Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : Which Golf Grip to Use?

In this segment, I’d like to go into detail
as to whether you should use a varden grip, a ten finger grip, an interlock grip or a
pure baseball grip. The first thing that I would recommend is that you try this with
your grip. You try the waggle. If you do interlock, try the waggle with the interlock, get it
square. Use your interlock grip. It probably will turn your hands in a certain direction,
but use your interlock grip. And then, just get into position with your interlock grip
that’s where and how you should hold the club. With the varden grip and the two versions
of the varden- whether it’s in the crease here or with your pinkie on top of that forefinger-
do your varden grip. Square it, just like that. Put it down. That’s your grip. I use
the pure baseball grip. And the reason that I do is that if you really had a baseball
bat and you use the interlock grip, let’s say, and try to hit a baseball, since you
don’t have all of your fingers on the club, you’re somewhat weaker. Also, with your thumb
there it takes a little bit away from it. So I would like you to try the pure baseball
grip. And the way to do that is to hold it just like a baseball bat. You’ve held a baseball
bat. You’ve waggled that bat. Make sure when you waggle it, though, right here the club
face is square. It’s not like this. It’s not like this. It’s square. Waggle it. You’re
a baseball player: waggle it. And when you’re in that position, with a pure baseball grip,
that is a grip that I would like you to try. Also, if you want to make your grip thicker,
more like a baseball bat, you could get a tennis grip and put it around, or something
else you could put around. You could build up a grip just with one club, like a 7 Iron,
so that it’s approximately the same as a baseball barrel. It has a much better feel, as opposed
to holding a thin grip. Baseball grip: thick. Give it a try. Baseball grip.


  • Justin Drevecky

    Next can you post a video showing me how to swing my club backhanded like in tennis? What? What do you mean it's a different sport with different technique?

  • It not only helped me but now I can hit longer, straighter, and have much more consistency.

  • Saying baseball grip over and over isn't particular

  • particularly useful. I've never played baseball so why would this help my golf? You offered no explanation.

  • It works for me.

  • Baseball grip works for me too.All other grips have failed in my iron shots and failed miserably.

  • the club face is much squarer at impact with this type of grip " FACT "

  • jurr80 your comment says more about you than you seem to realize.Moe Norman,heard of him?.

  • Hí Jay,
    after many years of ten finger grip I realize base ball grip in your clip here.
    So last day I try some driver shot that way. My feeling is i lost control over my swing, no control feeling made my shots shorter, but I will work more in coming days, must practice a lot to be more use to thumbe place.
    Thanks for tips!

  • Does anyone know why most golfers, ams & pros, use the Vardon type grip as opposed to a ten-finger grip? Vardon seems to dominate the golf world. When someone gets proficient and successful at something, everyone thinks to copy them and become wonderful, too. But maybe Vardon had a defect or something abnormal and it was the only grip that worked for him. Note: You do what feels right for YOU, and what gives YOU the best results. I've used the interlocking grip most of my 50-year golfing life. Although my index was a low as 2.4, I always felt like I should get more solid contact on the ball and hit more consistently and accurately off the tee. Yesterday, I heard a guy mention the 10-finger grip for seniors, so I went to the course to give it a try. I'm very satisfied with my ball striking for that round. At 4-over par 76, (due to a couple 3-putts and lip-outs for birdies), it was the most consistent ball-striking I've ever had in a round, without a doubt. Now I tell you it felt weird, but I was laying the club on the ball and it was on line and humming each swing, throughout all tee shots and approach shots. The two shots I didn't catch solid were just lack of confidence at the time. When I drove my 3-wood 250 yds. on the first hole, right up the middle, I thought "this is just a fluke, it won't last." But it did, all the way around. Now, honestly, I've had episodes where I thought I'd found something in my swing before and I was going to start breaking par routinely, only to go out the next day and couldn't hit sh*t. Golf is more fickle than a woman, I mean if that's possible. But I could tell immediately that this was a much different way to hit the golf ball. It doesn't seem like much, moving the right hand down about an inch on the shaft. I'm left-handed but bat right-handed. Somehow, this 10-digit grip gives my right hand (and arm) more presence during the swing. I need some more time on the course (or in my new simulation studio I'm building), but I fully expect this to bring my golf game up to the highest level ever.

  • I used a baseball grip because my left thumb gets in the way on the backswing. It prevents me from getting more lag. So I get the thumb out of the way.

  • Just tried the pure baseball grip, for some reason there is too much pressure in my wrists and felt horrible. I will stick to the ten finger grip.

  • I tried it with driver and its working, less slice

  • Ha Ha. Love the ending…..Baseball grip. Give it a try. Baseball grip….

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Tried this today for the first time with my buddy who is a scratch golfer and x-pro. He thought I was nuts for doing but added significant yardage to my drives and irons after one round! Granted, I grew up playing baseball so it just felt natural but like he said, just try it and see how it works. Also, the "pros" will tell you you have less control over the club with this approach, but if anything, I was more accurate.

  • Tommy Gainey makes the baseball grip work. My left thumb always seems to get sprained when I play so switching to the baseball grip has helped tremendously.

  • just switched to a baseball grip love whats happening

  • This guys done a lot of cocaine

  • Greg Chartrand

    I have been using the baseball grip my whole life and would not do it any other way!

  • Just started using the baseball grip, he doesn't go into the specifics of it, but my vision of it is, having my two hands over the grip in the palms and with the "neutral to slightly strong" V pattern with the left thumb going down the shaft. My right arm would be just below my left hand because of the thumb, works wonders! and with the one plane swing via Jim Hardy's technique, even better. Traditional grip will have you missing the center of the club at impact, and even shanking at times, unless you're a seasoned pro, with constant practice. The baseball grip lets you wind up and not even worry about the contact, swing away and pure just about all the time! If what he mentioned "The baseball grip" is slightly different than the one I described, I'm curious to give it a little adjustment and try it out. Any input would be cool.

  • I've literally just started using this. I've always used interlocked and found myself having a strong grip. I've just got back from the range and hit some with the baseball grip, which is quite new for a guy in the UK lol.

    It felt instantly easier on the fingers and hands. Going to continue n see how I go.

    I searched after I got back!!

    Will keep you informed.

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