Trick plays in baseball 1 of 4

The next four videos will deal with Baseball
Trick plays….not including the hidden ball trick…. There isn’t a lot of room within the rules
of baseball to allow for trick plays, so I will be using a wide definition of the term
TRICK. The first video will focus on two tricks the
defense can use against runners on second base. The next video will focus on two tricks runners
can use. The third video will have one of each. The fourth and final video is a work in progress. Reactions to these videos will vary and for
the record, I’m not a big fan of using up practice time to work on trick plays when
I could be working on teaching the game; that being said, kids do like them so picking one
to try and have fun with isn’t really that bad. Our first trick play is a High School play
almost exclusively. I’ve seen a college team try it, but the
runner didn’t bite and they looked a little foolish Here are a few examples of the play. llllIt’s self explanatory so I’ll spare you
the needless commentary. This next trick play was done against us in
the spring of 2018. It’s a play to get the runner at 2nd and
I’ll let it run out and then add some context. The the key to this play is to use it sparingly. They did attempt it twice prior to catching
this runner and when I checked the video I realized that when I brought it up to the
dugout telling kids to watch for it, this runner that was caught was up to bat so he
was the one player who didn’t hear me and likely didn’t notice it from the batter’s
box. There are two things I really like about this. 1) It’s simple and simple plays can work. They don’t eat up hours of practice time. 2) The trick would actually work a lot as
runners on 2nd routinely extend their lead when the shortstop returns prior to the pitch. Finally, it even earned the respect of at
least one kid in the dugout.

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