This Is What A Stroke Does To Your Body

Are you experiencing a sudden numbness or
weakness on one side of your face, arm, or leg? How about sudden and inexplicable trouble
walking, talking, or understanding speech? You may be having a stroke. Hello everyone! Crystal here for DNews ready to talk about
one of the medical emergencies that scares me the most. Stroke. A “stroke” can occur at anytime to anyone,
and there are two types that can happen. The most common is when a clot in your blood
vessels blocks the flow of blood to the brain, but strokes can also happen when internal
bleeding in or around the brain creates swelling and pressure, compressing and damaging brain
tissue.. Strokes often result in permanent impairments
such as paralysis, loss of sensory function, problems thinking, speaking, or even regulating
emotions, and they are a leading cause of long term disability. According to the CDC, almost 130,000 people
in the US die each year from strokes. Besides muscle weakness and trouble walking,
talking and understanding speech, other symptoms can include loss of balance, disorientation,
and difficulty seeing out of one or both eyes. So what should you do if you or someone near
you is experiencing the symptoms? Call 911 and get medical attention immediately. Studies show that receiving treatment within
3 hours can significantly reduce the severity of damage and disability. The longer the brain is starved of oxygen
and nutrients, though, the greater the damage that occurs. Currently treatments used by medical professionals
can prevent additional damage from occurring, but they can’t heal the brain. Brain injury is a difficult problem for scientists
because unlike damage to the skin or other organs, the brain does not simply regenerate. Most neuronal cell damage is permanent and
that’s what makes conditions like concussion and strokes so scary. But researchers say there may be a little
hope — from stem cells. Stem cells are a type of cell that have the
ability to “differentiate”, or change, into a specialized set of cells that belong
to specific tissue like skin, bone, or brain. In a recent paper published in the journal
Nature Medicine, scientists from University of Southern California took a look at a specific
protein in the blood, called activated protein C. They found that a special type of the protein
tells human neuronal stem cells to change into functional neurons. To determine if this could regenerate lost
brain function in stroke patients, researchers tested mice that had suffered stroke. They wanted to see if the mice could recover
lost function when treated with human stem cells and this special signaling protein. And the cool thing is, it worked. Not only did the protein help with survival
and growth of the neuronal stem cells, but the new cells helped the mice better perform
diagnostic motor and sensory motor tasks like walking on a beam and removing an annoying
piece of tape from the bottom of their foot. Even cooler, the mice weren’t treated until
seven whole days after their strokes — which, if you remember, is significantly longer than
the three hours we currently think of as the critical window for treatment. Now you can argue that healing mice isn’t
necessarily the medical breakthrough we need for human brain injury, but it’s a meaningful
step. And this therapy is currently in clinical
trials, so it may be that soon we will be able to offer stroke patients improvements
to lost function after days or weeks. I think we will all agree that the best case
scenario for strokes is to not have one. Strokes are linked to heart disease and diabetes,
so the best thing we can all do to avoid a stroke of bad luck is continue the healthy
behaviors we know we should be doing anyway: stop smoking, eat healthful, nutrient rich
foods, avoid high sugar and high fat in your diet, and exercise. That’s easy, you’re all totally doing
that anyway, you’ve got nothing to worry about, you’ll be fine. If you’re really into health issues and
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addresses the promise and controversy of stem cell research. Are there any other medical emergencies you
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