Volkswagen Golf R Variant FULL REVIEW 310 hp VW estate Kombi 2018 – Autogefühl


  • Great car ,understated ,well made,practical.with plenty of power.And a family car as well.
    I would buy it as a second everyday car.

  • Wow nothing to denounce about a german car, says a german journalist. Not surprising though.

  • Penelope the wolf hybrid

    Omg please bring this to the united states, i cant decide between the new alltrack or an R and this would be it!!

  • Great video Thomas, I think its the happiest I've seen you on a video! 🙂

    Watching this video gave me an idea. since not all of us can afford this amazing golf as a new car maybe a used one. I think it will be a good idea to explore the older models and see if they are reliable after a few years of use, I think its going to be interesting to see how VW for example fixed the DSG issues in the newer models.

  • Prefer the Skoda Equivalent

  • Thames,

    As always a great review of the Best Hot Estate  and  bang for the £ (Euro) / BHP ( PS).

    Will you be doing a Performance Pack review for the Hatch / Variant when available.

  • Compare the Golf R hatch + racetrack:

  • Ričardas Marozas

    Can get the 280 Passat for the same money.

  • Great car. Pretty good. But the Cupra ST 4 has the better price/product balance. Basically the same car, only differences are the gearbox (6speed vs 7speed) and 10bhp because ECU mapping. And the interior quality difference is negligible. You can't have the golf under 40k euros, but you can have the Leon a little over 30k.

  • "Don't scratch your watch". What is your favorite watch brand, Thomas?

  • Brendan Feldwick

    I've got the Rline 7, and am seriously considering the 7.5 R. Here in AU it's priced pretty well, compared to alternatives from BMW and Mercedes.

  • You're amazing Thomas ! I like this car it looks very comfortable and very good seat materials too. I would most certainly choose this one .

  • fernando quiñones

    Nice review!!

    You should do a casting for the next Bond franchise movie, you'd be a great villain!

    Greetings from Paraguay (South-America)

  • Some guy named Nick

    You guys really get a stripper model R even my base model R has leather and power driver seat , us spec

  • Der Wunderwuzzi

    I really like the addition of acceleration, really gives you a feel for how quick the car is!

  • 7:27 – very professional work with your sleeve – keeping the watch you're wearing in camera! Seat nice, but memory good if your wife has long legs and you both share the one car! No heated steering wheel! No HUD? Nice car! Great video images looking forward through windshield. Loved the bit with the idiot Astra 'driver' behind you! Very many thanks Thomas.

  • Hey Thomas,
    do you prefer the golf over the seat leon st cupra 300?

  • Another excellent review Thomas, thank you! I may be all alone on this, but I'm not overly keen on the exterior styling – it is neither very sporty nor very subtle – like it's trying to strike a comfortable middle ground, but not quite managing either look somehow? To me it looks a little awkward. Anyways, a great car and a top review, no doubt. 🙂

  • Darren Whittington

    Would be interested in seeing the 1.5 130ps evo golf

  • full screen full hd full length full R lets go !

  • Why can't we have these in America!

  • This channel gets better and better each video, keep up the great work!

  • Top notch review…but seriously, side on, this is an ugly vehicle. I love when you ask – completely straight-faced – "is it longer than the hatch…?", because at home we're all shouting, "hell, yes it's longer". Pantomime at it's best and still only August. Here's what happened at VW: someone in Marketing asked Design team the usual; "hey can you guys turn this boxy hatch into a sexy wagon with like zero budget ?" .. and Design replied "LOL NO", sent them a sketch of this car and took an early lunch.

  • you should run away from that old opel, you could catch a rust from it..

  • Dreams

  • Haha! Thomas finally said what I have been saying for years. The join half way down the central dashboard does not look good. It's one solid piece in a SEAT Leon so why did Volkswagen have to have an ugly join that does not blend in well at all.

  • What kind of transmission is installed here dq250 or dq500?

  • ivanlazarevic78

    I like that German thing of fine engineering and well tought solutions in car.It makes it wery practical.Afcourse there are tthing I dont like for eg.the design of car is too conservative especialy exterior and the price of cars are really starting to go over the roof.

  • Looks great…but not available in Canada….thanks for the awesome review!

  • Another Fantastic review. Autogefuhl deserves far more subscribers than it already has, and I am sure it will increase steadily. Best of Luck !

  • Not a real handbrake! Come on, this car begs you to pull the handbrake in a sharp turn.

  • So beautiful car from outside, perfect combination <3
    Interior very well done, and engine is awesome

  • 8:57 "PUMP IT UP YO!!"

  • The best practical sports car you can get on the market right now.👍 But you also have to contemplate the Seat Leon ST Cupra 300 4Drive. That´s also a fantastic car for everyday use and for the sporty ride on country roads ! 😍🏁

  • Full HD… Full screen and full length… Let´s go! Go Tomas! <3

  • hello! does the Active Info Display show navigation maps from the phone (with app-connect) if there's no SatNav installed on the car's main multimedia system?

  • Love your car reviews, Thomas. Can genuinely feel the love for cars and appreciation of even the small features. Keep up the good work. Love from India and UK

  • Why can't we get this in Canada! This is the model I would buy.

  • Ernest Hemingway

    I like how you review the car, you take your time with every aspect of the vehicle.

  • In profile it looks a 2 door Golf R that has been forced to wear an embarrassing jacket.. 4:58

  • I like Autogefuehl reviews because he is very thorough and most importantly he reviews the back seat. It makes all the difference in this review. Also his native language is German but he speaks in English for his audience. Keep it up Thomas !!!!!

  • If this car was available in the U.S., I would buy it in a heartbeat

  • Do you know if this will be available in USA? i would get this one

  • Great review as always. I can see why some are not a fan of progressive steering. For me it gives a bit too much assistance & causes a loss in steering feel as it gets too light. Great that this is an everyday car that can do less than 5 seconds 0-100. I would have allowed a race with the Opels just to see their faces drop. Cheers.

  • i love the full hd full screen full length lets go part of every video

  • Thomas, you should send a copy of this video and review to some of the American journalists and magazines. They need to learn how to make a review on a car. Sometimes, I think that our journalists are so disconnected with the different brands around the world, they don't understand the heritage and tradition so all they do is find things they don't like to complain about.
    Case in point….manual car seats. If the seat doesn't have 50 adjustments…they will compare it to a milk crate.
    One thing I'd like to add…..THANK YOU for not destroying the review with some horrible song or annoying music. Yes, your clear smooth voice will do just fine.

  • The Audi A4 and BMW 3 series have always looked great in station-wagon/combi/estate form. Somehow the VW Golf has never been able to do that – especially in side profile.

  • 4:03, and station wagon in the US. 😉 We don't get the Variant version of the Golf R in the US unfortunately.

  • WhateverNevermind

    One of the best seat surfaces offered in any car along with the Renault Meganne GT. Soft, high quality, sustainable and brilliant to have in all climates, especially hot ones like here in Dubai.

  • Thanks Thomas for the review.
    My R mk7.5 Variant / Estate arrives next week
    Great specification in Indium Grey, classy looking car.

  • thumbs up for the little fellow 😀 7:51

  • I wish we got wagon versions of the r and gti in the US. I would gladly trade a less sporty look for more room.

  • I wish this was sold in the US market

  • Reviews and Unboxings

    Anyone know the watch he is wearing? I know it's an Alpina but what model? … EDIT – Nevermind, its in the description.

  • Chadd Daugherty Jr.

    7:47 I burst out laughing

  • Anyone else like the way he speaks ..

  • This review (and the hatchback) convinced me to order a Golf R! Really good reviews as always, keep it up! Cheers from Sweden

  • Thomas, when it comes to reviewing a car you have a PhD. Your videos should be made into textbooks for the rest of the journalists learning how to make the ultimate video review

  • Great presentation as usual . thanks

  • Super Video!
    Meiner ist bestellt, ist bei dem Facelift das DSG ˋFurzeń genau so zu hören wie bei dem vorFacelift?

  • are you sure about same wheelbase length? and about noise: there's always more noise from the back in vagon, beacuse the back shelf is less air closed and noise dumped (roll leather instead of thick dumped shelf.

  • Compare this to the Seat Leon 300st which is better or is it the same ? Thx

  • Chandrin Katuwawala

    I love this Guy, very honest, informative and down to earth reviews – I can't ask for more than that!

  • 1~100km in lunch mode seems not that fast….

  • That five cylinder fake sound is pathetic..

  • Wish the gti had that extra storage under the light switch.

  • He kind of sounds and looks like RZK from Rammstein. I wish I could afford an R : (

  • Best car reviews on Youtube

  • What a good review! I haven't seen anything like it on YouTube! I subscribed at once!

  • Another Good review! This dude knows cars✌ gotta love the german/English accent

  • This guy reviews ever detail of the car, love it. Looking to swap my Audi S3 for this wagon.

  • 23:22 missed turn signal, bad boy 😉

  • I want this car! I have a VW Sportswagon, but lust for the Golf R , this is the best of both worlds. When will we get this in the USA????

  • Just to be aware there are NOT 4 exhausts on the Golf R variant but only 2, the other 2 are dummies….. only the hatch has all 4 pipes in use.

  • reddevilunited77

    Wish I could get one of those in the US.

  • I need to move to EU

  • Wish we had the R Estate in America

  • Anyone else, in the US especially, think there was something wrong with the proportions being elongated? Then realize that this is a wagon version of the Golf R, rather than the US only hatchback?

  • So ugly.

  • Please, please please. . bring it to the U.S.A.!

  • Love the Golf R estate, great family car

  • ㅎ ㅎ 시트컨트롤은 전동기능좀 넣어주지는 가격이 얼마나 오른다고 그걸 빼냐 거지같다

  • Excellent review

  • Great review! I hope someday might be sold in Mexico

  • This guy drives infuriatingly SLOW

  • Need this in Canada

  • schoenlinggwunderbar

    Would you recommend it as a comfortable daily driver without the dcc?

  • Very disappointed with my Golf Variant 2016. High beam headlights not working (a software problem they said), they have to change the water pump for overheating problems, the coolant/antifreeze signal was not working properly… 8 visits to vw official service in 1.5 years and 25.000 km… I wish I had kept my old vw Golf and I think this one will be my last vw.

  • Here in Brazil do not see such a masterpiece, we only have 1.4 turbo engine, which does not sell much as people unfortunately prefer SUVs #savethewagons …

  • Really good video! Keep it going

  • Alltrack is Namerica. The R in NA doesnt have Port injection like Europe. Wonder why not. Helps with carbon buildup.

  • Bring this to US please!

  • 1:43 – Do you mean "instantaneously"? 🙂 Spontaneous behavior isn't a good thing in a throttle.

  • I would love one of there here in the US. The closest we get for the Variant is the Sportwagen S 4 Motion, and that is with the 1.8 TSI. Sure, you can get a tune to bring it close to R spec, but it will never be the same. Veilen Dank!

  • Tomas, which is your preference; Golf R Hatch 310 DSG or Cupra S/T DSG?

  • What! I want this in Canada. Europe gets all the best models

  • I will get one if it become available in Canada…

  • to be honest i am very happy with my 2016 vw sportwagen with 5 speed manual, and it’s definitely a performance upgrade coming from a 2002 honda civic si. but in the future i would love a performance oriented wagon (estate, not hatchback)… with a manual transmission. there’s nothing on the NA market that fits that niche. even with the 2.0 from the GTI would be great with more aggressive exterior, suspension, brakes, etc.

  • I'd have that colour and the same black mirror caps, roof rails and Pretoria wheels, looks great! I really don't like silver mirror caps the R and many other faster cars come with (unless on a silver car)

  • Great, full in depth review, danke. I’m planning to have a Golf R estate on my drive next year and this review has been really helpful.

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