this locker room. – Ben’s a 4th year senior
and Noah’s a 5th year senior, so they both know exactly
what it’s going to take to go out there and win. We’re relying on them for
their word is very helpful. I can always lean on a senior, that’s the great thing
about having those two. They’re two different attitudes
and personalities too, so if I have a certain problem with this, or a certain problem with that, on the course or off the course, I can lean on them for that. – [Golf Member] Ben’s taken
a little more of a vocal leadership role this year, which is valuable. You need somebody like that on a team. Noah is a pretty good
classy example of somebody that stays really quiet, he’s not really out there, but he leads by example. How he carries himself when
we travel to tournaments, he just leads by example and sets a good one for everybody to follow. – It’s priceless for us. To have 2 seniors that
have been out there, that have been through the routine, it adds a sense of comfort. You can feel that with the
rest of the guys as well. These guys can face a tough challenge. They can point that out
in the practice round because they’ve been there. They know where to hit an extra chip from. They know where to hit
an extra tee shot from. I think it’s priceless
to have that experience out there for the rest of the guys. – [Golf Member] We’re ziplining today. It’s 8 a.m. in Hawaii. It’s a little rainy, but hopefully that will hold
off and we can get it going. – Welcome gents. My name’s Shant. This is Miguel, we’ll be your guides today. Where are you guys from? – Mississippi. (Upbeat music) – Wooooooo! – Aloha. – 1200 feet so a quarter mile of zipline. Racing side by side. Fastest person wins. – I think I’m going to win. He has a little bit of weight on me, but I think I got the better technique. – I mean it’s my race to lose. I think everyone knows that. If I just stick to my game plan, I’ll come out victorious, so I’m pretty happy about that. – 3, 2, 1, go. – The 3 winners are right here. – Obviously. – Me and Chen’s race
was definitely the best. – Had fun ziplining today, but ultimately we’re not here to zipline, we’re here to play golf. I’ll see you guys out on the course. – Got that right. (Hawaiian music) – You know the Warrior
Princeville Makai Invitational in Kauai, Hawaii. What we think is cool about
it is just the location, the destination. We want to travel and play
the best golf courses and get to different parts of the country. – I’ve never been to Hawaii
before so that was something really really cool for me. To go out and play golf
pretty much on a rock was pretty out there. You have that ocean right next to you and then you’re looking up
in the mountains a couple of miles away, so that was really neat. – To make that your office for 4 days, we all have to pinch
ourselves a little bit. A great event, a lot of very good teams there, and nationally ranked teams. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. – [Narrator] With a record of 48 and 2, Ole Miss had high expectations
entering the tournament. But if the Rebs wanted gold again, they would have to play
the course as well as the competition. – I think a lot of it
comes down to the wind. Being prepared for any shot. You can play it one day where
you win from the Northeast and then you play it with
the complete opposite wind, which it can absolutely
happen and you see it happen, it’s a totally different golf course. – It’s down wind, but as you know with being down wind, it’s also beating that hole down. It’s coming down wind a good bit. Gotta get it in the air. – I think it’s just more the conditions, whether it’s wind or rain. I think that’s a lot of
it because it changes. You’re out there on this island, so storms will blow in
and blow out real fast. – All 3 days we had wind
and a little bit of rain to contend with. The island’s a little weird the way the rain will come and go for 5 minutes. You just kind of have to be prepared. – You’re about to get hosed on with rain. – Come on. It looks like it’s just
pouring on the driving range. – You gotta be prepared with an umbrella, rain gear, because it may become a
downpour for 3 minutes and the sun shines out
for the rest of the day, or the wind may blow 40-50 miles per hour, with rain and wind. You just never know. – [Golf Member] A challenge it faces was it was always windy. Some of the elevation makes
it a little more difficult. Putting all that together is just a recipe that if you don’t handle it well, you can definitely fall
off the wrong side. Pun intended. – There’s a lot of visually
intimidating tee shots. That’s pretty difficult, especially when you add elevation to that. All of the sudden you
have to make one swing based on all of this
information you’re processing. That’s kind of Hawaii for me. – [Narrator] Ole Miss would
breeze to a round 1 lead, with a team score of 11 under par. – That’s one thing we’ve done
well as a group this year is we’ve gotten off to good starts. It’s pretty hard when
you dig yourself a hole. – It’s really important to
get off to a strong start. If we would’ve had a really bad first day, then you’re kind of behind the 8 ball. You’re playing catch up. It was really good for us to
get off to the start we did because that way you get
your confidence going. – It’s definitely, especially with all the
preparation we put in, it is important to get
off on the right foot and kind of get your momentum
going in the right way. – That a boy. Good one, nice birdie there. – I’m pretty sure everyone
on our team started well so you can kinda
feed off your teammates with that. – Just a ball striker’s paradise. – Keep it going and then
once we got off to such a good start, got the momentum, we just kept the pedal down
and it was a lot easier than having to fight back from behind. – [Braden] It’s nice to set
the mindset for the tournament that you’re the players to beat. Never having to come from behind. You’re leading from day 1 and trying to increase the lead instead
of trying to catch up. – [Team Member] Long day
on the golf course today. We got some guys over there climbing trees and what not, over there scuba diving. Me and Noah are taking this time to relax. – We had a good day out
on the course today. It was like a 7 hour round, so a pretty long day, but we played well, so now just enjoying the oceans of Hawaii. – Aloha. (upbeat music) (Hawaiian music) – That’s it for the beach. We’ll see you guys tomorrow on the course. Hottie tottie, go Rebs. – [Coach Malloy] Guys
excellent job yesterday. A good round as a team. You kind of walk away
going that was easy, right? I didn’t face a lot of adversity. You faced a lot of it. Everything’s calculated out here. I’m great with you taking risks. Let’s make sure it’s a calculated risk. By a calculated risk, that the percentages are in your favor. Even if taking that risk goes wrong, going for a par 5 on 2
and it doesn’t work out, hit in the water, whatever it may be, okay fine. Surrender the outcome. We’ve talked about that before too. You will play great over
these next few days, I know that you will. You may not get off to
a great start today. You may get off to an
unbelievable start today. Who cares. Relax, have fun. Have supreme confidence. (Upbeat music) – [Narrator] In round 2, the team would look to peak
not only in confidence, but also in performance. – You know golf is all confidence. Golf is built on confidence. If you have that, there’s a lot of things
that you can do poorly and still get away with. – You can’t control how
your teammates are playing, good or bad. If you just go out there and do your job, get some momentum, that kind of carries
over to your teammates. When the coach is in a good mood, he’s playing good, he’s playing good. You just go from there, you can kind of feed off
of each other once you’re playing well. – So you’re more into the wind. – Nice! – Having the correct attitude
going into the next stage, staying present, not looking towards the result, but focusing on the process, really focuses on the strong round, the strong day. So if you keep doing that day after day, eventually you’re going
to find the result. – I made one put over 3
feet today and 5 under. – Keep it going. – We’re obviously playing
very good golf at that point. If you have that lead, let’s continue to do that. A lot of times what you
find is a group of confident guys that have played aggressive, which we love our guys to play aggressive. It’s tough for them to
switch that mindset. Maybe you take less of
a risk here or there, but overall I think let’s keep it going. It’s fun to watch good golf, and they did a good job of that. – Sit, sit, sit. – Good job, bud. – [Coach Malloy] We got off to
a good start and then really struggled through the
middle part of our round. It was nice to see them really regroup. Not only regroup, but they played great
coming down the stretch. I think we had the low
round of the day again, so that’s 2 days in a row, which is awesome to see. (Drumming) – We just got some
dinner and we’re going to watch some native Hawaiian dances. Now all that’s left is final round. Go Rebs. – [Narrator] Coming
into the final round of the tournament, Ole Miss looked to capitalize
on two straight days atop the leaderboard. In order to leave Hawaii with a win, they would rely on the
steady leadership of head coach Chris Malloy. – How far are you thinking
about hitting that? – What was the actual distance? – It’s 213 10, but you’ve got the wind
doing the same thing it was yesterday, it’s left right helping a little bit. – The wind’s doing the same
thing it was yesterday, it’s doing this. – We’re right here. The 10’s here. I’m going on this line. That’s a 20 yard, 15 yard carry. That’s 198. And that’s without even helping. – Absolutely. You thought your way through it. – I think they really
give us a good mental state of mind right when we
get to that tournament setting. Every tournament we have gone to, I don’t think Coach Mal;oy hasn’t told us we are the best team on the field. – I came in with Coach Malloy, he’s been my coach the whole time. I think the way the
culture that he’s changed, we all feel like we’re winners and that we will win every
time we get on the golf course. – When you have somebody
tell you that you are one of the best in the country
and the best on the field and we should win, we’re probably going to win. – Good swing, man. Remember that doesn’t
mean it’s going to be easy the entire round. – [Narrator] The beautiful
view off the hole at the Queen’s Bath was matched
only by that of the leaderboard, which showed the Rebels winning the event by a total of 22 strokes. Sophomore Braden Thornberry
claiming the individual title. – He’s had a really special semester, we’re fortunate to have
him for a couple more years and build this program around. He’s a good kid. He does all the things right. He does every little thing right. – For him to do what he’s
done the last 2 tournaments, and this whole semester, but especially the last 2 tournaments, has been awesome. – [Braden] Once I’m leading, I kind of tell myself that
to this point no one has played better golf, so there’s no reason
they should coming in. I just try to keep the
foot on the pedal and you don’t have to take
on unnecessary risks, but kind of pick your spots
when you’re feeling good and just make the short puts. It’s hard for people to
catch you if you just play it the right way. – Well you don’t get much
more consistent than this. 277, 276, and 278. 33 under, Ole Miss. Congratulations. – [Team Member] I think you really saw it coming together in Hawaii. You have to walk out there
and know you’re the best. You’re not scared of anybody. You’re not looking to play second, you’re out there to win
and that’s your job, so let’s just go do it. – We are the people to beat. Come catch us. Individually too it gives you confidence. We’re the guys they’re trying to beat and we’re going to have to
mess up for them to do so. – We have that mindset, the attitude of optimism
and moving forward. Keep pushing, keep pushing. Try to do something
special that nobody’s done. – Just a new normal here. We feel like we’ve got a
good group of guys that we’re traveling in and
out with every week. We’ve got guys at home that can play. That just shows you we’ve got a good group in this locker room right now. The depth is getting there
and recruiting’s helping. Good playing’s helping, everything. We feel like this program’s on the rise. We’ve got the wheels spinning
in the right direction. I’ll say that. – As a program, I think it’s pretty easy to see what our trajectory is. With where we were a year ago, 2 years ago, to where we are now, we’re excited about the
future of this program. – We had a long day on
the course and now we get to relax. – Would you relax, Tay? – You got some seaweed on you. – Oh god. – You hurt yourself. – I hope you have a
good trip and we’ll get you there shortly. – That was terrible, wasn’t it?


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