Touring The Mizuno Headquarters Melbourne And The Importance Of Custom Fitting.

Welcome. Today we are at Mizuno Headquarters
in Melbourne. I’ve got some clients coming down today and
we will go through the state of the art fitting room with Simon Davey the Head Fitter At Mizuno
and a bit later we will walk through the production facility and talk to Phil Watson and we will
see how golf clubs are made at Mizuno. I hope you enjoy it. [MUSIC] Okay, so here we are at Mizuno Headquarters.
This is Simon Davey. He is the head fitter at Mizuno. We’ve met once or twice before haven’t we
Simon. Yeah my golf career started under your tutoridge Brian. Here I am not playing tournaments
and fitting clubs exactly. We did what we could. So how long have you been here? I’ve worked for Mizuno for a year and a half
now. Yep so I’m in the role and I spend about 3 days a week in the fitting studio and 2
days a week training our retail partners themselves how to use our PFS Fitting System. And you are a fully qualified Golf Pro. A
fully qualified Golf Pro. I’ve been coaching in Holland for the past 10 years but I got
a bit sick of the rain, the cold the winter so. The flat land. The flat land so I like
my nice warm little room now with my Trackman and my technology and keep dry. Excellent. And how many clients would you
see each week? Probably on average 3 a day so we are looking
at 10 people a week come through the fitting room. We also do fitting days at golf courses
and that.But 10 people a week through here. Things have changed a bit since 1991 haven’t
they. Things have changed a bit. The advent of launch
monitors, we know a little more about the shafts now about what they are doing and what
sort of swings suit different shafts. Its a bit different system than the old days where
you were either an R300 or S300.Absolutely. Its good for everybody to get the experience
of coming down to Mizuno and seeing the production out the back. It gives them the full service
and they see where their club starts from the fitting room to production. A lot of people that I coach say I’m not good
enough to get fitted. Yep. For a set of golf clubs.What do you have to say about that.
It’s such a ..and again from my coaching background as well. The first thing you tell them that
almost the worst golfer you are, the more help you need from the equipment. I would
almost say the opposite. The better the golfer you are he can sort of almost hit anything.
The person who is just starting out really needs the right equipment. And to be honest,
these days and just Mizuno’s example we don’t charge people to fit them so you are crazy
if you don’t get fit for your set of clubs. And there are plenty of good fitters out there
so get fit. And putting on a coaching hat, there is nothing
worse than a client coming to you with improperly fitting equipment trying to improve their
golf by getting a lesson. Sometimes you can get lucky when you get a
set off the rack, but 9 times out of 10 there is always 2 or three key elements from the clubs that they are using they have
bought on line or from the rack that is really holding them back.The weight of the shaft,
the flex of the shaft, the length of the shaft or the lie angle. There is a lot of variables.
I’ve never had anyone in all of my fits leave here with standard, standard, standard… That gives an indication to everyone’s got
something and there is almost no such thing as standard. No there is no such thing as
standard. It is not a sales hype there is no such thing as standard. I have people that
are maybe standard length and lie angle but then there is another 3 or 4 things differing
about the shafts. And you can see the shaft options here. There are literally 100 different
contraptions here. Thank you . No Problem. Thanks for all your
help and good to see you again. Good to catch up with you again. No Problems. Thanks mate. Make 3 swings with this and if they are your
3 average swings the we feel like we are going to get a pretty good guess at your 3 best
shafts, or at least the best 2 shafts. This club is already a half inch over standard
which is going to be really close to the length you are going to end up in so treat this as
a normal length club. 3 shots. This has a big influence over the flex. This
has a big influence over the weight of the shaft and they have a big influence over the
structure of the shaft. Whether it’s going to be stiff at the bottom, stiff at the top
or kick point that’s what they used to say.In golf terms. Bend profile is a cooler word. Um, have you done any research into what sort
of head you want. Oh just looking at my handicap there I was thinking of something in the range
of the EZ or the 850’s. I will start with the JPX. It’s a really forgiving
high launch, distance club. Um the advantage of it over some of our competitors is it is
still quite a small head, it doesn’t look’s certainly a lot bigger than our blade
over here. It’s not massive. No no. And that’s what we are trying to do with.
Put it this way. the heavier head doesn’t scare me or anything looking at it there.
It’s not heavier in a sense just bulkier and with that bulk comes a little more technology
to it. [HIT] Ohh fat. it’s a very fast tempo isn’t it.
Yep. And that’s part of my problem. [HIT] Yep. It’s getting good club head speed with
this one as well. This feels like the memory I had when I did my fitting day. [HIT] Great. [HIT] Here we are at Mizuno HQ in Melbourne and
we have got Phil with us. Phil is Head of Production at Mizuno. And what do you do here Phil. Well we pretty
much build all custom for Australia. So anything that is done with with fitting and pretty
much any fitting centre in Australia through yourself obviously gets built through this
whole facility here. Ok, so if someone comes in and orders a standard
set off the rack. You don’t build them here. Not generally. There is very that we do get
standard now. Because there is so many people that want to fit lie angles, grip tape all
of that sort of stuff different sizes or what ever they need. Um normally the standard sets
are done at the beginning with a new model goes onto the shelf as a demo and we custom
fit from pretty much off the standard set. People look at in the shop. So when you get fussy clubfitters and golf
pros like me who request 3 degree different lie angles in sand wedges, you love those
don’t you. We do love all those but I think the good
thing for us is we can do whatever you want. Yes. If you
want 3 flat on your wedges and 1 upright on the rest of your irons we will fit in whatever
you need. Good. Excellent. When we order a set of golf clubs that are
longer than standard, is there anything you have to do that’s special. Ah we are lucky that we do have 2 head weights
to choose from. So if you want something over length we have a standard weight for the standard
quarter inch over. Anything half an inch over, three quarters of an inch over we do have
a lightweight, upright head as well. So we can try and keep our swing weights in an area
we are comfortable with. So you don’t take the one head and just do
it. No we don’t we are lucky. We are very lucky that way. There is about 7 grams difference
between the light model and the standard model. Um what we also do as well. Is we have weight
sorted heads. In our trays. So we go from light to heavy in our trays as well, even
though we have the standard weight or the light weight. We will still weight sort them
as well to choose whatever order comes through to help them keep the swingweight they are
requesting or to make the club the best it can be. Ok, if you didn’t do that what would be the
outcome? Um, you do get inconstancies in swing weights. We are about tolerance and having
really tight tolerances. So we want to keep everything as tight as
possible. if you don’t have choices of weight. Especially in over length stuff you get very
heavy swing weights which don’t always match and don’t always work well for the player
in trying to get a perfect fit for someone. And that would make them harder to hit with
their long irons. generally, it makes the shaft not work in the best way it’s supposed
to. heavy heads the shaft doesn’t always work it overloads the shaft a little bit. It’s
not the best way to go. That’s where the tolerances as small. So you
are not only getting the best fitting golf clubs you are getting the best made golf clubs.
That is exactly right that what’s we are all about. Now I heard a rumour that you weigh glue and
every single component. Everything. Everything goes through the whole process because right
at the end when we get our swingweights we want to be within half a swingweight right
through the whole set. we have to make sure the glue is 1 gram going
in there because that will start effecting swingweight. So it’s all important. The same
with the headweight same with the shafts and the same with grips. grips are important as
well. So that all part of it. And 1 swingweight would be the equivalent
of one of those big thick elastic bands. It’s 2 grams. two to two and a half grams is approximately
a swingweight. Wow. So you are getting the best possible
set of golf clubs you can possibly get. That’s exactly right. Ok. So what’s the process. When you get the
order, what happens? We will get the order and we will look at
the specs that come through and we will determine if we will go for the standard weight or we
go for the upright light heads. Depending on what comes through in the spec. Um one
example, one reason we would choose the headweights is very important is the shaft weight or the
shaft style that is coming through on the custom set like Dynamic Gold swingweights
very heavy. So because we have already weight sorted to the front so we don’t get too heavy
a swing weight. it already swingweights as D2 or D3 as a standard swingweight. KBS Tour swingweights 2 to 3 swingweight points
lighter than a Dynamic gold just from the shaft alone from balance point. So we will
go right to the back of our trays. pick the heaviest possible head to still get up to
that D1 D2 swingweight. Wow. And what happens next. You have got the heads,
you have got the shafts. Yep, we have got procedures inside our production facility
that we will go through every set will get cut one shaft at a time one set at a time
to match that model. We can’t just cut all our shafts the same and whack them in any
model we have as hosel lengths vary, so we can’t put an MP4 blade shaft that has already
been cut into a JPX it just won’t work. The lengths aren’t the same so we have to cut
one shaft at a time one set at a time. It is a very involved process. It is involved.
It is exactly right. It’s time consuming. We have 10 or 12 processes through there that
we have to follow to get everything exactly right at the end. The same with gripping.
We grip first before any heads go on. because grip weights are important. A box of grips
can vary up to 4 grams. Once you are getting up to 4 grams you are looking at a swingweight
change. yeah that is a lot. So if you grip last you can be out a full
swingweight. Just from the gripping itself. Great. Do you have any returns? Oh it’s very rare we make a mistake or have
any returns. It’s normally a fitting issue or an order
issue. Someone might have a different opinion of fitting as sometimes happens. But through
our process we have so many checks all the way through we don’t have any issue from what
is given to us as a spec or the order is exactly how it is going to leave our factory. I feel very privileged that I am using Mizuno
clubs and you built my clubs for me. I don’t want anyone else touching my golf clubs. So thanks for all that Phil.No problem. Thanks
very much. And we will look forward to seeing you again soon. Excellent, thank you. So that was the Mizuno Headquarters. I hope you enjoyed it. I learned things along
the way. And Mizuno are a premium brand. Their quality is second to none. And as you can
see by talking to or listening to what Phil had to say. That quality doesn’t come from
how it’s made it’s how it is put together. So I don’t want to use any other equipment
that’s why I use Mizuno. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to come down to the facility,
just give me a call or send me an email and i am happy to arrange it.

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  • this is the fourth time of watch this vlog , and each time I here new things , buy watching this it has changed my thinking , I've always been a ping man , but in October im going to change to mizuno but with the advice of brian it will start with the dna swing , brilliant vlog ty brian and mizuno

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