The Season: Ole Miss Baseball – Home Sweep Home (2019)

As the bleakness of winter fades
and the colors of spring hit full bloom,
so does life in the SEC. A hundred and ten pitches
through seven. One hit allowed. What a day
for the freshman Doug Nikhazy. His first SEC weekend
start is a gem. Kessinger gives it a ride. Deep left field.
This ball’s off the wall. It’ll produce a run. And Ole Miss takes a four-three lead on an RBI
double from Grae Kessinger. And the pitch. Swing and a miss. He struck him out
on one tailing away, and the Rebels win ten to five. What a job by Myers. With the Rebels riding high off
a series win in Fayetteville, the red-and-blue welcome a visit from another 2018 College
World Series team. [music] What do you like better,
turkey hunting or duck hunting? Turkey.
Yeah, do you? Yeah. Turkey hunting
is more challenging. If you mess us then – then they’re getting close,
then most of the time they’re gone. So – I look at turkey hunting
like a baseball game. Like a batter facing a pitcher
or, you know, you being a closer, you come in
and the game’s on the line, it’s one on one,
you can’t afford to mess up, you can’t afford to throw
a pitch down the middle. This is the ultimate challenge
right here. It’s the competitive nature
that baseball players have. Yeah.
It comes out in turkey hunting. I’ve never really thought
about it like that. Well, don’t think about it.
Just do it. [laughter] Just do it. [music] [bird call] Somebody’s coming down the road. You wanna go? So, the spot that Parker knew
that the turkeys were at, we were headed that way, and the turkeys gobbled
within 20 yards of where we parked
the pickup truck. So we had to come
all the way back here, and we got them to gobble. There’s more than one gobbler, so we think there’s two,
maybe three. But right now they got
girlfriends with them, and the girlfriends took them
on the other side. So you’re going to see,
we’re going to walk right by the truck
to try to get them turkeys. So this is where we heard them,
in these trees right here. We don’t know if they didn’t
cross because of the truck or if they went
on the other side. We’re going to try to locate them. [bird call] [music] I mean he went radio silence. They got girls with them. They – they didn’t want
to come to us. Either they had hens with them and they just didn’t want
to leave, or they saw the truck. They roosted right by the truck, so I never would have
thought that. I don’t know. Maybe they’ll be right on the
other side of this tree line. Something good will happen. Okay, yeah,
that’s a lot of water. I tell you what.
There’s only one thing to do. We’re crossing this water
right here. You’re first. We’re going back to the truck where we heard
the turkeys gobbling last. And there is a creek that is
separating us from the turkeys. Maybe I should say it’s a river
because it’s about 12-foot deep. And, although we’re both
pretty hard core, we both agreed the water
is way too cold this morning to chance it. So, we walked up a little bit. We’ll look and see
if the turkeys were in a field, and there’s actually
water in the field. Come on. One answer. [bird call] It ain’t looking good. Uh huh.
And the wind’s picking up. There’s a bald eagle
right there. Uh huh. Dude, this is what you don’t get
in the city, people. We’re winning this
baseball game today. The thing about the outdoors
and hunting, this is what everybody
needs to understand. It ain’t about killing. It’s about coming out,
having fellowship, sharing something in common, and enjoying the beautiful
nature and landscape. And here we are,
we got what we came here for. And it ain’t – it’s about peace
of mind coming out, hanging out. And we’re not done yet. We still gotta walk back
to the truck. You never know. [music] Just heading back in here
to Oxford Elementary School. Check out the school I went to
and give back to the community a little bit
and read to the kids. I remember being that kid,
looking up and in the – in the stands,
and, you know, thinking what I thought
about the Ole Miss players. And I just think it’s such
a great opportunity to give back and show
some love to the kids. Hey, guys. How are you today? What’s going on? Where Do They To on Game Day? The story of the squirrels
who live in the grove. Y’all go to the football game
sometimes? Yes.
In the grove? Have y’all ever seen
the squirrels? No.
No? All right. We’re going to read
Turkey Trick or Treat today. It’s getting close
to Halloween, isn’t it? Who’s going – Yeah.
Who’s going trick or treating? There is a grove of magnolia,
oak, and elm trees, all tall and leafy,
tucked away in a town – in a tiny town called Oxford. People from all over
come to the grove in their fancy clothes excited
to watch the game. Edna gave out treats
the animals all shared. Oh, how they love treats. See the cow with his tongue out?
He wants some candy. Do you think the Rebs
won the game? Yeah.
Yeah, of course they did. One, two, three. Hottie tottie! Thanks, guys!
That’s Grae Kessinger. That’s my –
that’s my best friend, guys. We’re about to go to recess,
so – Y’all about to go to recess?
I wish I could go to recess. Oh, right.
I have class. Oh, wow.
Grae found us. Grae found us. How’d that go?
It went great. Yeah, it did. I think it’s a blast for us
as much as it is for them. Ain’t that right?
Yeah. Just got done reading
at Oxford Elementary. That was a good time. But now it’s time for us
to get to class, so – [music] The Oxford Boys,
they’re the Oxford Boys. I mean, they’re just
a bunch of dirtbags. You know, they play really hard. They all have
their special talents. It’s a – have fun every day, but they’re guys who show up
and they work hard. It’s weird. It’s like
a super hero, you know. Like they come together
and make one like really awesome
like well-oiled machine. You know, you’ve got
the competitive pitcher, Houston Roth. Kicks, delivers. Ground ball first-base side. Zabowski fires to second.
Now back to first to Roth. And with the catch
and the out! Houston Roth battles to get
to first base, there to take it. And you got Thomas Dillard who
– who just hits absolute tanks. Runners don’t go. Fly ball to right.
Way gone! And Ole Miss is back on top. And then Grae, who’s also
a really good hitter. Different style hitter,
you know. He can hit it to all fields,
and he does have some juice, but, I mean, defensively
he’s just unbelievable. One-two pitch grounded.
Slowly. Kessinger bare-hand throws
on the run. Are you kidding?
What a play! All the plays that he makes are
just, you know, he makes a play and you’re like,
oh, that’s just great. But realistically
there’s not many shortstops in the country that can go out
there and do what he does. You know, he has that signature
sliding play that he makes in the hole. And I’ve seen it
a hundred times, him do it. And people say like, oh, Sports
Center Top Ten when he does it. And it’s literally like him catching a straight-up
ground ball for me, you know,
he does that all the time. Cox, first pitch swinging. Kessinger in the hole.
The throw is in time. Boy, Grae Kessinger makes it
look easy at shortstop, but that was anything
but an easy play. Normal shortstops
don’t make that play, you know, to get that out. That’s a single.
But Grae is in the field is – he’s the best shortstop
in the country. Franklin rolls one up
the middle. Nice play by Kessinger. And the throw is scooped
by Graham at first. Grae Kessinger a nice play. Yeah, Kessinger is a guy –
he’s a big-league shortstop when it comes to defensively. Tyler! He doesn’t matter.
He doesn’t matter. It’s him. So talk, let him know
where to throw it. Let’s go! That a boy! Great job, Zebow! That a boy! Nobody better,
(inaudible), nobody better. Whoo! Tom’s about to do something.
Tom’s about to do something. He’s going to make
this interesting. Thomas Dillard can make things
more than interesting. He’s a pitcher’s
worst nightmare. One on. Fly ball right field,
well struck. Kiss that one goodbye! Two-run homer. Thomas Dillard. He didn’t miss that one,
and the Rebels go back on top. Deep fly ball to right field. Thomas Dillard! And he’ll walk it off with
a shot to right centerfield. Thomas, you know
as a hitter just – I don’t know
how you get him out. You know,
he does everything well. He doesn’t strike out much.
Talks his walks. Hits the ball a country mile. Three pitches to each batter.
Impressive. This one ridden
deep to centerfield. Etsy’s to the track,
to the wall, it is gone! Two-run shot,
Thomas Dillard. He can change a game by himself.
He’s – he’s just that good. (inaudible) pitch. Swung on, and it is going to
go way outta here. Thomas Dillard,
his second home run of the day. And the Rebels have the lead. It’s an eight RBI day
for Thomas Dillard. Twelve-11 Rebels. [crowd] You know, he can just do it all. Just absolute great hitter,
both sides of the plate. It wouldn’t take long for those
outside of Oxford to take note
of Dillard’s power, leading to his selection
to the 2018 College Home Run Derby.
It’s going to be fun. You know, the GOATs
hit a lot of home runs, and, you know,
just this experience is going to be worth it
no matter how it turns out. There’s a lot of –
a lot of great guys here
from all around the country, so just looking
to have fun with them. Look at this guy. He’s a stud. He’s going to hit
a lot of home runs. All right. Just stop. Hey, what up? What up? Oh, now you are. You’re so cool. [music] Let’s get it. [music] Whip your hair. Whip your hair. I’m good. No you’re not.
(Inaudible) Hit it to right center. He was really hanging back there
for a little bit, but he’s got some rhythm
and some direction and those balls are scorched. That’s four in a row.
Make that five. He had five in a row
before his time out. Dilly-Dilly they like
to call him back in Oxford. Do it, Dilly-Dilly.
Finished tough. It was kind of ugly,
but we got it. It’s really cool to be able
to do that with the Ole Miss
across your chest. You know, I’ve told people that
Home Run Derby might have been one of the coolest things
I’ve ever gotten to go to. To experience that with
my parents and Coach Clement was just a – a crazy thing. You know, it’s crazy
how many people in Omaha, Nebraska know where Ole Miss is
and what hottie-tottie is. [music] While Kessinger and Dillard
patrol the diamond, Houston Roth steps to the rubber
when the lights shine brightest. [music] Two-two. Swing and a miss. Struck him out.
Got that one up to 90. You know, Houston’s just
a competitor out there. He has a lot of – a lot of really good pitches
that he could throw in the zone. He’s always in the zone.
That’s one of the things that I’ve always admired
about him, you know. He can always throw
his pitches for strikes. Houston on the mound
just competes. You know, he’s just a bulldog,
and he’s always been that way. He throws the ball
where he wants it. Strike three called,
inside corner. Rodriguez goes away looking. [umpire] (Inaudible) caught looking. Jordan tied up. Fourth strikeout
for Houston Roth. If someone tells me five,
six years ago I’m starting the
SEC championship game, I would not believe it. I mean, unbelievable,
this team and, I mean, it’s a team effort
all the way through. And the pitch. Swing and a miss!
He struck him out! The Rebels will go to
the championship game tomorrow. Oh, my goodness! Houston Roth.
The Oxford High School charger who had a phenomenal
high school career and doing a pretty good job
in Division One. Big smile on his face. Yeah, I – I’ve seen a lot
of good crowds here at Swayze in my time, and that may have been the best
crowd that we’ve had – ever had. For me to be the guy out there
to make the pitch, to get the out,
you know, to win the game, and see the stands erupt, I mean that was –
that was awesome. Houston, you grew up in Oxford,
Ole Miss fan. I mean, how cool a moment, not only to get
a chance to pitch but in this environment, this setting, just –
just how cool. Right. I was talking to
James McArthur the first day, you know, the first game,
and I’m up here down line and I’m just looking
around smiling. He’s like, what are you
so happy about. And I said, you know,
because I remember coming to these regional games
when I was a kid, and I remember being
that kid on the side, looking at these players,
and like what – what a, you know,
great opportunity God has blessed me with. For young ball players
growing up in Oxford, there’s no question
where their heroes reside. This is so much fun. All the –
all the kids coming up here and, you know, every one looks
straight up to you. Just really cool
’cause not too long ago I was one of those,
so cool to give back to them. Just growing up around here,
and seeing the history, it’s just – it makes you want
to be a part of it. you know, growing up,
coming to games, and seeing the guys
that have played before you and what they meant to you, and knowing that
that’s what you can be for the little kids
that come to the game. You know it’s – that’s one of
the things that makes you want to play the game the right way. And every day
you want to come out, you want to play hard,
you want to have fun because that’s what I remember
about the guys that I watched. Specifically Zack Cozart
was the one guy that, you know,
I was always wanting to be like. Matt Siders come back and
hung out with us a little bit. Matt Siders was one of my
favorite players ever at Ole Miss.
Watching him swing it. Watching them back in the day
was just, you know,
guys that I wanted to be like. And, you know,
the feeling that I had knowing that I can be that kind of, you know,
leader for a little kid, maybe be an example for that,
is just something that is just something
that is unmatched for me. The way that you looked up
to them, it is so cool
knowing that some kids, you know, are looking up to you
the same way. And it’s – it’s really awesome. The joy of getting to
put on that jersey, go out there and play
in front of these fans, just competing in the SEC versus
some of the best players, you know,
it’s one of those things that you can never take
for granted or never get too much of. You know, for me Ole Miss
is home. It’s just a place that I knew,
you know, forever that this is –
this is home for me. And it’s something for me
I can’t put into words. It’s just a place that
if you’re here, then you get it. You know, we’ve just got
to cherish the moments we have while we have it, and
– and really enjoy Swayze and all the fans while –
while we still got it. This is my home town. This is where I was born.
This is where I grew up. And, you know, I don’t want
to leave this place. I love Oxford. [music] All right,
University of Florida. They’re starting some young guys
in their lineup, and so that’s the difference. The difference is
we’ve done it before. Okay, it’s never easy.
It’s never smooth. It’s never pretty. Okay
? You – you gotta get –
you gotta handle it. And the good teams,
the older teams, the veteran teams, and the
experienced teams know that. There’s guys
sitting in this room that didn’t have success,
but grinded through, work – worked it out,
and have had success. There’s guys in this room
that lost bad games. It toughens you.
It weathers you. And that’s what you have
to understand. And so tonight’s just
another opportunity. One of 30 that you get.
So tonight, be present. You know, stay in the moment.
Keep pounding the stone. Friday nights in the SEC
are an event. And for a tilt
with perennial power Florida, Swayze set the perfect stage. Rebel fans getting behind
Will Ethridge. He’s trying to avoid
two leadoff walks. Two down, runners
at second and third. The one-two to Brady McConnell. And he delivers. And it’s a line drive into right field.
A 92 fastball. So Florida takes
a two-to-nothing lead here in the top of the third. With the Gators out in front, a storm awaited them
in the bottom half of the third. I think we had five hits through
the first two innings, so we had opportunities, and I knew that
we were swinging the bat and taking pretty good at bats. Every time they would punch us
in the mouth, we’d punch them back.
Tyler Keenan – The batter is one for one. On the stretch, Mace delivers,
and that’s hit to left field. Pretty well stroked.
Langworthy going back. It’s at the wall,
and it is gone! Let’s go! Two run homer for Keenan. We’ve got showers in right. [crowd] Let’s go, baby, let’s go! He’s been really patient
at the plate, and it’s turning into him
getting more pitches that he can handle and he can,
you know, hit really far. He knows exactly what
he’s looking for when he goes up there.
And if he gets it on the first pitch,
he’s going to go after it. Ole Miss, hitting is contagious. Swings and lifts this one high
in the air left field. Drifting back is Langworthy.
Still drifting back. He’s at the wall.
He jumps up. It’s gone! That ball just kept going,
and Zabowski lobs one over the left field wall
and the Rebels take a three-to-two lead. [music] In the game of baseball,
even when things are going well, you’re always one twist
from danger. [crack] Get over! Hendrick popped one up
his first time. This time he grounds to Graham, but Ethridge comes up
limping after covering the bag. And that is not good news
for Ole Miss. Your ankle or your knee? Right foot, right there. I felt it pop. I think he stepped on the base. All right. Let’s – let’s walk
a little bit and see if we’re – we’re all right to throw.
But we’ll walk with you. I’m saying walk a little bit
to get the blood going. Well, Will’s going to pitch,
though. Two down with a runner at first.
See if Langworthy tries to go. It’s going to hit him.
Just barely. I think this is going to be it
for Will Ethridge. We’re going to bring him in,
all right? But I’m going to let him –
let him give me a few seconds so he can warm up, all right?
Okay. And then, yeah,
let’s take care of it and get you back out here,
all right? All right. Tyler Myers, right hander, coming in here
in a tough situation. Runners at first and second.
Two down. Rebels leading by one. Unfortunately,
Will Ethridge, who was pitching pretty good,
is going to have to leave. [music] Kind of a tough spot to inherit here,
Keith, with short notice. I do think he’s had ample time
to get warmed up. Obviously, mentally he certainly wasn’t prepared
to go in this inning, but, you know,
sometimes that happens. Two balls, two strikes to the
third baseman Corey (Inaudible). Tying run out at second. The pitch. Strike three!
Came back with an 88 fastball. Froze the hitter,
and that ends the inning. Tyler Myers answering
the ball from the bullpen, dominating this Florida lineup. With Myers rolling on the hill, the focus turned to
the potent Rebels sluggers. Swung on.
Hits one in right center gap. It may be trouble.
It’s down for a base hit. I think Clement’s going to
ask Olenek to score. The throw to the plate is – dropped by Smith,
and Olenek scores. Swung on. Line drive.
Base hit to left. One run will score.
Here comes Dillard. He’ll come to the plate.
He will score. It’s a two-run, two-strike, two-out single for
Cooper Jackson. Coop’s been great this year. Not only behind the dish,
but at the plate, too. When Owen comes to the plate,
we know he’s going to produce and get on base
and just pass the bat. You know, I think the back half
of our lineup is really starting
to come through and one of the reasons
that we’ve had so much success over the last couple of weeks. Swung on. Fly ball. Left field. Langworthy, you can
kiss that one goodbye. Three-run jack
for Cooper Johnson, his fourth of the year. And the Rebels
are up 12 to four. Hey, listen. You know,
congratulations. I tell you, you know,
all the time I want you to enjoy it,
but I want you to enjoy it, and I want you to think
about this. You were good tonight. I mean,
you were really good, right? And you can be
really good, right? This can be more of us, right?
We can do this more often. We can bring this type of game. We may not always get
17 hits and 12 runs, and, you know,
have outstanding relief and starting pitching
and all that, but we can compete like this and
play with this kind of energy. See, we can bring it
every single day, right? Every single day. And that’s us because
you gotta do it in this league. They’re going to punch back
tomorrow, they’re too good. They’re going to be ready.
Tomorrow is a huge day for us. So enjoy this tonight. Get some rest
because tomorrow’s a huge day. We want to come out
ready to play. Nice job. Coop said it back there.
He said that’s us. You know, that’s us.
That’s how we play. We can hit. We can pitch. We can do it all.
And it showed tonight. But, we still have three more
– or two more games, so stay hungry,
don’t get complacent. We’re going after it tomorrow. Fireworks during the game.
Fireworks after the game. What more could you want? [music] With a long night at the park in the books,
the Rebels returned to Swayze knowing the key to a successful
double header is coffee. In large doses. Get a nice spread.
Hopefully there’s a casserole. A sausage-egg – a sausage-egg
casserole is solid. I really just want coffee.
That, too. I mean, caffeine hose up. We’re gonna –
we’re gonna drink it dark, but I’m going to need
a little bigger cup than this, I’ll tell you that much. This thing is tiny.
But we’ll take what we can get. I’m going to shoot
for four of these total. I don’t know
how many ounces those are. So eight cups? Eight cups of coffee.
I am exhausted. About a one-to-one ratio
type guy. A lot of creamer,
a little bit of coffee. Makes it take good. Dude, no way. Connor, how much coffee
are you going to do today? None. Kidding me?
SEC weekend? I am drinking some right now,
so I guess we need a little bit. Florida will get us jacked up. Connor’s the guy that has
to show up 30 minutes early and drink
like four cups of coffee before anyone else
gets here just so he – nobody sees how tired
and how not ready he is. And then he’ll, you know,
tell everyone how great he is because he was here
30 minutes early. So, it’s a bunch of hoopla. What does that mean for you? I don’t need coffee
to get energized, okay? I’m energized on life.
I always have juice. [music] Much like breakfast is the most
important meal of the day, Mike Bianco knows the key
to being successful in the SEC
starts on the mound. And freshman Doug Nikhazy
has provided the juice each time
he’s stepped up on the hill. Hey, listen. I’m going to say
this before I walk out. Be yourself today.
All right. I know you’re from Florida, and you’re pitching against
Florida, and all of that. How you’re successful is
you’re just Doug Nikhazy, right? You don’t have to
throw it 96 today, you just gotta be yourself
and make pitches, right? Down in the zone, a good mix.
Just like you saw last night. Guys that seem to win a lot
of baseball games, you know, the teams score
more runs for them. They play better defense. And it’s not because
they do it consciously, I think they do
it subconsciously because they’re relaxed.
They know that this guy is going to, you know,
have a good outing for them. And, you know,
Doug is starting to certainly have
that feeling about him. A young man began the year
in the bullpen. And he got some big mid-week
starts against ECU, one against Louisville,
Big 12. Put into the weekend rotation
just a couple weekends ago, and he has not looked back. He acts like a seasoned vet,
you know. A guy that’s been fishing on the
weekends for a couple years now. Strike two.
One ball, two strikes. Swing and a miss.
Struck him out on a 91 fastball. Kind of get through
that first inning, then I kind of see
that I’ve kind of got my feet underneath me,
and then from there it’s just all process
of getting in the rhythm and then rolling through
the rest of it. Swing and a miss. Struck him out
on a backfoot curveball. Second strikeout for Nikhazy. [music] Yeah! Ole Miss leading
five to one in the fifth. Here’s the full count pitch
again to Durant. Swing and a miss. Struck him out
on an 89 fastball. Boy, Nikhazy wins the battle. A little fist pump afterward.
Did you see him? Little fist pump there.
I mean, this is a Floridian pitching against
the almighty Gators. You know that’s got to part
of his little makeup today. I at one point tipped my cap
to one of my good friends, Brady McConnell, who I grew up
playing with in summer baseball. So it’s always running
through your head, but it never influences
the way you pitch. You always just try to be
the same person that – that I did
to get myself here and then just always
throw one pitch at a time. (Inaudible) set up away. Again, the one-two. Tied him up! Swing and a miss, strike three. One ball, two strikes to Young.
The pitch. Swing and a miss! He struck him out
on an 89 fastball. He elevated a hair.
Doug Nikhazy. And he delivers. Strike three.
There’s a paint the corner. And that will end the inning.
What a job by Doug Nikhazy. He just kept pumping it
in there, didn’t he, D.K.? He sure did. (Inaudible) say, man.
Nice job, man. Hang in there. As the newcomer tamed
the Gator bats, one of the most
well-known Rebel names was navigating the swamp
at the dish. Grae, it’s a show like
every single time he steps out on the field
he’s a performer. Grae Kessinger. Now 20 games in a row he has
reached base safely in SEC play. Grae Kessinger hitting .342
on a season average. Kind of got off
to a slow start, just .287. No, one of those things, wasn’t
the start that I wanted to have. But just trying
to stay confident and, you know,
being aggressive. I don’t want to lose
my aggressiveness. The infield is in. Line drive.
Base hit to left for Kessinger. And he’ll get an RBI and he’s
got another two-hit game. Oh, man, since SEC play
has started, he has just really
continued to come on, and it’s been a huge
difference maker in our lineup. The bases are loaded
for a red-hot Grae Kessinger. A big-moment game right here.
The Gators must stay in range. The Rebels need a little
separation here with two down, bases full, Grae Kessinger two
for two with two singles. You know, I want to be a guy
that’s in that spot. Go out there, have a little fun, and take a swing
and see what happens. Tyler Dyson delivers
the one-one. Line drive left centerfield. He has done it again.
One run scores. Two runs score. Olenek to third,
slides in safely. And Kessinger
scoots to second. Line drive base hit to left. When the man is locked in,
the man is locked in. He’ll trot into second base
with a base-clearing double, and Grae Kessinger
is having a day. Ten to one, Ole Miss. I’m not sure if I’ve had
a five-RBI game or not, but it’s definitely fun. It feels good, and especially
when your team is winning, it adds a little joy to it. Listen, congratulations. And, you know, big day
for a lot of people today. You know, Doug was
tremendous once again. And it’s all
about the offense. We had 20 hits
or somewhere about that. And a lot of big names, but none
bigger than this one, Kessinger. [applause] When it turns four o’clock, right, it’s like waking up
the next morning to play another
baseball game. Can’t just sit there
and continue to pat yourself on the back
and continue to say oh, wow, you know,
what a good weekend. How about –
you want the kiss of death? Do you want
the mediocre saying? We at least won two
out of three. Right? That’s what – that’s what
the average people say. Right? At four o’clock,
the champions go, this is an opportunity
to sweep it. Sweep a really good team
that’s going to beat people down the line, right? So, nothing else to do
for the next, you know, four hours,
and play really good baseball and finish the weekend, right?
Good job. [applause] Let’s do it (inaudible). The Rebels had dominated
in every facet of the game to start the series. But the Gators’ best bite
awaited them in game three. Will Dalton hammers it down the third-base line,
a base hit for him. Florida will score
at least one more run. Now they’re really
going to press it and try. Here comes the throw. Going to have a play
at the plate. Off line. Gators get a two-run
double out of Will Dalton and lead eight-nothing. The weird part
about the weekend, and I think it’s a product
of how well we swung the bats the first two games,
is I never felt a ton of panic. You just got to stay calm. You know,
stay within yourself, and – and you can’t get all
the runs back at once. Just get guys on base,
create havoc on the bases, and just continue to pass
the bat to the next guy, and things will work out
in our favor. Okay, go! [crowd] Zabowski hits a bomb
to right field. Forget about that one. [crowd] But as soon as Zebow
hit that home run, that two-run shot
over the right field wall, the game was over right then. [crack] [crowd] This ball base hit left side. Kessinger with another hit. You’re fast. Well now you got Keenan, you got Dillard,
you got Zabowski. You know, with runners
on first and second right now, if any one of those three
get a hold of one, you got a ballgame then. Look out here. And now we’re going to
take a break. But it’s as simple as lightning
within a – what – eight-mile radius
of the stadium. I just remember when
they cleared the field for the rain delay, you know, Zebow had hit the two-run home
run the inning before, and then the first two guys
were on base before the ran delay hits. And I just ran into the dugout
feeling really good about what was –
what was happening. I think the big difference is
knowing that we had momentum going even though
we were down by a lot. We had some momentum going,
and the important thing is keeping that momentum
coming out of the rain delay. After a 61-minute weather delay,
we are set to restart baseball at Swayze Field in Oxford,
Mississippi. Now Nolan Crisp coming in out
of the bullpen. Twelfth appearance of the year.
He’s two-and-oh with a .257 ERA. Coming out for that bat I was
planning to swing on three-one, but he threw me a ball
and I walked. And on a three-one pitch, that’s where we were when we
went into the lightning delay, a walk to Tyler Keenan. And so Ole Miss has the bases
loaded with nobody out. We knew we were down and we were
going to come back regardless. I mean, we’re a good offense, and we’re going to fight
to the end, so it doesn’t matter
if we’re up eight or down eight. We’re going to fight. Oh-two.
Down the third-base line. That’s a fair ball.
Keenan comes around to score. Dillard’s being waved around. Zabowski will slam
on the brakes at third. A two-run double
for Knox Loposer, and this is a one-run game. A game that Florida
led eight-nothing in. [crack] [crowd] Two-two from Servideo. Lined it to
the right centerfield gap. That will be extra bases
for Anthony Servideo. Hits the bag at second, going to
try and turn it into a triple. He will do so
with a head-first slide. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Yeah, it’s a short lead,
so you can’t get pegged and no line drive.
Can’t get doubled off here. But you’re not going to go,
right – Yeah.
Unless it’s a fly ball. If it’s a tiny lead,
don’t start. It’s a tiny lead
and start to walk. You got a short lead,
you don’t want the guy to dive over the bag and catch you
and double you off. Yes, sir. Hits this one in the air
to left. Langworthy on the run,
and it’s over his head. Olenek able to turn
on the burners and cruise into second
with a stand-up double. [crowd] [music] In a game where no lead
seemed safe, the Rebels needed to hit
closing time a little early. We’ll attack them right here.
Second and third one out. Let’s go.
Go right at ’em. Come on.
(Inaudible). Now Parker Caracci in
to try to settle things down. Making his ninth appearance
of the year. At that point, you know,
we had to go to Caracci. Regardless if he could
finish the game or not, and probably, you know, felt that he probably wasn’t
going to finish the game because it would be over
three innings. But, we needed somebody
to put some zeroes up, and, you know,
he’s our best guy to do that. Come on, Parker! Let’s go! That’s what makes Parker Caracci
something special. You know about the fastball,
but he can bend it, too. Watch the location
of that spinner. I mean just off
the outside corner. Looks like a fast ball
but, oh, wait, you go to get it, and it just disappears. [music/crowd] Oh, to first. And this time a pickoff
at first base. Oh, just paints
the inside corner. Ninety-two, and, again,
the (inaudible) is starting to come back
a little bit. [crowd] The one-two. Keenan has to wait back on it. He has to hurry.
Makes the throw, and Ole Miss
completes the sweep. Fifty-seven pitches,
three-and-two-thirds innings. Seventh save of the year
for Parker Caracci. And Ole Miss moves to eight
and four in the SEC. Let’s go! We haven’t asked him
to do it all year. But three-plus innings of,
you know, save work by Mr. Caracci. Where are you? [cheers] Rebs on one! Three, two, one. Rebs! [music] Mic check. One-two, one-two. They even set coffee out. Everyone has coffee.
I’m freaking out right now. That’s great. Go to Mexico, and the people are going to
hey you want like Fiji or what. I want the cheapest water
you got. [music] Wow, that is a big wasp.
Oh, my gosh. I have no idea what
I’m saying right now. This game’s going to be
a little quicker. A little more challenges. We got to win it
outright from here on out. It’s been a pleasure being
on the mic today. Thank you.
See you next game. [music]

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