Ultimate Frisbee Throw: The Cricket

wrote here Thanks to everyone who commented on my last video forty three ways to throw a frisbee the comments have spoken today we’re going to learn the cricket next week we’ll cover the waffle fries so the cricket let’s get started with the mechanics start with the four fingers on the rim similar to the screw G the disc should be able to hang off the fingertips now when we make the throw the disc needs to be here to accomplish this we need to rock the disc back and forth now that we have the motion down time to work on the release the release is a three-quarter spin counterclockwise of your wrist the release will come from the pinkie and ring finger it’s important to try to get the release slightly outside in so the disc comes back to your partner the release will take practice one way to get the mechanics down is to throw a few to yourself like this once you have that down let’s try making the throw the only thing that changes is while you’re moving everything up you’re bringing your hand forward to create that momentum [Music] the cricket is not only a cool trick throw but has some practical use as well for example an ultimate frisbee when your team’s on the fast break instead of picking the disk up planting and throwing you can do it all in one motion [Music] the last practical use of the cricket is the catch and throw all in one motion instead of wasting time catching the disc switching to a grip and throwing let’s do it all at once subscribe so you don’t miss out on the waffle fries another throw your friends don’t have coming next week also check out all the ways to throw a frisbee below and let me know what throw you’d like to learn in the future thanks for watching [Music]


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