This One Shot Will Lower Your Golf Scores!

in today’s video I’m gonna go over the
one shot that will dramatically and consistently lower your scores no matter
what level you’re at let’s go okay Matt here thanks for stopping by hope your
scores are getting better and better with each video I put out there for you
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that now thanks so much now a lot of people have been asking me about this
video I did I’ll put it right up here about how to hit this low spinning check
shot and so this video is gonna go over this shot is similar to that but it’s a
little variation of that that’s definitely gonna help you dramatically
lower those scores okay so check it out so a lot of people have been really
struggling with the concept of how to open the face and hit the ball lower
like can you actually do that so here’s what I’ve got I’ve have my my Voki sm7
54 degree wedge today I’m using the M grind and it has 8 degrees of Bounce so
kind of in that middle range of bounce not a ton but not nothing so 8 degrees
is kind of in the middle and to show this I’m gonna use the same balls
everything is the same watch the first shot I’m just gonna keep the face square
okay and I’m gonna hit like a pitch shot we call pitch about a 30 yarder kind of
here and just keep an eye on how high it goes okay same setup right here right so right around here now that’s
with the face square not open at all now I’m gonna open that face and the ball is
actually gonna go a lot lower and you’ll see it right here so open it up about
gosh I mean I’m probably opening it up 10 degrees I’m no mathematician but you
know it’s here to – they’re here to there
open that up and with this swing this one’s coming really around my body here
and it’s that same 30-yard shot okay so that one went here the first one was up
here when you open the face of the club now you’re deflecting all the energy of
the club moving you’re deflecting it off so when the face is square all the
energy is just going right through the ball thus propelling the ball farther
because all the energy that you’re created is going straight through the
ball to transfer of energy equation so then when you open the face and you
swing around your body well a lot of that energy is being transferred up the
face of the club so instead of the energy pushing the ball forward that
energy is creating more backspin and then the bounce actually helped keep
that ball lower that’s why it goes lower with a lot more spin and that’s the
premise that’s a concept and really the science behind how to keep it lower with
more spin by opening the face of the club okay so it’s very important we
understand the science of this shot because if you don’t really appreciate
or believe and the fact that you can open the face and actually hit it lower
then you’re never going to be able to pull off this shot that I’m gonna show
you right now so I just use my my wedge my 54-degree to just explain the concept
real close to the net so you can you can get it so the shot that’s going to lower
your scores is identical to that except we’re going to
use a different club you can use a 9-iron an 8-iron a 7-iron I’ve done it
with a 6-iron and but the 8 is really the sweet spot this is so you can hit
that you know depending on how far you hit it you can use that pitch swing and
hit it about 70 80 90 100 yards and hit a nice low shot into that green balance
a couple times and check up and it’s super easy no longer do you have to take
a full swing to hit those shots you could just take this little pitch shot
and it’s so much easier to control where that ball goes if you could just take a
short little pitch swing watch so I’m gonna take my 8-iron I’m gonna open the
face it’s gonna add some bounce it’s gonna help keep it lower so I can get a
little more backspin on it and just pitch it about 80 90 arms same exact
setup as before open that face swinging around my body I don’t have to go up I
just go around keep everything tight in turn and it’s that little little shot
right there that’s about an 80 90 shut yard shot
right there open that face about you know ten degrees or so just everything really centered open
that face and just here not a whole lot going on you’ll find that when you when you open
that face and you just turn that little that little swing that it’s so much
easier so much more consistent like every time it just starts right
online it’s like you’re you’re just throwing darts at that at that flagstick that’s the shot I really hope that you
get something out of this because this truly is like a key element for
dramatically lowering your scores is having this type of shot in your bag so
that you know if you’re punching out if you’re saving yourself if you’re getting
out of trouble and you need something like this
especially on those tight lines in the fairway this is gold it will really do
some great things for you so give it a try let me know if that works for ya
okay and any questions you have you know regarding this type of you know shot let
me know I want to know how it’s working for you okay thanks for watching I
appreciate it please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you
haven’t done so already we’ll see you in the next video you

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