Volkswagen E-Golf – en riktig elbilspärla

This is German! That’s unlike you Hi! But I like… Golf! Stable! But hey, when talking about cars I got an idea Like this All electric cars looks like a bag of hurt They look like they all come from the future They look like a Space wagon And *BZzzzzzz* ” and ”I’m gonna land on Mars” But you see it ain’t gonna be able to land on Mars because it’s so damn plastic But! Why don’t you take your standard car you know, you’ve got your standard car from every manufacturer, they all have it. So take that, *soundeffekt* out with the engine In with some batteries Clean electricity in Done and Done it’s a winning concept, isn’t it? But hey… You gonna turn on the engine so we can drive? I did that when you got in the car. Hi and Welcome to Teknikveckan, my name is Peter Esse. And when reviewing cars you usually drive and have a nice backdrop. But what fits better than a gas station here right outside of Malmö With a fast chargers that the car is connected to right now Because here I’ve been many times! Otherwise it takes about four, four and a half hour for a full charge And like in our case, not being able to charge at home that’s not so fun Enough about that, let’s see how it is to drive this car. It’s undeniably quite to drive around in a electric car like this Especially in the suburbs. Of course it’s gonna be more sound from the tires when we gain speed My own son was a little bit disappointed on me I had to explain to him that it sure is a electric car But even in ordinary cars it sounds more from the tires than the engine There is a certain… There is a certain calm and harmony to drive around with a car on only electricity. Compared with plug-in-hybrids you never need worry about hearing the gasoline engine kick in. Compared to a ordinary car… it’s almost… well i don’t know… you drive a lot more carefull. And what Thor pointed out here earlier in our little sketch This car is looking exactly the same… It’s like any other Golf It says E-Golf on the side though And of course it lack the exhaust pipe When it comes to the interior it’s not much there either that shows it’s an electric car. Of course we can see how much power we got left, and what distance we can drive If it charge by brake reproduction And how much power it uses when gun It’s possible to adjust the setting so it’s a more easy brake reproduction Which means it charge the battery when we use the brake or slow dows Or as soon we release the gas we slow down and almost brakes to gain more power to the battery. This car officially goes 30 Swedish miles Unofficial that’s more like 20 Swedish miles When we drove this car down from Stockholm We were very glad if we made 15 Swedish miles. But it was actually very cold up there, almost minus ten degrees. Witch means the car needs to get some heat bvand even here inside the compartment In the end it felt like the meter for how long we had left Compared to how long it was until the next charger station was Started to come a little too close so off with the air condition Drive a maximum of 100 (km/h) It want you to drive in 95 (km/h) if you use the greates eco mode There is standard, there is ECO and there is ECO+ ECO+ pulls down all engine performance and turns off the air conditioning. That was the only mode where we actually gain range There was a police! Luckily I was driving 30 (km/h) here because it’s a school outside I like when the car knows it’s a electric car For example like here when it knows it’s going under a certain range. Every charge station pops up on the GPS That’s nice Other choices we have that is related to the electricity is that we can turn the sound on and off Artificial sound that is if we are gonna creep around at home at the street it can be a good that everybody hear there is a car coming You can turn if off, but maybe not in the future. We got something called potential If we push here we get information about how much power we can save by doing different thing What I’ve only seen is to turn of the air condition Then, for an example, it says you get 7 kilometers extra range There is… A little education here How we shall drive and we can earn points on how good we drive. You’re supposed to get 100 and I approximately get around 60-70 Under E-manager we can configure charge stations it knows what charger station it is on depending on what time it is For example, we know that Monday to Friday, we are driving from work at 17:00 Based on that, we can chose if the car is gonna be heated when we arrives how much amp there is how much power it’s gonne add the limit of the charging if we of any reason don’t want it to be fully charged. For example if it’s at home or there is a cost for charging This is a really nice thing This whole infotainment system is quite quick. Navigation is pretty good We don’t need to change the keyboard to get Swedish letters, instead A means everything It took a while to understand that I didn’t need to try to find the Swedish letters Instead A is ÅÄ. O is O and Ö – it understands this when searching. The navigator is also connected to the internet We were notified when there was an accident and it gave us an alternative route or as in this case, a shortcut The interior is classic Volkswagen These days Classic Volkswagen is pretty good. Big and nice display No unnecessary buttons The gear is both a little bit leather and a little bit plastic Exterior, the Plugin-hybrids and EV got an advantage for these cars They’ve got a pretty characteristic look You can really see it is a Volkswagen. These LED light at the bottom, they are precisely right. They look a little bit future but they don’t get that futuristic look as Japanese car can get. And the comfort I maybe missed this, Golf maybe always had this great comfort but this car is laying slim to the road, almos as a go cart In the same time transmitted to the car in pretty nice way when we go over a bump It’s not these hare chocks instead it’s more like it’s just slipping over It is easy to forgett that this is a electric car When we come up on a road where it goes a little bit faster, again, there is more sounds from the tires Then it sounds more like an ordinary car There is not much that tells from the interior that it is an electric car there is not much that tells from the exterior It’s not like with Tesla, that really really wants to talk about it It’s not like in comparison with Renault Zoe where they cut cost on just everything to create a car that’s affordable to everyone So what’s the price for a Golf If we choose this on and scroll down to E-golf we can see that the price will be around 430 000 kronor Of course it’s possible to raise that bar pretty much Let’s have a look on the most important here We select color Some gray for the Swedish weather The rims are always these 16 inch These are non changeable We can choose color on the interior And that increases the price a lot What i missed on the test car was these dead angle sensors Lane Assist Main beam assist So we add this Electric foldable mirrors are not the absolute most important If we want wireless charging of our phone we add that there Then we get an extra USB interface DAB, that’s a while since was needed Rear camera on the other hand! Keyless With all these things that add a lot of extra safety And less damages on the paint job with rear camera The price lands us on roughly 460 000kr It’s a little bit like we found our self a real precious and there is not that much talk about it There is a lot of talk about the cheaper ones thats for everybody But nothing that’s fun to take a ride in. Then we talk about those really expensive ones with great range but they are far from for everybody I dare to claim that this is good in between And it’s not harder than that. With that I thank you Don’t forget to press subscribe and if you thought this was interesting Press the little bell next to the subscribe button and you will get a notification when we release a new video Thumbs up for more car reviews Please comment, give feedback and ask questions in the commentator field I also wanna tell you about the next video about this car. It’s when we drive it from Södertälje down to Malmö And how that adventure went Take care and we’ll see you soon, Hi!


  • Testa gärna KIA Niro, som nu kommit som ren elbil

  • Hade nog aldrig varit komfortabel med en bil med enbart 15-20mil räckvidd (laddad). Verkar mer omständigt och bökigt än en vanlig bensin/diesel…. åka på sem och stanna var 20e mil? Njaaaa

  • Det jag stör mig på med alla el-nånting-bilar är att dem alltid ska klottras ner med accentfärger, som i detta fall blåa linjer.

  • Menar väl 200 km och inte mil ?

  • Jag förstår inte varför ingen hittar en lösning på räckviddsångest på riktigt. De ”snabb”laddare som finns idag tar ju ändå typ 20-30 min för att ladda på. Golfen med den räckvidden funkar i minst 90% av resorna, men inte Sthlm-Malmö tex. En enkel lösning enligt mig vore att ha en powerbank på takräcket som man kunde hyra, precis som man hyr en släp vid dessa enstaka tillfällen man behöver extra utrymme. De flesta har extrabatteri till mobilen när man är på resa och inte vet när man kan ladda den vid nästa tillfälle.

  • Da var den litt billigere i Norge… Finnes det ikke momsfritak osv i .se?

  • Bra review =)

  • VolkswagenSverige

    Hej Teknikveckan! Roligt att ni gillar e-Golf!

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