Top 5 Documentaries About Cricket (Subtitles Included)

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from RottenSpine Production. Today we look at Top 5
Documentaries about Cricket Number
5 Empire of Cricket It’s a series of documentaries telecast by BBC
in 2009, featuring how Cricket emerged
in England and spread in all corners of earth. It has four parts, each covering one important part of
England, West Indies, India and Australia. The documentary has some of the
candid videos, debates and
glimpse of cricket history. Number
4 Not Cricket
1 and 2 This documentary came in 2000 when Hansie Cronje case
came up and shattered cricket forever. This documentary goes deep down
the memory lane of cricket and digs up
how this all started. It tells us that how even lords of
early cricket days fixed matches in the 19th century. part 2 focuses on Hansie
Cronje’s case solely. Number
3 Bodyline. It’s just
not Cricket Bodyline is a chapter that caused
deep scares on the
face of cricket, perhaps, it was the first international cricket incident
that went against the “gentleman’s game”
image of cricket. This ABC TV documentary is very
well made and very much balanced that not only covers
the Australian perspective of the story but also
English version too. Number
2 Fire in Babylon Fire in Babylon is a 2010
British documentary film about the record-breaking
West Indies cricket team of the 1970s and 1980s. the film was written and
directed by Stevan Riley and was nominated for a British Independent Film Award
for Best Documentary. it was the joint-winner of the
UNESCO Award at the Jamaica Reggae Film Festival 2011. Number
1 Science of sport: Cricket where every other documentary in this list talks about the rich history of cricket, this one looks at the game
itself, as the title says, this documentary is about
the science involved in cricket. so that was our countdown for top 5 documentaries about cricket. please do check out this
documentaries if u already haven’t. tell us if we missed any of your
favorite one by leaving a comment below. and as always do tell us how
we can improve our videos or what countdown you
wanna watch next. till then I’m Tani from
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