The Strangest Golf Wedge Ever! Mazel Sand Wedge Review

all right how is everybody doing today
today we are going to check out this crazy contraption here let’s go okay we
have this wedge by Mazal now if you’ve seen on my other video from Mazal it was
a chipping Club which was actually pretty good
so I was excited to see this wedge I’ve never quite seen anything quite like
this now I have seen this soul design and crazy bounce I don’t know what
degree of bounce it is 20 I mean it’s alive with a giant soul so
this is the soul and then the balance is obviously the angle that it goes down so
I don’t know from leading edge to down here 16 maybe I don’t know what it is
but what was crazy was the face design have you ever seen anything like that so
so here’s what I did so I wanted to take this and put it to the test in all areas
of the game and so I did a lot of chipping with it short little stuff
around the green little pitches a little bit longer stuff and sand shots wanted
to see how it performed out of the sand and obviously full shots because it’s a
56-degree wedge you know I want to utilize it wherever I would use my
normal 56-degree wedge which typically is called the sand wedge it’s in between
obviously your lob wedge and your gap wedge so nice Club everybody should have
something 54 55 56 degree style wedge and I was quite intrigued by um by this
thing okay so the face feels almost like a nail file so I wanted to check that
out and see what was going on there see how its spun around the green and it
actually spun nicely with the chip shots and little pitch shots that I was uh
that I was hitting and what I did was I compared it to a Callaway 56 that’s the
other 56 degree I had so the Mac Daddy 4 was what I was comparing it to and it’s
tough to really compare apples to apples because that didn’t have the giant sole
it was just the same law so but I wanted to see how it felt out of let’s say the
longer rough versus the macdaddy and how they stacked up against each other and I
was quite surprised this actually performed really well out of the rough
it went through nicely and it makes an interesting sound kind of like a ping
ping ping ping kind of sound so I wasn’t quite used to that but you know he’s do
is fine it wasn’t something that really was too bothersome or annoying so
pitching and chipping it was just it was great out of the rough out of the tight
lies all the stuff around the green was really good I liked how it performed out
of there and got a nice spin off the optical phase where it really surprised
me was out of the sand now you’re not really able to open the face up because
then your bounces I mean it’s just too much so you got to keep it pretty square
when you’re hitting out of the sand or anywhere you’re hitting it but what was
interesting was this the long bunker shots this came out really nice now
maybe it’s the sand dispersing off the face so that Club gets through the sand
a little better I don’t know all I know is that the long bunker shots were a
piece of cake the short bunker shots on the other hand were more difficult this
out of the bunker the ball goes so if you’re somebody who struggles out of the
sand and you have a lot of longer bunker shots this would be something to
consider short bunker shots I would go to a
different club because this really perform very well from the
shorter bunker shot scenarios longer ones fantastic shorter ones not good now
how did this perform let’s say from 80 90 yards where I would normally hit a
56-degree yard wedge now so I’m hitting at the range I could I couldn’t hit it
me I was thinning them they were super low they went I mean they went low and I
couldn’t hit him straight nothing was really working for me there versus the
Callaway I can hit that from anywhere and it’s fine it’s like any other club
but this it is not in my opinion it is not for a full shot it is aimed and
around the green specific utility tool and I would say ideally for bunker shots
it’s fantastic for rough long rough around the green fantastic if you shock
a lot of shots this would work for you and but if you’re using it as a full
shot don’t do that number of reasons one it’s too hard to hit full shot with this
giant sole also noticing here I dented one of these slats so I don’t know if
you could see it there but one of them is slightly you might be able to see it
there you know one of them is slightly bent can you see that you see it dent it
in right here so the strength of the club face is not good so it probably
would not perform very well from this point forward I’d imagine so do not use
this as a full shot club but chipping around the green out of the sand if you
want they like a specific tool for a specific job then I would say this this
could work for you I like this color design to be honest with you it looks
cool it’s easy to see on the grass and it’s easy to just get a good visual
focus on your shot so that I really liked as well but again it would be a
specific tool for a specific golfer in a specific
situation so there you go it’s for a specific type of player link is in the
description below if you want to check it out get more info on this and see if
this might be right for you that is down below hope this little
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