ValleyCrest Golf Course Maintenance – Client Testimonials

Our club found ourselves in a point where we were involved in renovating our fairways and it wasn’t going very well.
Membership was not happy with the golf course we need to find a better way to do this. Research everything we could , outsourcing emerged as the way to go and I, frankly, was not excited about outsourcing.
Give up our control and I found when we did it, we got more control and things that we couldn’t even think about brought to our golf course. I’ve been in the business for over thirty years, I have a strong construction project management background. I’ve operated and had maintenance in-house for many many years and did it quite well, but being a single operator you just don’t have the resources that you can get through having a partner like ValleyCrest. The big thing that ValleyCrest brings to the table was not only their expertise, but their contracts on a national level with vendors Saves us a lot of money, we don’t have to pay any of the insurance cost, works comp. If we need a meeting I can get a meeting, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call them and they step in and help us. I’ve spent ten great years here Omni Amelia Island property, ultimately what is making us successful now, was lacking before we met ValleyCrest. We had no consistency on our golf course conditions we did not have any local experts in the turf grass field. Every year we did not know what kind of product we’re going to be able to put out for our guests. In 2007 when we looked at bringing the ValleyCrest team here, I was very apprehensive, but looking back 7 years ago it was the best decision we ever made for the property. ValleyCrest has delivered us a significant amount of saving over the last few years, reducing our maintenance budget by well over two hundred thousand dollars Bringing in ValleyCrest, it was a long process for us, making sure it was the right fit for St. Ives For a lot of higher end private clubs, I would say this was a break from the norm. There were concerns over losing control and concerns over member satisfaction. After about the first month or two onboard we realized that those concerns could go away. Working with ValleyCrest is no different than managing your own team. The superintendent and I meet on a daily basis; we have multiple levels that we could reach out to get advice, to get input. Speaking from the heart I can’t stress enough the seamless teamwork and overall enjoyment it is to work with ValleyCrest. At the end of the day they were here to make our members happy, which is exactly what we’re here for. I think the biggest benefit that we’ve seen with ValleyCrest coming on board is that our maintenance partner is right behind me now. This golf course is in the best shape, day in and day out. This isn’t tournament conditions, this is everyday playing conditions.

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