Volkswagen Golf 6 R review

Good afternoon. Welcome to McDonald’s.
May I take your order, please? Sure.
Can I have two strawberry milkshakes, please. It’s not really a pretentious car,
but it does have a horsepower of 270. 270! There are two problems with this Golf R. The first is that the first three/ four pages of
its press release were about its predecessor, the Golf R32. That it’s faster, has more torque, is more economical….
and it makes me wonder; what happened? What went wrong that four pages of a press
release needed to be devoted to it. It makes sense in a way. We all remember the R32
as it sounded like the best Golf ever. 6 cylinders, 3.2 liters. And this one?
4 cylinders, 2 liters, turbo. More powerful, faster…
and maybe even a little more economical. The second problem has to do with the gear box in this car.
The DSG box. And because Volkswagen really wants this car to be economical, it automatically switches to sixth gear. We’re now driving 70 km/h and it’s in its sixth gear. That means that, when accelerating, your granny’s Golf+, 1.4, automatic, has a faster feel to it than this one. For a little while nothing happens. There’s this frustrating moment when you think; hello,
this is supposed to be the fastest Golf of all times! It takes a little while to warm up,
it’s a turbo engine, it just needs some time. And then you find out that it’s
actually quite a fast car. But it often doesn’t feel like that. I can’t really help feeling like I’m mostly
just driving a much faster version of the Golf GTI. But it hasn’t entirely convinced me yet. I did get a lot of attention from a few other
Golf GTI drivers, who all thought: Wow, that’s a cool car! It does look great, they did a good job on that. But… there’s more to life than just appearance.
We do look for more in a car. Not a whole lot more… it’s just like with women.
They must be extremely good looking. She shouldn’t be really stupid. Just a little bit…
And she shouldn’t contradict what you’re saying too much. As long as she understands that if something costs
8 euro and she pays with 10 that she should get around 2 euro change. If that’s too much to ask then it’s not going to work. I had an enlightening moment yesterday evening.
I had dropped someone off… And I had to take a certain short route back,
with a few roundabouts in it and a few turns… And then I noticed that this car is not only very fast,
but also has a quite entertaining chassis. I accelerated fully on the roundabout and then
took my foot off the accelerator to see what happens. And what happened was that the back of the car
swayed along naturally And I thought: hey, I hadn’t noticed that
in another Golf before. In the end this car may have a little more
depth than you might expect. It is actually an amazingly fast car.
It can go 250 km/h. But, from now on I will only mention it if it can’t,
because it has become a normality. Speeding up to 100 with a manual takes 5.7 seconds,
and with this DSG it should be able to in 5.5. That is quite fast, of course. The 4motion of the car has improved compared
to the previous generation. You used to need wheel spin and then it nearly
threw backwards because of the torque. Now it does it much earlier due to
the influence of ESP, etc. But in reality, as it normally is with a 4 wheel drive,
under a horsepower of 500 you don’t really notice that a bit. You always have traction. In Holland I prefer to have some wheel spin at times And having to go to the tire dealer because the
profile of the tires is gone. Is this car a must-have? It kind of depends
what competitors you compare it with. If you compare it to an Audi S3 or Ford Focus RS
then it’s a bit cheaper, 47 grand… A DSG or other additional items would make the
price go up a little, of course. Compared to those cars it’s cheaper.
But a Ford Focus is a bit cooler and more exciting. But if you compare it to a Golf GTI or Megane RS
then it’s quite expensive. A little more fun to drive,
but really only a little. But, this car is always equipped with LED rear lights.
So that’ll be a guaranteed selling point. It actually cannot be beaten. Yuck, this milkshake is disgusting.


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